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Animation Top

A Gif-World
animatedgifs , buttons,bars,lines,dancinggifs,bullets,links,top list,gifs

Interesting fluid design, great artist.
a must c for comic freak!

presents daily cartoons and comics

Heart's Ease
Romance in the Arts
Professional Cartoonists Outlet

Stik's Planet of the Japes
A portfolio of weird and wacky cartoons and illustrations by Stik.
: A wide volume of work. Covering jobs for the Big Breakfast,Fhm,Mega,Epix books and loads of gags!


rank Lloyd Wright: introduction and resource site
Visual introduction to the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Redspot Archipage
A little space within this electronic networking where my passion for architecture lies

3D Architecture
3D Studio MAX models and illustrations

Tom Price Architects, P.A.
This site is the online portfolio for a high-end custom residential architectural firm in Orlando,FL

Ancient City of Athens - photographic archive of the archaelogical and architectural remains.

Archaeology and Architecture - regularly updated links and articles, also the possibility to submit articles to this site.

Picture Palace, The - covering the history of cinema buildings and their architects.

Period and Style for Designers - Each link in the following list points to an image used in Professor Hugh Lester's courses Period and Style for Designers, I and II.

Southeastern Architectural History

Women in Architecture: 3 Women - exploration into the lives and careers of Ellen Dunham-Jones, Jane Weinzapfel and Andrea Leers.

Art Top

theMEDIAb a s e m e n t
Great design and interesting to explore.
Collection of 6 sites focusing on a different aesthetic discipline (music, writing, digital, etc.)
christopher j falvey: function v. form? design v. content? all of the above? like...

Sharp site featuring talented artist.
Artwork by Dutch artist Wil Korrelboom.
Wil korrelboom: online gallery

Imagination Magic
Unique design work and amazing 3D graphics!!!
Ron Pfister: Worth the click of the mouse to come visit.

Circline - Marketplace of the World's Finest Art
A great site for art and antiques.
Circline is a unique source for the world's finest art and antiques on the web.

Pegasus' Art Gallery
The only place where everything is free. A place for budding artists and art lovers.

What is Reality?
Informal & fun intro to philosophy and logic
Wayne June: Serious topic; entertaining approach

Gallery of Superb Printing 1999 Best of the Best
If you are into graphics and print, check it out.
The Best of the Best of the 1999 Gallery of Superb Printing. Highlighting
Dan Millsip: The top categories of IAPHC's annual premiere graphic arts competition.

Incognito Tattoo and Body Piercing
Incognito Tattoo and Body Piercing, providing clean, gentle service since 1993.
steen: Our site features artist portfolios, faqs, care instructions, and more

Fantasy world of Dragons,mermaids and Centaur
: This page is created to keep my grandmother stories

Stixpix Art Gallery
Showing the work of Elizabeth Marin & Peter Aschwanden
Mr Stick: Two incredible artists it is my pleasure to introduce to the Web

:: berit sømme :: Illustrator ::
Nicely done with dhtml features.

This is my favorite website after 7 years of looking
Stephen Miller: The owner is Stephen Miller

NIKDAUM.COM - Art and Ego
Awesome personal art page. This is what is great about the web.
This site contains the weird art and bloated ego of Nik Daum.
Nik: my personal web site

James Keirstead Studio
Art Gallery of world famous Canadian Artist, James Lorimer Keirstead
Robert Lanciault: I would like this site submitted for awards

Metal and Flesh: The Digital Anamorphosis
Through essays, virtual artowk and poetry, this site examines the human/machine society we live in
Ollivier Dyens

Mosaic of Creativity - Art, Music & Literature.
We are a creative gallery dedicated to improving the world and sharing creativity.
Tad: Currently we are providing FREE representation for creative people.

Patty's Filet and Crocheting Site
This page is ded to crochet lovers: there are free crochet patterns, crochet companion, filet tu
Patrizia Pisani

A.D. Cook + Associates, Inc.
Cool interface, interesting site.
Airbrush fine art and Hollywood Video murals by A.D. Cook
A.D. Cook

Luis Royo Total Resource
All series of this fabulous guy

Yachta Yachta Yachta
A real site that uses Flash in an interesting way.
boat cleaning with super style
Amy Goldberg

The Zen of Photography
Explore abstract nature images while meditating on Zen concepts.
David Kerzner

Totally Tubular
Paint Shop Pro Picture Tubes
Curt Schryver: Free downloadable Picture Tubes for Paint Shop Pro

A great site for viewing stuff that you can't afford.
Circline is the first online dealer-driven marketplace for art and antiques.
Tina Gaerlan

Interesting design aspects and fun to play with.
various passive and interactive curiousities. compellingly weird, sad and funny.
chris stangland

While I don't necessarily agree with them on everything, they sure present the case well.
Ded to promoting art and questioning the ways we live, build, and consume in the world today.
Jason Carroll: We are an organization, not simply a website.

Amanda's Portfolio
A rising SuperStars On-Line Portfolio (age 9)

Fantasy Dreams - exotic bedheads
Our bedheads are an interior designers dream. We use sculpture to create exotic bedroom furniture.
Dina Goebel: Just look .... your night-time Dreams can come true!

wearable art, art website
Joe Clary: Joe Clary

Lady Stea's Domain
Full of Wiccan Tradition ( and art)
C. Hammonds

netstar re-collections
My "real-world" collections, transformed into web pretties for your site. Linkware, icons, more.
joanne: Danger : Woman with scanner. Approach with extreme caution.

two boxes
1st web page
JR. Warren: we like it

Personal/Arts portal for ManchesterUK/World
1 Albany road Chorlton Manchester: i Set this pu primarily to be a persoanl outlet for my work. now it incorprates the SWS

If you want to build a great corp site, highlight how people use your products!
Features images of Manhattan performes captured by Hitachi equipment
: Great idea! It makes me want to come back

Smithsonian American Art Museum
A great resource.
This museum web site has virtual exhibitions, an extensive search of its collection, plus much more
Jeff Gates

Allthingsart is an online showcase for children’s art, stories, and poems It also features communic
Benjamin Vincent

tons of cool stuff

Ann-S-Thesia's Gallery of Digital Delights
Free amazing web graphics, fine art galleries and dingbat fonts
Ann Stretton: A most original embellished site that features the artistic creations of the multi-talented Ann.

Art,Astrology,Painting and Prediction
Digital Art with Astrological content, interpretation and prediction.
Carol Tipping: I am a practising Astrologer and Fine artist. My work is about energies and the connection the viewe

Artworks by Joseph D. Greenwood
Original fantasy, wildlife, and portrait art in a variety of mediums and styles. Prints available.
Joseph David Greenwood: Unleash the soul and soar into the realms of imagination.

Bagansiapiapi page's
Bagan's Friends
Bagansiapiapi webmaster: Welcome to bagansiapiapi. We hope you like our side.

Beaufiful Devon
A Travel and Tourist Guide with lots and lots of nice photographs
clyde rydall

Best arbic site from kuwait, Mesh3al,
nice arbic home page from kuwait , continue arabic songs, arabic art, q8 my home
nice arbic home page from kuwait , continue arabic:

Graffiti and more...
Mr.Yves Thomé: just have a look at the legal site of "dammage".

Metal and Flesh: The Digital Anamorphosis
Electronic journal on the human-machine society
Ollivier Dyens

Millennium Art Exhibition
Three hundred pieces of donated art (includes work by Pierce Brosnan, Ewan McGregor...)
Ben Gammon

Mosaic of Creativity - Art, Music & Literature.
Creative gallery dedicated to improving the world.
tad: We encourage all to participate. It is FREE ya know!

mother i
a support and community resource for mothers who want to acheive their creaive goals.
Colleen Gratton-Hartung

Nadeem's Place
A website ded to Bryce Art, Mastercook recipes, and extrasolar planets
Nadeem Cokar

Professional video editing and photography
Digital video editing and still photography. Camcorder and camera sales
Robert Lanciault: Ontarios most respected digital video editing and camcorder, camera sales. Have your wedding filmed

Punk Links - Zines, Labels, Emo, Hardcore, Metal
This site has the best links to emo, hardcore, metal, and punk
Alan Casey

ronald inthout
: simple infosite

The Garden of Wispers
A site of poetry, prose and a little bit of everything
Tabitha Hughes: Something for everyone!

The Online Picasso Project
Without question one of the best online resources for Pablo Picasso.
Enrique Mallon

The Wednesday Night Portrait
A Figure Drawing Website and resource for people to submit/search for Drawing sessions in their area
Tony Chang

ultra gypsy bellydance
A site about the tribal bellydance and ultra gypsy
todd collins: Introduction into the world of tribal bellydance and ultra gypsy

0nline Jan Schreurs woodblockprints dutch art
multifunctional artprints by Jan Schreurs (Netherlands) and (inter)nationalartlinks,
jan schreurs: look at giant woodblock prints of the dutch artist Jan Schreurs, see them used as a music score.....

1Cybercardshark's Sportsbook and Casino
An online Sportsbook and Casino offering a free $10 bet, a 10% bonus, and more.
David Haberer

an2ny's homepage
glen: An2ny

Another Form of Intervention II
graphically rich virtual library and gallery. Avant-garde/modernist slant.
Claire Dinsmore

Over 100 artists from around the world + KIDSArt + Art magazine +Senior wing and more
President Kay Robbins: Founded by the "slick six" six artists, just over a year ago.

Artist F. James Corwin, AAEC
Editorial Cartoonist/Portrait Artist/Photographer
F. James Corwin: I'd like to be the Drudge Site of the Artworld

Artist F. James Corwin, AAEC
Editorial Cartoonist/Portrait Artist/Photographer
F. James Corwin, AAEC: I'd like to be the Drudge Site for the Art World

For everything to do with art. My paintings, Greeting Card service, Art message board and chat room.
Ashwin Venkatraman: For everything to do with art. My paintings, Greeting Card service, Art message board and chat room.

Beaufiful England
A Travel and Tourist Guide with lots and lots of nice pictures, castles, mountains, lakes,
clyde rydall

Bildergalerie (gallery) Juergen Hofmann
First public presentation of 110 surreal oil-paintings by Juergen Hofmann(1942-85)
G. Zimmermann

Bloodaxe Official Site
Viking metal from the frozen shores of Vinland!
Nordavinden Lien: One of the best sites on the web.
Digital graphic design in Ethnic culture.
Christopher Rippie: All of the art and design work is crafted entirely in Powerpoint. Simple tools for powerful art. Native American Indian
offering authentic Native American collectables, Indian arts & crafts: jewelry, pottery, carvings, w
Rollin Toohey

CLUAS - an online music magazine
A quality webzine on the Arts for the discerning reader in Ireland! Check out our MP3 downloads....

Color Your World
Online Portfolio of detailed caricatures and other various colorful illustrations.

Complete Fabrications
Industrial Art by Miles Jaffe
Miles Jaffe: enjoy!

Cornishlight A Guide to Cornwall England
The towns, fishing villages, beaches, resorts, places to see, castles, wildlife, accommodation too
clyde rydall

a web installation featuring segments of the works by abstract artists.
Marko Pusenjak

Darrin Mason Cartoons
Single-panel cartoons
Darrin Mason: Check out some very funny samples of my "Give Me A Break" cartoon panel.

Dutch artist
More than 300 Dutch Artist en discussions about art
Fokkens: Interactive (you can ask the artist everything)

Dutch gallerys
More than 200 Dutch Galleries en discussions about art
Fokkens: Interactive (you can ask the artist everything)

Fashionwhore is a new flash enabled, street wise, fashion, art and lifstyle e-zine.
Todd Selby: 'Fashionwhore is a concept that is going to turn the fashion industry on its head.'

Fat Pye Art - Pet Portraits
Custom graphics created from your favorite family pet photos for your computer.
Suzanne Kwasnik: I love bringing out the special personalities of each individual pet.

Fiber Art Gallery
Images of beautiful fiber art pieces, as well as detailed instructions for fabric embellishment.
Thomasin Durgin: Features the artwork of Thomasin Durgin

Fine art: painting, drawing, and holography
At this site you will see oil paintings on canvas, chemical paintings, holograms, and drawing.
Ronald Warunek

Fiona Maclean Designs
Australian Funky Art , Image Painted of Fashion people
fiona: made in Australia

Folk Art & Craft Exchange
Native Life

Furniture Art of Yury Moshans
Yury Moshans - furniture artist
Yury Moshans: Yury Moshans

Gene Gill Miniature Landmark Replicas
Unique one-of-a-kind miniatures of the world's historical landmark buildings and monuments
Gene Gill: I produce only one of each subject and will never duplicate it.

Genuine Haiku Generator
This elegant, simple site presents meaningful, random, Javascript-generated haiku.
Bela Selendy

Giuffre Art Studio
Fine Art of Painting and Design' site
Hector Giuffre: Portraiture and paintings by commission. Fine Web Site design. Internationally well known creations.

Haim Maor - Israeli Artist
Haim Maor art gallery: paintings, photography, mixed media, installations, poetry and more
Efrat Maor: clean design

Outstanding Art and Craft Work in Different Mediums
Donnamarie Walker: A Family Friendly Site with Lots to See and Do!

Hugging Hands
Art work displayed from around the globe.

Hypnotic Light and Motion Sculptures by Millevolte
On line gallery includes animated images of the artists works and links to kinetic art.
Michael Millevolte: Enjoy your visit!
A collection of images from the works of famous artists such as Hopper, Picasso, Monet, Renoir, etc
Byron Griffin

Idaho Wildlife Originals Antler Art
antler art belt buckles, bolo ties, necklaces, hat pins, etc.
j. adams: animal paintings on antler, that are useful and beautiful at the same time

illustrators page
phantastic realism
00494046881488: jannis tsipoulanis

In Depth Arts
We've got the cure for your art jones right here baby!!! Browse some of the best digital and written
Eric Rainey: We are one of the largest digital art galleries on the net!

Jim Gunardson-Illustration, Fine Art , and Design
An online art gallery.
Jim Gunardson: Unique artwork...

Joy's Small Treasures - Watercolor paintings
Original Watercolor Paintings and Cards
Joy Deschenes: New site displaying Paintings and Cards of Joy Deschenes

June Rydgren
A web gallery with my own watercolors, computer arts, free graphics, animations, web design
June Rydgren

June Rydgren Art Gallery
A web gallery with my own watercolors, computer arts, free graphics, animations, web design
June Rydgren: This site is rather new (1 year). I shall be a beautiful place...

Kaos Dreams Chat Site
this is a wonderful site that caters to everyone needs and desires
Kitten CloudRunner: Kitten CloudRunner
Great personal art site.
fine artist website showcasing paintings, sketchbook, and drawings
Michael D. Koch: soon to be, both elegant & comprehensive, unique for art sites

Krystal's Web Creations
My site has a growing number of graphics which i created on my own .
Krystal Tan

Empowering, estrogen-soaked, women-owned websites comprise this eclectic group!
liz walker: Fullmoon Graphics, Silver's Place, Rock Artifacts, and Stop the Hate are featured here.

Oneah 99
A class homepage with the hearts and souls of 20++ unique junior college students in Singapore.
: Designed to capture the quirkiness of the class (poem contributions included). Trust us. It's good.

Paintings by Vera Griffin
Paintings by the late West Texas artist.
Elton Smith

Photojournalism in the 21st Century
Site will contain photographs of people,events,lifestyles and sports.
Lauryn : Various photographs New Years Eve in New York City to Women's National Soccer Team,

SaltyDreams Poetry Forum
Want some fast feedback on your poetry ? Want to find out what your moonsign is?
Tasha: We now have voice posting.
Old World Santas Handcrafted by Kati
Andrea Gomory: Kati

Sara Arts
Fine Art, Illustration, Graphic Design, plus some verbal blatherings
Sara: Displays orig. artwork; also meant to educate, entertain, & spark enthusiasm for & thought about art

KOmunisti;ka SFRJ
000: Neke dvije budale

Sinrod Stained Glass Studios
beautiful stained glass windows.....
: also personal stories of growing up in Bklyn in the 60's

Stained Glass - Paned Expressions Studios
Custom Fine Art Stained Glass Creations & Custom Pattern Service
M. S. Hanson- webmaster: Visit over 9 galleries of stained glass art or hire our pattern service for your next project

Take A Bow Productions
very good

Tattoo Spa premiere tattoos and bodyart info site
Tattoo Spa is the Premiere Tattoo And Bodyart information site. We have monthly galleries, our own
John Nickl

The Historical Novel Society
This site is well balanced, pleasing to the eye and offers a wealth of information to the Historical
John Crooks: I have tried to combine research with infomation

The Internet Pornography Deconstruction Project
Digital art project. No nudity
C T Hamsher

the world is not real/green
Karl: its not what you think

a place for writers, artists, designers and programmers to show their work in a communal setting.
Joshua Kaufman

VRC Gallery
Airbrush; computer generated art; music
Vernon R. Carlson: The site was created with the intent of being unlike anything out there.

Zybooks artists' books on-line
Gallery of artists' books, listings of events, mail art and new media projects, resources
Gandha Key

a little rocket
a site of angstless art & stuff like that
: when your jaded with all the anger in the world....

acrylic's paintings of nico andry
a new vision of our occidental society through a precoumbian design
Nicolas Andry

Alex Sievers Photography
Photography around the world
Alex Sievers: see the beauty of the world and in the hearts of the people

Art photography
Images of 2 art photographers - Tania Krosse and Roy Celine
Roy Celine

Art Teacher's Page
art education, artist, sculptor, music, architecture, art history, fashion, font...
Vivian Leung: suitable for art teacher and student Gallery features 196 fantasic 3d-Raytrace and Ultra Fractal designs and imagery.
Rene Ertzinger: Impressive site with mass-appeal

Artistas Españoles
This site offers a chronological survey of seminal artists throughout Spanish History.
John Felts

As Seen
The fine arts portfolio of Alexis Parker.
Alexis Parker: A clean design wrapped in crossbrowser dhtml functionality!

B L A C K B O O K !
- Graphic design !
Jeppe Sloth Carlsen: Jeppe Sloth Carlsen

Best of Manhattan
Arts update

Biggers Glass Painting
Award winning glasspainter, providing custom kiln-fired works to stained glass studios and public.
William Robert Biggers Jr.: Unique, rare and ancient method of painting on glass. Site is easily navigated, communicates

Brosius Illustration & Design
Illustrations from cartoon to realistic, graphic design, logos, and fine art
Laurie Brosius

Catherine Clay's Photographs
Photographs from the US, Europe, and Russia
catherine clay: Come check out my photos from from the 13 countries I have been to!

Cookie's World
Literature, Writing, Poetry, Humor, Computer Programming, Computer Humor
Ana: This is a site to channel into Writing and Computer programming

duracel development
has nothing to do with batteries, but lots of other funstuff...
duracel: looking good

F. James Corwin, AAEC
Editorial Cartoonist/Portrait Artist/Photographer
F. James Corwin, AAEC: I'd like to be the Drudge Site of the Artworld

fml spaceArt gallery
a click into the alien worlds of frank m lewecke
fm lewecke, peterSt 5, D-90478 nuremberg, germany: the artist's approach to the web ..

Frans Franciscus
Paintings,sculptures and more by Frans Franciscus
Jacob van Lennepkade 145/3, 1054 ZK A'dam,NL

Frans Franciscus
This site shows the versatilty of dutch painter artist Frans Franciscus

Graphix Artwerx by Willie Tang
A collection of graphical artworks created with Adobe Photoshop v.4.0. Also talks about Willie Tang.
: View with 800x600 color monitor.

Bad ness left right and centre
LowKapow: Wicked stylie, Under construction

Hypnotic Light and Motion Sculptures by Millevolte
On line gallery features animated images of selected works by artist Michael Millevolte.
Michael Millevolte: I would like to exchange links if site is added to art category.

Jolie Designs
Linkware and license only sets for web pages.
Theresa Korchynsky: 15 years experience in graphics industry


Raven Lore
Katie Stanley creates One-of-a-Kind wood carvings & hand-laced leather coats; masks, blanket chests
Katie Stanley: For all original works; wood carvings and hand-laced leather coats, be sure to visit Raven Lore

Sinaloa Online
Official Homepage of Sinaloa Chatters in Mexico!
Mark Wendell Dela Cruz:,

squint, young media experiments
Squint vzw is an organisation that supports the experiments in electronic art
maarten callebert: only in flash at this moment

The City Review
Zine ded to the arts and urban affairs
Carter B. Horsley: Zine also has extensive coverage of architecture

The Riordan Faz Institute of Abandon
An ongoing art and cultural project with a major new expo every three months
Ben Rollason

Victorian Bearlooms by Cindy Kalnow
Artist-designed, handmade teddy bears in mohair using traditional antique patterns and symbols.
Bruce Cumsky: My teddies are tomorrow's heirlooms and are enchanting reminders of the Victorian era.
Official site of muralist and artist Patrick D. Waldron
Wendy Miller

Waller's Diner
a personal website with a little taste
Jeff Waller: Stop by for a byte to eat

{artCORE} design junkies
Nice personal page with cool dhtml.
a personal design site, with lotsa spicy designs, dhtml-effects (floating layer animations)
philipp koerber: -
An excellent site for art lovers.
An online art museum featuring a 3D art gallery, artist background info, and a museum store
Michelle Webster

Digital Documentary: The Need to Know and the Urge
Cool photography exhibit.
Online exhibition of digital photography
Vance Gellert

Gallery 9
Innovative design and cool content.
Digital culture online
Steve Dietz

Never lukewarm
Great site from an obviously talented artist.
Artist Ann Snowberger's site featuring her paintings, photography, film, music, writing, and studio.
Ann Snowberger

Sand Sculpture / Sandscapes
Sandcastles, the way the pros build them.
Spectacular sand sculptures performed by the leading sand sculpture professionals.
Greg Glenn

Super ESCape Pod
Cool design and innovative look and feel.
Evolution of Motion Designs base on Faith, Hope, and the Cross
Calvin Sun: To push the edge and argument that Christian contents don't have to be conservative.

Visual Orgasm: The Canadian Climax
An indepth look at street art.
Dedicated to representing the underground art form in Canada.

.: Falken Zone :.
The reference in 2D, 3D and Fonts
Falken: A must :)

A day at the plaines
Download an award winning movie!
Kees V.

A Girl's story does not have to be beautiful...
A kind of gallery you've never seen before...
Antony Green: This is a one of a kind gallery with a one of a kind layout... you agree?

interaction, novel, design it is all about dive into it

South Africa,many cams,

Alvin Tapia's Online Studio Gallery
This site is a wonderful look at recent work from emerging artist Alvin Tapia. His colors are powerf
Bryan Gill

Ancient Egypt Picture, Statue and Scarab Galleries
Egyptian Art of all types. Statues, paintings and more.
Mark L. Walston: Although we are a store, our main goal is to be informative.

Angela Froud Jewelry
Handmade jewelry with collected glass and gemstone beads and silver.
Angela Froud: Visit my online gallery of hand crafted bead and silver jewelry in Australia.

Words and design in motion - Macromedia Flash and DHTML
mlife: A dedication to a siren in the guise of an Angel

Ann's Art: A Work In Progress
A unique art site that shows the progression of a picture from the first outline to the completion.
Ann: Works in pencil, pen & ink and watercolor.

Art and Paintings of Michael Lasoff
The American painter, Michael Lasoff, has been producing art in the Netherlands for more that 25 yea
Michael Lasoff

The writings of contemporary artist Harry Hilson
Becky Brown, Public relations: Contains writings about many different artists, as well as philosophy.

Art of Apollo
Apollo is the World's leading Environmental Artist. This site features Apollo's paintings.
Joseph B.: The Art Connection...Owner/promoter Suzanne Kluchin

Art That Celebrates Life
Traditional original art,portraits,angels,landscapes and more.
Sue Fletcher: Interpreting and expressing thoughts and sights via painting is a great joy. More so when shared!

A virtual space for the Greek Fine Arts scene
Dimitris Scoufis: A site dedicated to Fine Art artists, events, and projects in Greece

Artist : Roberto OLLIVERO
sculptures in fiberglass,prints. virtual gallery and on-line version of his catalogue.
Roberto Ollivero

Avery of Awes
One of a kind art, painted furniture, folkart carvings & Clocks
Kelley Wilkie: One of a kind whimsical finds!

Believe 2 Achieve
The Art and Design of TinyRay, displaying airbrush and computer art.
TinyRay Grier

Big CityART
Watercolour Paintings depicting well traveled though scarcely noviced urban areas.
Steve Skinner: Architecturally timeless yet unmistakably contemporary watercolour paintings.

Selected works and texts
Clinton Garofano

C. K. Bleistein,n.c.s.
Fine art Gallery of Collage work
Mike Kelly,Webcreations: Come see collage as a fine art meduim. Take a walk through,color form and freedom.

Campigli (1895-1971) The oficial web site.
Overview of the great Italian painter. Includes very short interactiv biography, a gallery of images
Archive Campigli

CC Art Studio
The writings and craftsmanship of the fine artist and author Christopher Cookson

CC Art Studio
The writings and artworks of the fine artist/author Christopher Cookson.
Christopher Cookson

Colors of Jerusalem
Rare antique Jewish art
Jason Feld: The best of Judaica art.

Colour My World
Interactive educational website with beautiful design and many novel and unique section.
Rachel Grotsky: Very beautiful and well worth the visit.

digital + graphical + conceptual art
Mark Stirner: no comment

Conversations in My Mind!
Thoughts,conversations, inspiration & perspiration about everyday life! Fun & insightful
aj kish: "gee, I was just thinking about that"

Cool Cat Daddy Productions
Web site for documentary filmmaker Randy A. Riddle.
Randy A. Riddle: Of interest to the LGBT community; includes interview transcripts, audio, video, etc.

Official website and online store for underground artist COOP
Ruth: secure credit ordering, the only place to get ALL of COOP's different kinds of merchandise

Copenhagen Art Gallery
Gallery representing important Danish, Scandinavian and other European contemporary artists.
Peter Hartig: Join the art contest or simply browse around in the world of Danish art

Cultural Icons
New Orleans Music and Culture
Jan Arant: This site features over 30 years of the documentary photography of Michael P. Smith.

Dario Ciriello
A personal and promotional site describing myself and showcasing my work as an artist/restorer.
Dario Ciriello: I designed this site to illustrate and explain my work as a decorative artist and restorer.

REactive participation in imaginations evolution.
Rubidium: Belongs to data babies every where

DeWitt Industries Interactive
Build your own icons and buttons online
Gary L. DeWitt: totally interactive

DREAMTANK -- Artwork by Scott Hutchison
Futuristic and figurative/surral paintings. Illustrative imagery of man and machine.
Scott Hutchison: Figurative imagery concerned with the hi tech age we live in. Surreal and futuristic

El Rancho: arte & cultura
Literature, jazz, authors' movies, education, human rights, from the wild Argentina of this era.
Fernando Prats: Where opinnion, production and selection criteria emphasize the contents.

Festival of Arts/Pageant of the Masters
An immersive site designed to recreate the unique experience of the Pageant of the Masters
duncan mcalester: We reccommend both Flash 3 and Quciktime 4, but there is a standard HTML site

Fly Away Poetry
Hi. I would like you to consider my page for your great award. My name is Jenny and I am 14. I made
: Please consider my site. I would be honored to get this award.

Free oil Painting Lesson.
The A.A. Art Web site explores the differences between classical and realistic painting.
Alexei Antonov: Besides galleries exhibiting paintings in various styles and medium, you can get art lessons online

Gateway to the Arts in Spokane
Arts related site focusing on artists, organizations, events in Spokane, WA
suzanne bjork: Unique way to raise money for Children's Arts Organizations in town

Ghost Gallery
Original Ghost Art
Ghost Gallery: Free Ghost Art for personal web pages.

Glenn Rudderow Fine Art Painting
An online studio where visitors can view my work and keep on top of happenings in my career
Glenn Rudderow: Great art is always fun to look at. Marvel at the technical expertise of an emerging national artist

Gregg's Graphix & Stuff
A huge free graphics and games site.
Matt Gregg: We give all for nothing in return

The work of contemporary artist Harry Hilson
Becky Brown, Public relations: Contains THE HILSON MUSEUM OF ART - ART NOTES

Igor Ulanovsky, J-Art
Conceptual Jewish Fine Art (J-Art).Oil painting.
Igor Ulanovsky: No comments!

Imaginary Web Project
Art, architecture, design, digital art, photography, linkTOlink, search for search, yellownews
Filippo Lo Presti

intaglio web
experimental web art site
Kyeong Il,Park

InterMountain Communications Art Gallery
Original Arts. Wonderful work done by different artists with great creative skills.
Linda Porter: Come and see some wonderful artwork!

A Collection Art, Photography, and Musings.
LLH: Enjoy life and creation, the world around us from my perspective, and through my viewfinder.

The Magazine without a Spine
Calvin Sun: The design is the content, the twist is the concept.

It's art baby! art!
bringing it to you the way they won''s art baby! art!
Rick: selected OFFICIAL ART SITE for the new MILLENNIUM

Kacey's Corner
Poetry, real life experiences..David's story..a must see..variety..great graphics.
kacey: I have worked very hard on my site..everyday, and I'm proud of it..many complimentary comments.

KVT Graphics`
Free web graphics, custom work, webdesign, a font collection.
Kandee M. Wright

Legion of Skillz World Design inc.
Graphic Design, 2D/3D illustration, and Animations.
Michael Taylor: A unique design team with varied skillz for all your design needs.

true expression of obsession, flash3 and flash4 experimentations in design concepts
mlife: Adult Content

London Art
Contemporary art resource
Paul Wynter: complete overview of contemporary art scene worldwide

Malcolm Ruthven - Silkscreen/serigraph artist and
Award-winning artist and printmaker Malcolm Ruthven creates original art serigraphs
Malcolm Ruthven

Mariannes Gallery
Online gallery whith my art in acrylic, watercolor and more
Marianne Mölgård: I´m a Swedish artist and I hope you will vissit my online gallery.

Martin's Eclectic Adventures
Beadwork Gallery, Original backgrounds/sets, animated cursors & PSP Tubes
Celia Martin: I built my site to showcase my original beadwork & graphics. Small, but worth a visit.

Martrildonno Jewelry Designs
Fine handcrafted jewelry from metaphysical to skulls to vampires and more.

Max Magnus Norman's art and creations
Spiritual art made with great insight and virtuosity.
Max Magnus Norman

Mehndi Mecca
Awsome website on Mehndi, henna body art & adornment!
marie: very intresting, hip place

Melanie Fentress: Virginia Portrait Artist
Online artist portfolio of childrens, adults, animals, and objects
Bart and Gertie: Stylish page with Javascript programming, hand-dssigned graphics and a few surprises

Metallica XXX Page
Everything about the rock band called Metallica!
Marko: Cool

Mid-Ohio Valley Arts Window
A view of the Arts in the Mid-Ohio Valley.
Teri Robert

morrell photoworks
Photography Art and Humor produced by Charlie Morrell
lizard: It's a fun place to be

MUVA Virtual Museum of Arts El Pais
Virtual museum that gives the sensation of being inside a real building.40 international awards.
Alicia Haber: An adventurous virtual showcase of works from private collectors and art 40 INTERNATIONAL AWARDS

Netcrafts Online Gallery & Magazine
online arts & crafts site with 25 directories, galleries show guides, market news, and much more!
chris wallace: This is an industry oriented website covering every type of art medium.

Originals Oiuls and WC Paintings by Cathy Garson
Large Wc and OIls by 1 of top 8 Chicago Artitists now in Fla
Cathy Garson: Cathy Garson

Orsillo's Gallery
Fine Art Photography
Bob Orsillo: An extension of my gallery / studio work space.

Praga Khan's Official Website
Praga Khan and Lords of Acid
ven: dunno

Exhibitions of visual communication from contempory designers
ashleigh primitive: Enjoy

Rosalind's Rose Garden
Original Fairy Tales for Children

Origional Art Galleries, Lyrics, Links and more.
Ruti: Site design and graphics by Ruti.

Sandman Pheromone : Facade Directive
Literature and Links by me and found on the Web
Dennis Diosomito

Sandrine Follere - French Sculptor
Abstract and figurative sculptures -Drawings - Photographs
Sandrine Follere

Eletronic creative onslaught
Rasmus Blaesbjerg: GO THERE

State of the Arts Local Art Network
Local Art online,resources and events for regions all over the world
Don Joslin


Switch Designs
Computer generated pictures and 3d wallpapers by English Artist, Alan Hagarty
Alan Hagarty: This up and coming computer graphical artist shows a unique approach to computer generated pictures

TanZyr : Jewelry
pagan, celtic, goddess and metaphysical jewelry
tammi johnson: We have a unique line of jewelry, please check us out!

Tao Mountain
collage watercolor illustrations haiku poetry and stories by Montana artist Lisa Hofman
lisa hofman: updated quarterly, Tao Mountain is both a gallery and a publication, submissions welcome

Tati's Art Gallery
Modern art with appeal for decorators and all who love color.
Todd Canedy

The McMansion of Art
A very well designed site used as a showcase for a talented young artist named Andrew Rossborough.
Andy Rossborough

The Prince of Egypt - Official Web Site
Promotional Website for DreanmWorks Animated feature
Mark Levy: Experience the power of the film through an animated presentation and active soundtrack
Web Portfolio of Michael Darius
Michael Darius: get shockwave you shmuck!

Tom Chambers Documentary and Visual Arts
Introduction and discussion of Tom Chambers documentary and visual arts projects.
Tom Chambers: Rich, textually and visually

Uncle Slam's Ultimate Creative Kingdom
Sign & Design Mosh Pit
Mark: First one I ever hard coded

Totally disgusting but ultra cool artwork!
RS Connett: RS Connett

Weird Art
Weird Art is an art gallery with lots of original graphics. It also has some lake applets.
Hanna Seppä

Welcome to Photo Site #1
Five pages of photos of Wall-Sculptures by Robert Stagemyer
Robert Stagemyer: My life is dedicated to my work which I believe is truly, unique, and original. Do you?

z'Giel's world of art
3D rendered art, Music and some more coming up 3D rendered art, Music and some more coming up

A monthly Webart magaize that uses the whole multimedia scale.
Al: Pushing the art envelope, zer1art brings you webart at a hundred miles an hour square.

ZIZWCe Art and Cartoon Gallery
Welcome to the world of zizwce Art. Get his latest art and cartoon.
zizwce: Welcome to my world.

ZIZWCe Art Gallery
Get the world best art and cartoon. Latest art from world unknown artist.
zizwce: Get my latest digital art and my original cartoon.

Art History Top

Alternative Careers for Art Historians - guide to career tracks for individuals who have majored in or are contemplating a major in art history.

American Visions - companion site to the PBS special on the history of American art as told by Time Magazine's art critic, Robert Hughes.

Anistoriton - magazine of history, archaeology & art history.

Art History Network - art history, archaeology and fine art resources on the web.

Art Images for College Teaching - AICT is a royalty-free image exchange resource for the educational community. - an internet-only TV channel. - carrying an array of art books, posters, and gifts, and offering a directory of artists, events, and museums, as well as consultation and auction services, online exhibitions, and Artstar magazine.

Ask Joan of Art - art information specialists at the National Museum of American Art will answer your email queries on American art. Includes informative FAQ.

Carol Gerten's Fine Art - archive of artists and their works, sorted alphabetically, by period, and by location.

Eyes on Art - lesson plans and tutorials that teach students and adults to look at things from an artistic view.

Getty Provenance Index - provides access to multiple databases on the history of the ownership of works of art, gathered from sales catalogues, archival records, and museum files.

