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  • Lucy Lipps - Self-professed cyber-babe who lives in Houston, works in Los Angeles, New York, Aspen and London and promises to answer your questions.
  • Love and Sex - Provides safer-sex, birth control and pregnancy information and advice. From the makers of Trojan condoms. and First Response pregnancy kits.
  • Courtship Corner - Make new friends or meet up with old flames, browse the romantic literature, or take the plunge and sign up for the personals.
  • Friends and Lovers - Offers articles on issues such as how to get over being dumped and whether it's acceptable to meet someone through the classifieds.
  • Thrive - Pathfinder's magazine dedicated to health, food, sex, and love. Ask Delilah for advice on sex, or catch up on the latest health news.
  • Cosmopolitan Online - Includes all the best features from the print magazine with Cosmo's inimitable relationship advice along with the latest in fashion trends.
  • Cupid's Network - Directory of online personals, regional clubs, matchmakers, shopping, and other information for single adults.
  • KissNet - The HomeArts Network brings you advice and columns on marriage, relationships, and sex. Includes chat forum and tips for singles.
  • Urban Desires - New York monthly ezine of metropolitan passions including art, sex, health, books, technology, food, entertainment, music and travel.
  • Dr. Ruth Online - Features a sex poll, tips of the day, desktop goodies, an "Ask Dr. Ruth" section and her picks of the Web. Includes background on the expert.
  • Redbook - Behind the doctor's-waiting-room style of the "Married Girl's Survival Guide" there's a large section of articles on marriage and sex.
  • Dr. Ruth Online - Features a sex poll, tips of the day, desktop goodies, an "Ask Dr. Ruth" section and her picks of the Web. Includes background on the expert.
  • Swoon - Dating, mating, and relating are what's covered in this snappy magazine. Join the chat room or check out the advice columns.
  • Urban Desires - New York monthly ezine of metropolitan passions including art, sex, health, books, technology, food, entertainment, music and travel.
  • Relationship Survival Guide - Sensitively written one-day-at-a-time guide to relationships. Browse the monthly index for today's thought.
  • Secret Admirer - Send a secret email message to someone you like, if they respond in kind then you're matched and the cat is let out of the proverbial bag!
  • Hitched - Aims to provide information on every aspect of getting married, including the engagement and the honeymoon.
  • Breakup Girl - Cope with a breakup by reading humorous stories posted by Breakup Girl. Includes chat and a message board.
  • Seduction Palace - Step inside the Seduction Palace to get to the host of goodies on offer here. Includes chat rooms, cards, gifts and virtual kisses to send.
  • unGROOM'd - This site's goal is to "create a community where men can actively participate in the discussions surrounding marriage."
  • Hallmark - Leading greeting-card publisher presents a catalog of ornaments and gifts, games, email cards, free screensavers, and contests.
  • - For love letters, ways to say I love you, advice, stories and first-time experiences of that most elusive of human emotions.
  • Ask HeartBeat - Tips and advice on how to romance your partner, geared towards African Americans. Includes scheduled chats and articles.
  • Relationship Central - Learn men's inner secrets from Enlightened Man, have a chat in the Atrium, or get advice from a real-life couple.
  • - First-aid for relationships, or for those wanting to inject a little life into their romance. Includes great forums on all aspects of relating.
  • Melissa and Kath's Tea Time - Devoted to heterosexual couples dealing with cross-dressing in their relationships. Includes columns, cartoons, songs and links.
  • 10K 4 A Wife - Novel approach to finding a soul mate. Rod will pay $10,000 to the person who introduces him to the woman he marries.
  • Bluesy - Find dating advice and excerpts of the Bluesy book. Read letters to the editor or join the Bluesy Book Club.
  • - Love Quotes - Read or submit quotes dealing with love at the Love Library. Features a quote of the day and lists quote topics.
  • Redbook - What Your Sleeping Style Says - Click on pictures of sleeping couples to determine where they are in the marriage. Positions include the spoon, leg hug and Zen style.
  • Tantra Magic - Discusses tantric sex and offers manuals on the sexual enhancement techniques. Also find books on Wicca, and gay and lesbian relationships.
  • Ladies' Home Journal - Reinvent Yourself - Profiles ordinary people who have been inspired by their beliefs and commitment to act, and in the process have become role models for others.
  • - Find warnings and praises on specific people posted by those who've dated them. Research or submit by name, occupation or city.
  • