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Art History

  • Alternative Careers for Art Historians - guide to career tracks for individuals who have majored in or are contemplating a major in art history.
  • American Visions - companion site to the PBS special on the history of American art as told by Time Magazine's art critic, Robert Hughes.
  • Anistoriton - magazine of history, archaeology & art history.
  • Art History Network - art history, archaeology and fine art resources on the web.
  • Art Images for College Teaching - AICT is a royalty-free image exchange resource for the educational community.
  • - an internet-only TV channel.
  • - carrying an array of art books, posters, and gifts, and offering a directory of artists, events, and museums, as well as consultation and auction services, online exhibitions, and Artstar magazine.
  • Ask Joan of Art - art information specialists at the National Museum of American Art will answer your email queries on American art. Includes informative FAQ.
  • Carol Gerten's Fine Art - archive of artists and their works, sorted alphabetically, by period, and by location.
  • Eyes on Art - lesson plans and tutorials that teach students and adults to look at things from an artistic view.
  • Getty Provenance Index - provides access to multiple databases on the history of the ownership of works of art, gathered from sales catalogues, archival records, and museum files.
  • Great Exhibition of 1851 - background behind the ambitious exhibition held in London, England.
  • Mark Harden's Artchive - virtual art museum with galleries of Masters' works, theory and criticism, art cd-rom reviews and art links.
  • Smart-Ass Guide to Art
  • The 5 ? Art History Quiz
  • Timelines - images and links to non-Western art before 1900.
  • Visions of Art - discussion on the meaning and definition of art, using writings by famous artists.




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