Great Exhibition of 1851 - background behind the ambitious exhibition held in London, England.

Mark Harden's Artchive - virtual art museum with galleries of Masters' works, theory and criticism, art cd-rom reviews and art links.

Smart-Ass Guide to Art

The 5 ? Art History Quiz

Timelines - images and links to non-Western art before 1900.

Visions of Art - discussion on the meaning and definition of art, using writings by famous artists.

Dance Top

about dance, and is a club for other dancers. Provides help.
Kristy: We love to dance, and it shows!

Art Of Middle Eastern Dance
All about belly dancing! Advice, how-to's, costuming, tips, history, humor, poetry, and more!
Shira: A comprehensive belly dancing site, with more than 200 articles to educate, entertain, and inspire!

Original linedance step description cue sheets.
Doris Volz: Official site for the Golden Gate Classic LineDance Festival

Art of Ballet
Ballet for adult beginners, with steps, exercises, books, pictures, video recommendations, etc.

Voice of Dance
An online resource site for dancers and audiences.
Mary Ellen Hunt: Whatever you're looking for in the world of dance, Voice of Dance should be your first stop!

Dancer's Web Ring
A haven for dancers of all ages. Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Gymnastics. Message board, Chat, Postcards.
Orene Custer: This ring consists of numerous interesting dance sites. Pages about studios & individual dancers.

Kaori Nakamura & Olivier Wevers, dancers with PNB
Professional ballet dancers photographs, profiles, performances, reviews, repertoire,...
Olivier Wevers: Check out our photographs and schedule, as well as our well organized repertoire list

North Carolina Dance Theatre
Non-profit organization dealing with dance and dance education programs
Robin Davis

Afra's Home Page
Home page of UK based performer and teacher Afra Al-Kahira. Lots of information about MEDance events
Afra Al-Kahira: Afra Al-Kahira is one of the UK's top performers/teachers of Middle Eastern Dance

The Gilded Serpent
internet magazine on Middle Eastern Music and Dance
Lynette Harris

The National & New England Swing Dance Server
This site includes the National Swing Dance Calendar, teacher directory, dance partner ads, & more!
Stefan Gonick

Scarab Studios
Information site for Middle-Eastern Dance performances, instruction and local events
Patricia Pellerito (dba Najwa al-Qamar): I found out the WWW is a great place to connect and inform people about my culture's dance and music

World class belly dancing in the heartland, USA
Brian Roberts/developer: more extensive content will be added to this site as time permits

Shira's Middle Eastern Dance Site
Info: Beginners, tips on moves, costuming, videos, etc.

Judy Lee Dancers
Tap dancing troupe based in Austin, TX. Average age is 60+. We don't charge for performances.
LD Davidson: A great group with lots of heart and energy!

Digital Art Top

Sea of Tranquility Graphic Designs
Free "hand-crafted" (i.e. no clipart) web graphics for use on personal, non-commercial sites.
N.L.Timpanelli: OK, it's not Moyra's...but I'm sure these fill a niche somewhere!

D Filipino Connection
Travel Gallery that spans the globe, Artwork Gallery, Confucius Wisdoms, Fascinating Facts and more.

Digital Art .Org Pick
Interesting site with a cool graphic browse trick. - Webbie Review
Gallery of computer generated artwork which is divided up into several categories.
Gliebster: Gallery is searchable/sortable, has a rating system/top 10, art of the week, and weekly polls. Pick
Interesting way to use flash to create movies. - Webbie Review
flash 4 movies & free Tibet.
izbak: flash 4 movies & free Tibet.

Hidden Reality Graphics & Art
Digital art, design, watercolors and drawings
Charlene Fuhlendorf: This site is mainly about digital art and computer graphics.
Free graphics, website templates, tutorials and a digital art gallery
Steve "Gliebster" Gliebe

FullMoon Graphics Pick
Visit a talented graphic artist. - Webbie Review
Weird and wonderfully unique graphic art pieces, free for your personal web site! Very cool!
Kitty Mead: Once a hippie, always a hippie! My graphics are like flashbacks ;)

Infinitee Designs
3D graphics, 2D illustrations, Web Design, sci-fi, fantasy, rock, T-shirts, futuristic, and psychede
Ralph Manis

The Dream Catcher
3d graphics gallery and webpage design

.: Falken Zone :.
Great design, can even figure out the content even if you don't read the language.
An incredible site about 2D, 3D and Fonts. Really clean design.
Falken: A big work on this site for an excellent site

Museum of Web Art (MOWA)
I like the idea of a web based museum for web art.
Virtual museum displaying art created exclusively for the Web
Mark Kaproff: Enjoy some of the most exciting and innovative art the Web has to offer.

free graphic resources
gabriella: Free images for Web. You can to compile the form specifying the kind of pic that you would like

Cool 3D art and a nicely done web site.
Unique digital fine art, limited editions prints, Web-art, and much more.

Gallery of digital art and photo manipulations

Warped Space
3D/2D Digital Art of Amaan Akram

Webpearl Graphics
Custom artwork, ICQ skins, page sets, wallpaper themes and backgrounds.
Wendy Gibson: If you love ICQ you'll love these skins.

] sXang [
Innovative with some great flash.
The sXang is online portfolio. It shows intriguing interface, navigation and animaion works. All of

Active Graphics
Excellent flash work.
State of the art web design
Chris MacPherson: High End Flash Site

Very nice site.
this is an art and experemental web design e-zine
Igor Krizhanovsky: nobody can say what is the fingertips, u must go and see yourself

Resources for Creative Pros
Great informational site for professionals
Graphic design resources and services for professional creative artists
Thomas Penberthy

Triple Distilled
An interesting collection of 3D and digital artwork.
The electronic artwork, animation and digital imagery of Daniel Merlin Goodbrey
Merlin: A crisp tasting collection of electronic artwork and animation, with just a twist of lemon.

Andie's Designs
Free web graphics, background sets, PSP Tubes. Coming soon...Environments
Andria Kuustonen: Lost of PSP Stuff...I have graduated to Photoshop 5.5, so lots of new and exciting changes coming!

Edda's Symphonie Fantastique. Medieval, Egyptian, Celtic, and general graphics.
Edda: The graphics are free.

Birklea Web Graphics
Digital art including unusual and unique animated snowglobes, free web graphics sets, and more!
Diane: This is my digital canvas, my passion and my playground

Freemonk is a 100% Flash website with graphic design of the artist Pieter van den Berg.
Pieter van den Berg

joan stark's ASCII Art Gallery
This website showcases the amazing ASCII art created by 'jgs'
joan stark: This site also provides complete information, history, and tutorials for text graphics.

Original creations by Lament including Free Unique Web Graphics, Artwork, and Poetry
Lament: Please stop by and browse through my growing collection of free, unusual web graphics!

p a n o p t i c o n
digital + graphical + conceptual
Vittu Kekkonen

Painted Fiction
A bit of digital fun, original art and a touch of darkness. Fractals, Web Graphics and Backgrounds
Ed Estes

Rainy Day Graphics
Original linkware sets for use on personal pages.
Jenni Stenman: I'm still a beginner in webpage sets, but I personally like some of the ones I've managed to produce

Stunned ArtZine
Stunned is an online artist space showcasing new art in traditional and new media
Conor McGarrigle

the netstar
digital art, airbrush art, web design and free wallpapers from my pieces...other goodies too
joanne dagostino: I've always got something up my sleeve :)

The Very Interesting Avatar Page
Original and Unique avatars that you will not find anywhere else!
Liza Callaway: Trust ME!!!

The World of PSM
Digitall Art Gallery, Photo Gallery, Free Download A Website worth visiting;)

TitanP's 3D Art
A site with cool 3d computer generated pics. This is my site to share my 3D art with the world.

Twisted Creations
Offering a Wide Variety of Original Web Graphics including Background Sets & Custom Graphics.
Twistee: Quickly Growing New Site -- Updated often...So keep coming back!! *S*

a graphic/type design project from Colombia. Includes free original fonts and an art gallery
Germán Olaya: a graphic/type design project from Colombia. Includes free original fonts and an art gallery

Interesting site with cool design touches.
take an easy chair and enjoy the ride

the pixel-lab
Incredible java genius demos cool java art.
Interactive animation & experiments in java
elout de kok
Very, very, cool interactive art.
Gallery of unusual interactive art
Martin Wattenberg: Java-based art that explores new forms of interactivity and information visualization

:: carlitos online ::
Carlitos digital art. To find your own light in complete darkness. Artistic male nudes.
carlitos: Formerly "Visions and Dreams". This site has been completely redesigned.

13th Hour Design
Innovative and lively linkware sets and graphics for the personal website.
Kristen: Lively and fun linkware graphics for use on your personal website.
Original Digital Arts Including Interfaces, A Monthly Graphics Challenge, Free Graphics & More !
Tammy Burkle

Back At Ya Designs
Free Backgrounds and Graphics. PSP Tubes. Professional Website Design.
Back At Ya Designs: A great collection of eye-catching graphics. A large variety. Updated Often! Please pay a visit.

basils art
original digital paintings
basil filippone: basil filippone

fine art and graphics
Peter Bratt: functional presentation portfolio

Chrysoprase Web Graphics
Free, unique and original graphics to dress websites with style.

Digital Genre
Digital Image at its best. This site is full of images that picture the real Philippines.
Chuck Gutierrez: This site is for the love of our country. Photographs by Chuck Gutierrez

Free linkware as well as affordable web and graphics designs with a variety of options and themes.
domynoe: High quality graphics from and web design from free to affordable, with taste and elegance in mind

Eddie Designs
2D/3D website and graphic design. Bryce gallery, Flash movies and artistic digital abstraction.
Eddie Designs: Website and graphics design - Creative pioneering and innovative concepts, constantly developing...

Free Graphics Library from Penguin Studios
free graphics are yours right here, use them as your heart desires, all original artistic designs

Gráficos Templo dos Sonhos
free backgrounds, backgrounds grátis Ainda agora comecei a trabalhar com arte digital, estes são alguns dos meus trabalhos que eu consido

Grpahic Design Plus
Free Graphics ,3D and 2D Art
Helen Duggan: There is something for everyone..

Ian's Power Backgrounds
Over 400 free, original, high-res colour images for graphic artists, desktop publishing and the web
Ian McPherson: Also home of the Best Of The Web for MacOS Website Award

Infinite Corners
A collection of photoshop images and tutorials

Intruder Electronic Art
There is a new art-form on the internet - ElectronicArt - come and see what it has to offer!
Jonathan McAndrew: Visit 'The GALLERY' ! - There are no boundaries but your fantasy!

Is it art?
A web site showing that Digital art can be considered a Fine art.
Owen Niblock: The definative proof that you can consider computer art as Fine art.

Linda Hoen - media art
This site features work of and gives information about the Dutch media artis Linda Hoen. Her work co
Linda Hoen: -

Markarts gallery
A digital media artist working with organizations and companies and also on the internet
mark wilczenski: many top rated organizations who use my creative talents

bright,colorful, fine art, commercial photography
theresa seelye: bright, colorful, ethereal images for commercial or fine art purposes

NNC [gold site]
Quality Graphic Design, Professional coding, Useful A. Photoshop tutorials, Friendly atmosphere.
NAOMI: It would be honored to be a winner. Webbieworld is a nicely done website, useful content . Regards.

Science Fiction 3D art, Links and reviews!
Espen Paulsen: A place to to dream and go far away, beyond your imagination!

Rik Lewis Graphics
3D graphics by a Filipino and Italian artist based in the Middle East

Sam Lantz World of Digital Art
Sam Lantz Gallery of Digital art and Computer Graphics

Sue's Place
Digital art gallery and poetry with lots of free downloads and links

The Greasy Skillet
Live Music, independant film and general artistry.

Triple Orbit Graphics
Linkware and custom graphics as well as digital art.

Ancient Future Designs
Linkware web graphics

Art Rose Gallery
A web gallery with my own watercolors, digital cards,free graphics. Awards program. Guest artists.

Awards for you
My site is to agve awards specialy design unic,for those are applying and win.

basils art
original digital paintings

Bora's Graphic Web
My web is dedicated to web graphic. All the graphic and html code in my site is made by me and linkw

Charlene's Computer Graphics
computer graphics, watercolors, poetry, web page design

A Gallery displaying Digital images created with Bryce 3D.

FAREND - Unique Web Designs
Free and commercial graphics.

In-Site Graphics
Free original, custom designed graphics, including border sets, backgrounds, buttons, bars, etc.

Many Cultures One Art

mindburner - the affected gallery
A personal gallery consisting mainly of digital imagery.

Stephanie's PhotoImpact Tutorials
Weekly tutorials and information on how to use PhotoImpact

Visions and Dreams
These are the digital paintings of what I have found deep within myself.
Underground video, Digital film making

Promoting excellence in Belgian web design and development.

a polyphonic chronicle and other netartprojects
various netart projects like: @(rt)ventures,soundboxes,conversations with Francesca etc

Active H
an artists homepage
Hans : very diverse, rapidly changing

Portfolio retrospective of personal and not so personal works of the artist who owns the site.
A domain which connects several sites, which contain original art, custom graphics, and much more.

Cool Graphic And Web Design By Souleye
Graphic and web design by Souleye, graphic designer & web site designer

Equinox Java demos
Artistic demonstrations using java

i draw pictures for you

Fast Spot
web design with a killer intro

generation net eXistence
generation net eXistence is an experimental project using macromedia flash technology

Imagination Magic
Imagination Magic is a portfolio site displaying works by digital artist Ron Pfister.

Isotope Lab is a creativity workshop always in progress. Create for the process, not the result.

Mary Winn's Graphics
Free graphic sets in many different categories. (linkware)

net.wurked art creche has been up and running since 1995

NewDawn Graphics
Artistic comunity with featured arttist ad awards program. My personal art gallery and resourse

Paint Shop Pro Tutorials by Pinoy7
Cool and easy to follow Paint Shop Pro tutorials.

Free digital art for all sorts of applications

Angular Vision Design & Graphics
Excellent 3D and graphic site.

A very nice site.
Features unique digital fine art, limited edition prints, web-art exhibits, and much more.

Amazing Seattle Fractals!
Award winning fractal art,online fractal tutorial,free fractal screensaver and more!

BMGD/Brad Martin Graphic Design
Web & Graphic Design that has caught up with the internet !! From Concept to completion...

Chris Moujaes Cartoons
We create the coolest cartoons and we proudlydisplay our work and news at our VERY eyepleasing site!

COOLGIFS: The coolest web-graphics on the planet.
This site contains free web-graphics and custom image ordering.
200 Lonsdale Road, toronto, Canada: Great site for webmasters

drivedrive inc.
web art gallery & artist run corporation

Dynamite Digital Designs
Dynamite Digital Designs is Western Software's website design and development service.

Interfaces, tips for Adobe Photoshop, including custom logo making.

Joann's Graphics
Web Graphics

Pan's Dolce Vita
art,digital art, design, fantasy

Pernese portraits

Sacred Design
Bay Area based digital design shop. Design solutions for web/print/multimedia projects

SandDancr Studios
Unique Graphics for Discriminating Sites! Web Design, Tutorials and more

Soho design
Website designed by Soho design

The Art and Design of Chris Dean
Official website of Chris Dean

The World of PSM
A lot of nice graphics and art
Peter Markov

O O O a colombian project. Graphic design and Type design. Includes original free fonts O O O

Wicked Ascii Art
A huge collection of ascii art, software and links.

Fashion Top !
info for people who dye their hair unnatural colors

SoWear Fashion Collective
Very cool fashion oriented site.
The fashion resonator where emerging artists connect, collaborate and create.

I love paper dolls! Wren Rose World of paperdolls!
Paperdolls to print and cut out. Lots of clothes new each month

contain hair and make-up, and A true filipino lifestyle artist

CBG Max Azria Fashion
BCBG Max Azria tears up the catwalk and now the web!

A fashion website featuring designer collections, trends, shopping & do it yourself fashion

Excellent visual and great content.
See the online portfolio of one of India's leading fashion models

Galleries Top

A.I.R. Gallery - cooperative, non-profit gallery for women artists.

A/Duval - black & white photos from Europe & Latin America and Quicktimes of film & documentaries.

Ackland Art Museum - with news about tours, current exhibits, and more.

African/Edenic Heritage Museum - traveling exhibit highlighting the indigenous African presence in the Holy Land.

Agung Rai Museum of Art - houses a collection of works by Balinese, Javanese and foreign artists.

Akron Art Museum

Albany Museum of Art - allows visitors to explore works of art to better understand human experiences and to transmit cultural value.

Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art - houses one of the finest collections of American art in the midwest.

Alexandria Museum of Art

Alla Bulyanskaya Gallery - offering contemporary Russian painting, graphics, and sculpture.

Allentown Art Museum - offers art exhibits, tours, lectures, workshops, and family activities.

Amarillo Museum of Art - specializing in 19th and 20th century American art and in Asian art.

American Vaudeville Museum - includes magazine information and past articles.

American Visionary Art Museum - creating a place where self-taught, intuitive contributions of all kinds will be duly recognized, explored, and then championed in a clear strong voice.

Amon Carter Museum - featuring nineteenth- and twentieth-century American art and photography.

An Lanntair - premier art center of the Western Isles of Scotland. Primarily devoted to the local artists and musicians, it has gained national and international recognition and awards.

Anderson Gallery - specializing in multi-cultural antiquities from the 18th-20th centuries.

Arlington Arts Center - dedicated to presenting and supporting the new work of regional artists.

Art Deco Erte - museum of fashion and theatre designs.

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria - offers BC, Asian, historical, and contemporary collections, as well as virtual exhibits.

Art Gallery Of New South Wales - publicly funded art gallery.

Art Gallery of Newfoundland and Labrador - at Memorial University, St. John's, Newfoundland.

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia - focuses on artists associated with Nova Scotia and outstanding examples of regional and Canadian art.

Art Gallery of Ontario

Art Gallery of Sudbury

Art Gallery of the South Okanagan - online exhibitions, complete with curatorial essays.

Art Gallery of Western Australia - exhibitions, tours, lectures and events.

Art Institute of Chicago@

Art Museum of Missoula - displays contemporary art from the 19th century forward with an emphasis on Montana artists. Also offers tours and educational workshops.

Art Museum of Southeast Texas

Art-Tech - showcasing artists and exhibitions integrating art and technology.

Artbox73 - index of galleries and museums.

Arthur Ross Gallery - the exhibition gallery of the University of Pennsylvania, featuring fine art shows from aroud the world

Artists' (Invisible, Floating) Museum of Actual Art, The - with images of art, artist profiles, links, and much more.

Arts Center, The - view the gallery or participate in art classes and workshops for people of all ages.

ArtSlab - individual and collaborative student work. - museums and extensive documentation on arts, including online pieces and artist bios.

Asheville Art Museum - features contemporary art exhibitions, tours, and lectures.

Ashmolean Museum of Art & Archaeology

Asia Society@

Asian Art Museum of San Francisco - devoted to the arts and cultures of Asia. The permanent collections represent over 40 Asian countries spanning 6,000 years of history.

Attleboro Museum, Center for the Arts - community arts organization dedicated to education, creativity, and cultural awareness through the visual and performing arts.

Auckland Art Gallery - current and forthcoming exhibitions, images and services.

Audubon House and Tropical Gardens - a restored 19th century home, exotic period gardens, authentic antiques and original engravings by John James Audubon.

Augustinermuseum - collection of Tyrolean art from the Romanic period through to present housed in a former Augustinian monastery.

Aurobora Press - invitational fine art press dedicated to the monotype. Gallery features exhibitions of artworks published by Aurobora.

Austin Museum of Art

Austrian Jewish Museum - oesterreichisches Juedisches Museum - Eisenstadt.

Bakersfield Museum of Art - includes exhibit calendar, membership information, educational programs, and directions.

Baltimore Museum of Art - features an extraordinary permanent collection and ever-changing exhibitions, plus programs and performances for all ages.

Barnes Foundation - includes information about visiting the gallery, art education, the arboretum school, and more.

Baroniet Rosendal - offers a museum, concerts, art exhibitions, guided tours and much more.

Basel Museum of Fine Arts - housing the world's oldest public art collection.

Bellevue Art Museum

Bentley Gallery - includes information on current and recent exhibitions.

Bergen Art Museum

Bergen Museum - youth gallery, arts education, exhibts of local artists and regional shows.

Berkshire Artisans, The - community arts center sponsoring gallery exhibits, free performances, public murals, and gallery rental.

Beside The Wave - art gallery and printing business offers a wide range of paintings and prints. also virtual art exhibitions.

Biggs Museum of American Art - collection that reveals a devotion to the arts of the Delaware Valley region.

Bilbao Guggenheim Museum@

Birmingham Museum of Art - collections include African, American, Asian, European, Precolumbian, Native-American, and contemporary art.

Boca Raton Museum of Art - features a fine permanent collection, travelling exhibitions, and an art school.

Boise Art Museum - visual arts institution featuring a variety of artistic experiences for visitors of all ages including exhibitions, education programs and special events.

Bonnet House - Fredrick Clay Barl's personal interpretation of a plantation house.

Bowers Museum of Cultural Art - featuring a collection of California paintings and artifacts.

Brand Galleries - presenting eight exhibits a year, the Galleries feature emerging artists from the area as well as an annual National Juried show.

Brandywine River Museum - collects and preserves American art with primary emphasis on illustration and American landscape and still life painting. Features the works of Andrew Wyeth, Jamie Wyeth, Howard Pyle, and Maxfield Parrish, as well as the N. C. Wyeth House and Studio.

Brauer Museum of Art, Valparaiso University - houses a collection of American art from 1850 to the present.

Brevard Museum of Art and Science - includes the Harris Auditorium, the Foosaner Educational Wing, and Science Center.

Brooklyn Museum of Art@

Bruce Museum of Arts and Sciences

Burlington Art Centre - public art museum serving southern Ontario, with exhibitions of regional and national Canadian artists and contemporary ceramics.

Bushey Museum and Art Gallery - collections and displays tell the artistic history of the village with works and artifacts relating to Herkomer and his Art School.

Butler Institute of American Art

Byzantine Museum of Zakynthos - features works in wood and wood carvings, wall paintings, icons, and more.

Cafiso Art Gallery - offers a collection of modern and contemporary pieces, as well as a permanent exhibition of artwork by masters.

Cahoon Museum of American Art - features work by Ralph and Martha Cahoon, contemporary primitive painters.

California African American Museum - offers galleries of living treasures of African American art, history, and culture.

California Center for the Arts Museum

Campo and Campo Gallery - gallery and auctionhouse since 1897, space of the gallery is 1700 m2 5 auctions and 8 exhibitions a year.

Cape Museum of Fine Arts - offering exhibitions that illustrate the role Cape Cod and the Islands have played in American art.

Carl's Wood Art Museum - family oriented museum with chainsaw carvings, wood art, and educational and fun activities.

Carnegie Art Museum - includes information on exhibits, tours, classes, events, and more.

Carnegie Museum of Art - collections and exhibitions emphasizing 19th- and 20th-century painting, sculpture, decorative arts, architecture, prints and video.

Cartoon Art Museum of San Francisco - dedicated to preserving, documenting, and exhibiting original animation, comic strip, gag cartoons, comic book art, advertising illustration, greeting card art, and memorabilia.

Castellani Art Museum of Niagara University - features a distinguished collection of contemporary art, a permament folk arts program, and a wide range of temporary exhibitions.

Castlemaine Art Gallery and Historic Museum

CCA Kitakyushu - gallery and institute for study and research in contemporary art. Offering post-graduate programs for younger artists and curators.

Cedar Rapids Museum of Art - features landscape art, Ancient Roman artifacts and sculptures, and more.

Center for the Arts at Yerba Buena Gardens - presents visual and performing arts as well as educational programs, emphasizing the diverse artists and communities of the area.

Center for the Study of Political Graphics (CSPG) - collects, preserves, documents, and exhibits posters relating to historical and contemporary movements for peace and social justice.

Center In The Square - museums of art, history and science, a theater and a planetarium.

Centraal Museum - features exhibitions, a permanent collection, and an information/resource center for students.

Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona - CCCB - dedicated to the subject of cities and urban culture.

Centre for Contemporary Art (Warsaw, Poland) - information on the pernament collection, documentary archives, and temporary exhibitions, in Polish and English.

Centre Georges Pompidou@

Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art - houses a large collection of the works of Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Charleston Farmhouse Trust, The - home of Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant, and country meeting place of the Bloomsbury Group. Also exhibits contemporary art.

Chateau de Versailles@

Cheekwood Museum of Art - notable collections of 19th and 20th century American art, Worcester porcelain and antique silver, as well as outstanding traveling art exhibitions.

Cheney Cowles Museum

Chinati Foundation - contemporary art museum based upon the ideas of its founder, Donald Judd. Dedicated to the creation and preservation of permanent installations of large scale works, or large groups of work by a small number of artists, in which art and the space around it are inextricably linked.

Chinese American Museum

Chroma Gallery - contemporary art by Arkansas artists.

Chrysler Museum - collection of 30,000 objects spans almost 4,000 years of art history.

Cincinnati Art Museum - features a virtual tour of museum collections, general museum information, children's activities, art of the month, and much more.

Circus World Museum - collects, preserves, and interprets archival material and artifacts relating to the history of the American circus.

City Gallery Prague - offers permanent exhibitions of 19th and 20th century Czech Art and short-term exhibitions of works by Czech and foreign artists.

Clark Center for Japanese Art - collection of Japanese paintings, sculpture, and decorative arts.

Cleveland Museum of Art - Works of Art online, exhibition highlights, events, visitor information, educational information, lots of egyptian facts.

Cloisters, The@

Columbia Arts Center - visual and performing arts center for Southwestern Washington and Northwestern Oregon.

Columbia Museum of Art - featuring works from the museum's collection and a schedule of upcoming exhibits.

Columbus Museum - offers American art and regional history.

Columbus Museum of Art - cultural art center.

Confederation Centre of the Arts - home to the Charlottetown Festival and Canada's family classic, "Anne of Green Gables."

Conway Mill - shows and exhibitions. Also includes history of the building.

Cool Arts @ The Gallery - featuring modern and contemporary sculpture in glass, ceramics, studio furniture, and fine jewelry art.

Corcoran Museum/School of Art@

Cornwall Regional Art Gallery (CRAG) - community art gallery featuring contemporary exhibitions, classes, and more.

Crawford Municipal Art Gallery - learn about the Crawford Gallery and look at some world-famous pictures.

Crocker Art Museum - resource for the study of visual arts in the Sacramento valley.

Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens - with art from the Antiquities to modern day as well as formal English and Italian gardens.

Custer Battlefield Museum - exhibits Custer battle artifacts, photographs, paintings, Indian beadwork, and more.

D'Adamo/Hill Fine Art Gallery - presents a collection of paintings, prints, sculpture, and glass.

Dahesh Museum - dedicated to collecting and exhibiting 19th- and early 20th-century European academic art.

Dali Universe - London exhibition featuring 500 works by the surrealist genius Salvador Dalí.

Dallas Museum of Art

Davenport Museum of Art - houses a collection that spans more than four Centuries of painting, print-making, drawing, and sculpture.

DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park - dedicated to the exhibition, collection, and preservation of works by living New England artists.

Delaware Art Museum

Dennos Museum Center - featuring exhibitions and concerts combined with gallery tours, artist lectures, hands-on workshops and school outreach activities.

Denver Art Museum

Desert Caballeros Western Museum - includes Western art, period rooms, Native American art, minerals, and more.

Detroit Institute of Arts - Includes images & information from our galleries and exhibitions, DIA event and educational program schedules, and information on membership, museum shops, and more.

Deutsches Ledermuseum Schuhmuseum Offenbach - leatherwork from around the world.

Dixon Gallery and Gardens - arts museum surrounded by seventeen acres of beautiful gardens. Offers a specialized collection of Impressionist paintings, decorative arts, and a collection of Jean-Louis Forain's works.

Dorset County Museum - information on exibits within the museum including Roman mosaics, artworks, literary works, and archaeological finds, with local, international or world importance.

Drora's Louvre

Durban Art Gallery - selected works from the gallery's permanent collection, representing both South African and European artists.

E.G. Buehrle Collection - featuring the works of the French Impressionsists and their contemporaries.

Edmonton Art Gallery - forum for the collection, exhibition, and discussion of art.

Efil Doog - garden with original and Polynesian sculptures, art gallery with works by 19th century New Zealand painters, and more.

El Paso Museum of Art - provides gallery and exhibition information.

Eli Whitney Museum

Eliphante - a 3 acre art installation. Photos, music, and stories about this sculptured environment.

Elmhurst Art Museum

Estonian National Museum

Falmouth Art Gallery - public gallery that holds temporary and private exhibitions.

Farnsworth Art Museum@

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco - including the M.H. de Young Memorial Museum and the California Palace of the Legion of Honor.

Fine Fruits Community Arts - non-profit making venture providing studios for local artists working in painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, theatre and film. Includes online gallery.

Finnish National Gallery, Ateneum

Fleischer Museum - focuses on California and Russian Impressionism.

Florence Griswold Museum - works from this Impressionist art colony.

Florida Museum of Hispanic and Latin American Art, The

Fluxus Indian Museum

Foundry Gallery, Washington, D.C. - exhibiting contemporary painting, sculpture, photography and multimedia.

Fowler Museum of Cultural History@

Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts - volunteer organization providing exhibits, special programs, educational classes, and events.

French Art Life - features permanent exhibit and painter of the month.

Fresno Metropolitan Museum - featuring all exhibits, a rotation of monthly special exhibits and a yearly calendar of events.

Frick Collection and Frick Art Reference Library, NY - virtual tour of the museum, and telnet access to the FRESCO, the library catalog for art research.

Frye Art Museum - featuring 19th and early 20th century European and American paintings, as well as works by Northwest regional artists and Alaskan painters.

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum - includes new releases, lecture information, exhibition announcements, and more.

Galerie Husstege - current exhibition, artists, agenda and links.


Gallen-Kallelan Museo

Gandy Gallery - features realist art by Allan Banks, Jeffrey Mims, and others. Works include classical realism, impressionism, contemporary realism, sculpture, and 19th century.

Georgia O'Keeffe Museum - private institution that operates in collaboration with the Museum of New Mexico system.

Getty, The (11)

Gibbes Museum of Art - over 7,000 objects ranging from paintings, prints and drawings to photography, sculpture and miniature rooms.

Glenbow Museum - art and history center offering visitors a cultural museum, an art gallery, a library and archives of western Canadian history. Site includes virtual exhibits and this week in Canadian history.

Gorman House Arts Centre - creative centre for the arts in Canberra, Australia, showcasing theatre, dance, visual arts, and music.

Grace Cultural Center - houses an art museum, a historical museum and a children's museum in Abilene, TX.

Graffiti Museum, The - a new museum about old graffiti carved in stone.

Grand Rapids Art Museum@

Great Plains Art Collection - showing works from the Western Plains, including Native American sculptures, paintings, photographs, and prints.

Greenville Museum of Art - features late 19th and 20th century American visual art.

Gregory Museum, The - features historical exhibits and specializes in the earth sciences.

grunt gallery - the gallery's annual schedule of ten exhibitions covers a selection of group exhibitions and solo shows by established and emerging BC artists.

Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center - presenting festivals, ongoing programs and exhibits in all the arts.

Gustave Moreau Museum

Haggin Museum - offers collections of fine art and area history.

Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden, The - a not-for-profit center for the humanities.

Hammonds House - galleries and resource center of African American art.

Hayward Gallery - part of South Bank Centre, London's premier arts and performance centre. Located on the bank of the Thames, between Waterloo and Westminster bridges.

Heard Museum - Native American and Southwest material, both contemporary and historical. Large collection of Native American art and are strong supporters of contemporary Native American artists.

Heard Museum, The - specializing in Native cultures and art.

Heidelberg Motor Museum - features picture gallery and virtual tour. Displays include racing, sports, and classic cars, fire fighting equipment, prams, and pedal cars.

Helsinki City Art Museum and Kluuvi Gallery

Heritage Plantation of Sandwich - museum of Americana and gardens located on 76 acres with three buildings; antique autos, military collections, a carousel, folk art, store and cafe.

Hermitage Foundation - temporary exhibitions on the fine arts in a beautiful 19th-century residence.

Het Rembrandthuis, Amsterdam - located in the house where Rembrandt lived and worked from 1639 till 1658. The museum shows an almost complete collection of Rembrandt's etchings and prints.

High Museum of Art@

Hillwood Museum and Garden - collection of Russian imperial and western European fine and decorative arts

Hispanic Society of America - museum and reference library for the study of art, culture, and history of Spain, Portugal, Latin America, and the Philippines.

Historisch Museum Rotterdam - Schielandshuis - welkom in het Schielandshuis, hoofdvestiging van het Historisch Museum Rotterdam.

Ho-Am Art Museum - virtual exhibit showing some of the collection including artifacts from celadon and porcelain pieces to Koryo Buddhist paintings and handicrafts. In English and Korean.

Holland Museums

Homer Watson House & Gallery - homestead of the noted landscape artist (1855-1936). Offers an exhibit schedule, bibliography, artist-in-residence program, and membership information.

Honolulu Academy of Arts - Hawaii's general fine arts museum, especially strong in Asian art. Exhibitions, education programs, collections, publications, studio art classes, and theater activities.

Hui No`eau Visual Arts Center - art education programs for adults and children, art exhibits, and a gift shop.

Hunt Museum - European arts and antiquities.

Hunter Museum of American Art - from the Colonial period to the present day.

Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery - the Hunterian collections at the University of Glasgow.

Huntsville Museum of Art

Hyde Collection Art Museum, The - features exhibitions, lectures, family activities, concerts, educational programming, and other community-based events.

Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum - a private operating foundation devoted to the art of jewelry; permanent collection houses over 3,000 designs.

Illinois State Museum@

Indianapolis Museum of Art - information on current exhibitions, permanent collections of African, American, Asian, European, and Contemporary art, extensive gardens, educational resources, and events.

Ink People Center for the Arts - membership based community arts organization. Online galleries and information on exhibits, programs and art classes.

InterCommunication Center - aims to promote dialogue between science, technology, art, and culture.

International Museum of Collage, Assemblage, and Construction (IMCAC) - project of the International Post-Dogmatist Group. Exhibits include collage, assemblage, construction, and montage.

International Print Center New York (IPCNY) - non-profit institution devoted to the exhibition and understanding of both historical and contemporary fine art prints.

Invisble Museum - inspired by Andre Malraux's concept of a "museum without walls."

Irvine Museum - dedicated to the preservation and display of California art of the Impressionist Period.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum - offering a look at its paintings, sculpture, architecture, and history.

Istanbul Museum of Paintings and Sculpture

Japan Art - presenting Japanese antique and modern ceramics, pictures, textiles, sculptures, and calligraphy.

Jewish Museum - New York - captures 4000 years of history and culture.

John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art

Joslyn Art Museum - features works from antiquity to the present with a special emphasis on 19th and 20th century art from Europe and America.

Judah L. Magnes Jewish Museum - collects, preserves, and exhibits treasures of Jewish art, history, and culture from throughout the world.

Junior Arts Center - located in Barnsdall Art Park.

Kamloops Art Gallery - information on exhibitions, collections, programs and services. of the principal public art museum for the southern Interior of British Columbia.

Katonah Museum of Art - describing current exhibitions and other museum events.

Kimbell Art Museum@

King George VI Art Gallery - municipal museum displaying British and South African art, international printmaking, and Asian art.

Knoxville Museum of Art

Korean American Museum (KAM)

Krasl Art Center - exhibits traditional fine arts, contemporary works, folk arts and crafts, and local artists. The permanent collection focuses on outdoor sculpture.

Kreeger Museum - displays art of the 19th and 20th century. Includes works by Monet, Picasso, Miro, and Stella.

Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland@

Kunsthalle Goteborg

Kyoto National Museum - repository of Japanese and East Asian art. Extensive site includes detailed images, articles for children, and online exhibitions.

Künstlerinitiative East Side Gallery e.V. - an international monument for freedom at the Berlin Wall, offering more than one hundred paintings on the Wall by artists from all over the world.

l'Iglou Art Esquimau - dedicated to the promotion of Inuit art in Europe.

Laguna Art Museum

Las Vegas Art Museum - housed in the Sahara West Library and Fine Art Museum, the museum features the works of many fine artists.

Latino Museum of History, Art, and Culture - dedicated to the contributions of Latino culture in the Americas.

Le Louvre@

Le Musée de la Civilisation à Québec

Le Musée de la Miniature - in Montélimar, the capital of nougat, an old chapel has become a prestigious box for the most famous miniature works.

Leanin' Tree Museum of Western Art - private collection of contemporary American Western Art.

Liberace Museum@

Library Company of Philadelphia - independent research library and museum with collections documenting the history and background of American culture from the colonial period to the end of the 19th century.

Listasafnið á Akureyri - Akureyri's municipal art museum (in English and Icelandic).

Long Beach Museum of Art - located on a bluff overlooking Long Beach Harbor and the ocean.

Longview Museum of Fine Arts - contemporary regional and national artists exhibited. Adult and children's art programs offered.

Lopdell House Gallery

Los Angeles County Museum of Art@

Lowe Art Museum - collects original, quality works of art primarily from Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

Lynchburg Fine Arts Center - offering dance, theater, art, classes and children's programs.

MacKenzie Art Gallery - offers information about the permanent collection, the exhibitions, the educational programs, and the gift shop.

Madison Art Center

Manawatu Art Gallery, The

Manchester City Art Galleries

Manor House Museum - museum of art and horology focuses on the changing artistic tastes and achievements of local people; and the development of timekeeping in Britain, Europe, and America.

Marion Art Center - community cultural center offering art, theatre, and dance along with exhibitions and theatrical productions throughout the year.

MARS Artspace - Movimiento Artistico del Rio Salado (Salt River Art Movement) is Arizona's premiere alternative artspace.

Mary MacKillop Place - offers a series of buildings, each showing a different period in Mary MacKillop's life.

Maryhill Museum of Art - Rodin, Native Americans, classical realism, and chess sets are themes of some of the permanent collections; museum is housed in a castle-like chateau overlooking the Columbia River Gorge.

Masterworks Foundation Galleries - displays artistic renditions of Bermuda by world famous artists.

Mattatuck Museum - houses a performing arts center, an art studio classroom, and a research library.

Maude Kerns Art Center - exhibits, workshops, and membership information.

McLean Project for the Arts - contemporary arts center offering exhibitions in all media, art classes for adults and children, museum tours and outreach programs.

McMichael Canadian Art Collection - Canadian public art gallery, collecting exclusively Canadian art; including the Group of Seven, First Nations art, and Inuit art.

Memphis Brooks Museum of Art - strengths of the collection include Italian Renaissance and Baroque paintings and sculpture. Take a virtual tour.

Menil Collection Museum - inaugurated in 1987 to house, conserve, and exhibit the permanent collection of John and Dominique de Menil.

Metropolitan Museum of Art@

Mexic-Arte Museum - nonprofit museum dedicated to visual and multidisciplinary Latino/Mexican art.

Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum - offering visual and performing arts, as well as educational and youth initiatives.

Mexican Museum, San Francisco - art and cultural institution located in the Fort Mason Center.

Milwaukee Art Museum

Mingei International Museum - traditional and contemporary folk art, crafts and designs.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts - comprehensive fine arts museum in the upper midwest.

Minnesota Museum of American Art - permanent collection represents 40 years of collecting and over 130 years of making art in America. Features visiting exhibitions and museum shop.

Mint Museum of Art - Visit online galleries, artist projects and a special Jr. Mint section for kids featuring interactive activities and links.

Mississippi Museum of Art

Mobile Museum of Art - mission is to provide a place where people enrich their lives through interaction with the visual arts.

Monet's House and Garden at Giverny

Montage Studio Gallery - showing original paintings and one-off pieces of glass, ceramics, textiles etc. Courses and exhibitions held regularly.

Montclair Art Museum - American and Native American art.

Monterey Museum of Art - permanent collection of American photography, early California painting, Asian art and international folk art.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts - Collection of paintings, sculptures and decorative art, representing all movements and periods. 26,000 works in its Permanent Collection.

Morgan Library, The@

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

Morris Museum

Moyse's Hall Museum - Norman domestic architecture, now used as a museum of local history.

Mucha Museum in Prague - a comprehensive cross section of works loaned by the Mucha Foundation including lithographs, paintings, drawings, pastels, statues, photographs and personal memorabilia.

Musee de la Publicite - poster museum.

Musee des Arts et Metiers

Musee National de la Legion d'Honneur

Museo de Arte Americano de Maldonado (MAAM)

Museo de Arte Costarricense

Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende - obras donadas por artistas de todo el mundo Miró, Calder, Matta, Vassareli entre otros.

Museo de Monterrey - official site features images and information about the permanent art collection, temporary exhibitions, and a virtual tour (in English and Spanish).

Museo dei Bronzi Dorati - collection includes gilded bronzes, Roman art, and Renaissance paintings.

Museo Del Barrio, El - New York City's only Latino museum dedicated to Puerto Rican, Caribbean and Latin American art.

Museo del Calzado

Museo ItaloAmericano

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia - collections of works from avant-garde movements of the past and contemporary works.

Museo Nacional del Prado - offers a virtual tours, museum history, visiting information and more.

Museu de l' Erotica Barcelona - visitors can contemplate the development of eroticism through the various artistic and cultural facets of the human being.

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen - features wide range of art objects from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Museum Bredius - offers a history of the museum, collection of paintings, and a description of the life of Abraham Bredius.

Museum for African Art - features exhibitions, travel tours, and educational programs devoted exclusively to historical and contemporary African art.

Museum Lionardo da Vinci Ideale - art museum presenting exhibits from the Kulenovic Collection.

Museum of American Art - of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

Museum of Ancient and Modern Art

Museum of Art and Far Eastern Antiquities - collection features rare ceramics, gold, and silver of Chinese origin.

Museum of Art and History@

Museum of Art, Kochi - information on hours, exhibitions, and workshops.

Museum of Bad Art (MOBA) - bringing "the worst of art to the widest of audiences".

Museum of Contemporary Art - collects, exhibits, and intreprets art created since 1940 in all media and preserves it for future generations.

Museum of Cycladic Art - collections of Greek antiquities, specializing in the prehistoric art from the Cycladic Islands.

Museum of Fine Arts - Boston@

Museum of Fine Arts - Houston@

Museum of International Folk Art (MOIFA), Santa Fe NM@

Museum of Jurassic Technology@

Museum of Latin American Art - Mexican, Central American, South American art exhibitions and cultural programming. In English and Spanish.

Museum of London - includes online exhibits and information on events and admission. Tells the fascinating story of London from prehistoric times to the present day.

Museum of Macedonia - information on projects and exhibitions.

Museum of Neon Art - non-profit museum specializing in neon art and signage as well as electric and kinetic art. Features an archive and slide library of research materials.

Museum of Northwest Art (MoNA) - devoted to presenting the works of major Northwest artists.

Museum of Outdoor Arts - offering people a place to enjoy picnics and concerts in an environmental synthesis of fine art, architecture and landscape.

Museum of Quebec@

Museum of Religious Arts - founded to preserve and display portions of religious history.

Museum of Riva del Garda

Museum of Singapore Art & History - includes the National Archives, National Museum, Asian Civilizations, Singapore History, and Singapore Art Museums.

Museum of the Augustins - featuring collections of paintings and sculptures dating from the Middle Ages to the beginning of the 20th century.

Museum of the Southwest - includes museums dedicated to art, children, and a planetarium.

Museum of Useful Things - museum and shop celebrating beautiful and useful products for the home.

Museum of Web Art - showcases web-exclusive art in a virtual-museum atmosphere, including counters, buttons, and wallpaper.

Museum of York County

Museum Puri Lukisan, Ubud - private collection featuring Balinese art.

MuseumNet - provides listing and detailed sites of museums in the UK.

Museums of Russia - comprehensive site offers photos, details and explanations of museums across Russia.

Muskegon Museum of Art - exhibits art by American and European masters.

Musée d'Orsay@

Musée du Bas-Saint-Laurent Museum - musée d'etnologie et d'art contemporain avec une collection virtuelle.

Musée National d'Histoire et d'Art

Nagoya/Boston Museum of Fine Arts - sister museum of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA).

Nassau County Museum of Art@

National Arts and Disability Center (NADC) - information, resource, and training center dedicated to promoting the full inclusion of children and adults with disabilities into the visual, performing, media, and literary arts communities.

National Gallery London, The - collection information and schedule of events.

National Gallery of Art@

National Gallery of Australia

National Gallery of Canada - permanent home of Canada's exceptional national art collection.

National Gallery of Ireland

National Gallery of Slovenia

National Gallery of Victoria

National Museum in Warsaw

National Museum of American Art@

National Museum of American Illustration (NMAI) - exhibits art from the 'Golden Age of American Illustration' in the 'Gilded Age' architecture of Vernon Court.

National Museum of Art Osaka - exhibits aim to show how Japanese art developed in close relation to the art worldwide, and trace the influence of Asian art on Western art from the 16th to early 20th centuries.

National Museum of Photography, Film and Television - collection, conservation, bibliographies, contact addresses, and history of these media.

National Museum of Slovenia/Narodni Muzej - departments of archaeology, history and applied arts, drawings and graphics, numismatic cabinet and a library.

National Museum of Wildlife Art - features some of the most striking pieces and talents in one of the world's most striking places.

National Museum of Women in the Arts@

National Palace Museum, Taiwan, R.O.C - Contains the world's largest collection of Chinese arts and treasures.

National Portrait Gallery@

Nationalmuseum of Sweden

Neilson Park Creative Centre - community visual arts centre offers studio space, art classes and gallery exhibitions.

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art - bringing together masterpieces from every culture and period of the world, from ancient times to the present day.

Nevada Museum of Art

New Britain Museum of American Art - founded in 1903.

New Orleans Museum of Art - explore the holdings of museum, the online photography exhibit and special exhibitions.

Nga Tangata Cosmos Gallery

Nicholas Roerich Museum

Nok Museum - the Museum of African Art @Harlemm. An internet based museum maintaining an electronic collection of works held by other museums and private collectors.

Norman Lindsay Gallery & Museum - the family home in Faulconbridge, NSW now houses the collected works of the artist and is a National Trust Property. Take a virtual tour of the gallery and grounds.

Norman Rockwell Museum - the world's largest collection of original art by Norman Rockwell.

Norman Rockwell Museum of Vermont - houses a collection of Norman Rockwell's illustrations commemorating his Vermont years and the entire span and diversity of his career.

North Carolina Museum of Art - collections, events, children's online area, and more.

North Dakota Museum of Art

Norton Museum of Art - permanent collection features European, American, and Chinese artwork, master's paintings, and more.

Norton Simon Museum - collection includes European paintings and sculpture ranging from the 14th to the 20th Century.

Old School Square Cultural Arts Center - features regional and traveling exhibits that rotate every six weeks. Houses five full galleries and a tea room.

Orange County Museum of Art - a merger of the Newport Harbor Art Museum and the Laguna Art Museum.

Orlando Museum of Art - the museum's mission reflects the continued growth of Central Florida, ardent community support for the arts, and the OMA's role as a leading cultural institution in the region.

Otago Museum

P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center - devoted to the production, presentation, and interpretation of the work of innovative artists in all media.

Palazzo Grassi - this grand palace by the architect Giorgio Massari now displays various art exhibitions.

Palm Springs Desert Museum@

Paul T. Roch Art Gallery and Museum - features paintings by the Slovakina artist.

Peabody Essex Museum - collections of art, architecture, and cultural history since 1799.

Phillips Collection, The - exhibiting modern art masterworks in the former home of Duncan Phillips.

Phippen Museum - mission is to present exhibits and educational programs featuring the art and history of the American West.

Phoenix Art Museum - includes exhibition schedule.

Pierre-Gianadda Foundation - art exhibition, sculpture park, Gallo-Roman museum, automobile museum, cultural center in Martigny.

Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association - collection of local antiquities.

Polish Museum, The@

Polk Museum of Art - exhibits 20th century American, Pre-Columbian, Asian, and European art.

Portland Art Museum - listing calendar of events, exhibits, and educational programs.

Portland Museum of Art - The museum's extensive collection of fine and decorative arts dates from the 18th century to the present.

Poznan National Museum, Poland

Pretoria Art Museum - fine arts museum exhibiting paintings, sculpture, graphics tapestries, photographic art, and ceramics of Europe and Africa.

Progressive Arts Center & Gallery - lists courses offered and gallery exhibits.

Quadrangle, The - museums and libraries in Springfield, MA.

Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery

Queensland Art Gallery

Ralli Museums - featuring contemporary Latin American art. Locations in Israel, Uruguay, Spain, and Chile.

Randers Art Museum - Danish and foreign works of art from circa 1800 to the pressent.

Renwick Gallery - exhibits the creative achievements of designers and craftspeople in the United States, past and present.

Reynolda House, Museum of American Art - collection spans from 1755 to the present and includes costumes and decorative arts. Also offers an event calendar of exhibits, lectures, studio classes, and concerts.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam - major museum of Western European painting and decorative arts. Includes an extensive collection of Dutch masters.

Riverside Art Museum

Robert Lehman Art Center - at Brooks School, North Andover, MA.

Robert Mcdougall Gallery & Annex - public art museum of Christchurch.

Rosenbach Museum & Library - museum of art and antiques and library of rare books and transcripts housed in a historic 19th century mansion in Philadelphia, PA.

Royal Academy of Arts - latest news on exhibitions plus other useful information.

Royal Cambrain Academy (RCA) - offers information on exhibits, hours, history, and more.

Royal Castle in Warsaw - monument of Polish history and culture providing a setting for cultural events, art exhibits, and official state ceremonies.

Royal Ontario Museum@

Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum - Sir Merton and Lady Annie Russell-Cotes' collection of art, housed in their former residence.

Saginaw Art Museum - hosts an active exhibition schedule from its permanent collection and temporary shows, a hands-on gallery for children, tours and art classes in a historic mansion and gardens.

Salvador Dali Museum

San Antonio Art League Museum - SAALM maintains a museum to preserve and exhibit local and regional art.

San Diego Art Institute - seeks to advance the visual arts through exhibition, outreach, and education.

San Diego Museum Of Art@

San Francisco Art Commission Gallery - an important venue for emerging to mid-career artists.

San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum - includes both national and international holdings, with special emphasis on the rich heritage of the live performing arts in the San Francisco Bay Area.

San Jose Center for Latino Arts

San Jose Museum of Art

San Luis Obispo Art Center - offers traditional and contemporary work, links to artists, and classes.

Santa Barbara Museum of Art - dedicated to excellence in collecting, preserving, exhibiting, and interpreting works of art from various cultures and periods to enhance the quality of life of its visitors and community.

Sapporo Art Park - open-air exhibition of sculptures, indoor galleries, art studios, and events. In English and Japanese.

Saskatchewan Centre of the Arts - performing arts theatre and convention centre.

Scottish Tartans Museum - museum and gift shop dedicated to tartan, the kilt, and the history of Highland dress.

Scottsdale Center for the Arts

Seattle Art Museum@

Self-Help Graphics & Art - visual art and cultural center. Programs support Chicano art as American expression to local, national, and international audiences.

Shaker Museum and Library - preserves, collects and interprets a collections of Shaker artifacts.

Shanghai Museum

Sid Richardson Museum - collection of Western Art.

Silvermine Guild Art Center - includes information on current exhibitions, Silvermine School of Art, membership, and upcoming events.

Sirius Arts Centre - galleries and artist in residence programme for contemporary art and culture.

Smithsonian Institution@

Sofa Gallery

Solomon Projects

Sonoma Valley Museum of Art - with information on current and previous exhibitions, location, and more.

Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art - collects and exhibits American art and offers educational programs for schools.

Southern Breeze Gallery - displaying a collection of Mississippi artists and their work.

Southern Exposure Gallery - featuring traditional to contemporary paintings, photographs, and archival prints.

Southwest Museum - dedicated to the preservation of Native American art and history.

Spanierman Gallery

Speed Art Museum - includes information on current exhibits and educational programs.

Springville Museum of Art - for the visual fine arts.

St Louis Art Museum - dedicated to art and free to all.

St. John's Museum of Art

St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts - includes online previews of collections in European, American, Pre-Columbian and Asian art, photography, and Greek and Roman antiquities.

Stamford Museum & Nature Center - art, a farm stocked with animals, a spectacular playground, and more.

State Hermitage Museum

State Russian Museum@

Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute@

Stowitts Museum and Library, The@

Strindbergsmuseet - information about the current exhibitions, programs, archives, library.

Studio Museum in Harlem (SMH) - working and exhibiting space for African American artists, offering galleries, a sculpture garden, studios for artists-in-residence, and a museum store.

Sumei Multidisciplinary Art Center - offers an array of programs including workshops for children and adults, performances and art shows.

Swiss National Museum - find information on all of its member museums. In Dutch, English, French, and Italian.

Swope Art Museum - 19th and 20th century American art.

Sztaki Gallery - in Hungarian and English.

Tacoma Art Museum - committed to the art of the Northwest as collector and presenter.

Taft Museum of Art - permanent collections include European and American master paintings, Chinese ceramics, and European decorative arts.

Tampa Museum of Art - modern and contemporary museum which also houses a collection of Greek and Roman antiquities.

Tareq Rajab Museum - a private collection of art from the Islamic world.

Tate Gallery@

Terra Museum of American Art - specializes in American Impressionist art. Also features traveling exhibits, lectures, workshops, and gallery tours.

Teylers Museum - the nation's oldest public museum, with diverse collections of art and scientific objects.

Theatre Museum - aims to increase understanding and enjoyment of the performing arts and encourage participation in exhibitions, educational workshops, tours, and events.

Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, The - includes lithographs, drawings, textiles, and ancient illustrated books, mainly from the 17th through 19th centuries, as well as modern Japanese art.

Timken Museum of Art - admission free museum in Balboa Park, featuring Master paintings, American paintings and Russian icons.

Tokugawa Art Museum - national treasures from Japan's pre-modern period.

Toledo Museum of Art - one of America's finest art museums, containing more than 30,000 works of art of the highest quality.

Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery - dedicated to Tom Thomson (1877-1917), considered one of the most important and influential early Canadian artists.

Trammell and Margaret Crow Collection of Asian Art, The - exhibits paintings, objects of metals and stone, and large architectural pieces from China, Japan, India, and Southeast Asia.

Tucson Museum of Art@

Uffizi Gallery@

Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art

Uncomfortable Spaces Galleries - an unofficial listing of current exhibitions at the Uncomfortable Spaces galleries: Beret International, Ten In One and Tough, plus art review links.

Utah Museum of Fine Arts - contains a collection of world art and is free to the public.

Van Abbemuseum - Museum for contempory art.

van Gogh Museum

Vancouver Art Gallery - information and images about exhibitions, the permanent collection, programs and events, hours, admissions, memberships, and more.

Vancouver East Cultural Centre - includes a calendar of events and a Quicktime VR tour of the facility.

Ventura County Museum of History & Art - features the art and history of Ventura County, California, including the George Stuart Historical Figures.

Victoria and Albert Museum - museum of the decorative arts, includes sculpture, furniture, fashion, and photographs.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Visual Arts Center of Northwest Florida - houses two galleries and several studios and is open Tuesday through Saturday.

Waddesdon Manor - National Trust Property, originally built for Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild to display his vast collection of 18th century art.

Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art - exhibits include Hudson River School landscapes, 17th-century American furniture, European Baroque paintings, and modern masterpieces.

Wallace Collection@

Walter Anderson Museum of Art - features the art of Mississippi artist, writer and naturalist Walter Anderson, including his Little Room, Community Center and W.P.A. murals and exhibitions of other significant artists.

Walters Art Gallery@

Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art, The - collection of wildfowl art, from antique working decoys to contemporary sculpture, carvings, and paintings.

Washington County Museum of Fine Arts - small fine arts museum with a collection of 19th and early 20th century American art. Including paintings, sculpture, and decorative arts.

Watchung Arts Center - offering photography and arts galleries and performing arts events.

West Tennessee Regional Art Center - housing the Caldwell Collection, a gallery, educational resources, exhibitions and events, and more.

West Valley Art Museum - offers a collection of ethnic dresses, Henry Varnum paintings, and George Resler drawings.

White Columns - not-for-profit gallery which is open to the public, free of charge, ten months per year and presents new exhibitions each month.

Wichita Art Museum - collections, exhibitions, special events, and the Art Dude's Fun Page.

William Benton Museum of Art

William King Regional Arts Center - promotes the arts in Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee.

Wilton House Museum - an 18th century James River plantation house. Colonial-era paintings and decor.

Winnipeg Art Gallery - mandated to develop and maintain Manitoba’s visual arts heritage. Offers collection and membership information.

Wiregrass Museum of Art

Wolverhampton Gallery & Museum

Woodmere Art Museum - exhibitions and educational programs that communicate the significance of the art and artists of the Philadelphia region and their prominence in American art history.

Worcester Art Museum

Wordsworth Trust - Centre for British Romanticism and home of William Wordsworth.

Wyeth Center, The - a gallery and study center devoted to the Maine work of Andrew Wyeth and other members of the Wyeth family.

Wyeth Hurd Gallery - featuring the works of the Wyeth Hurd Family, including Andrew Wyeth. Owned and operated by the Wyeth Hurd family.

Wyoming State Museum

Yellowstone Art Museum

Árnessýsla Art Gallery - displays many prominent Icelandic painters, notably Ásgrímur Jónsson.

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Very well done and nice flash.
A multimedia presentation of Manhattan's best street performers. Interviews, audio, video and stills

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Nice graphics and cool effects.
Linkware web graphics and professional design.

Arts Journal
A great resource for timely art news.
Daily arts news from more than 180 newspapers, magazines and e-publications

Masters Digital Design
A gateway to discovering the beauty on the Internet, featuring selected sites of artists on the web.
B. Masters: Beauty can be created and found with your computer - it's not just for getting work done.

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A site I created for the fonty person in all of us.
Jami: I have nearly 1700 links, interviews, reviews, lost fonts and the soon-to-be largest archive on the

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inspirational site with poems, midis, original arts and a lot more


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online resource and future gallery for architects and designers interested in architecture

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Collection of linkware, presets, and fonts!

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exercise, water aerobics, muscular sclerosis links

Feminine Weave by a Mindanao Artist
perceptions of mindanao and culture in general through the eyes of a Mindanao woman artist

Personal exploration

Fritterqueen's Smorgasboard
Nifty lil' site with music, astrology, quotes, Urthoddities, jabberings, & life in general.

Marlies' Creative Universe
Creativity explored on all levels of life.

Offering live discussion board to the art of miniature landscape/penjing/bonsai....

Sacred Journeys for Womyn
We travel to sacred sites in the UK where the Goddess has been honored for millennia.

Tarot Canada International
We are an organization dedicated to presenting a true Canadian face in the Tarot community.

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a unique space for teens to express themselves via art, poetry and articles

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an at & design firm of many mansions

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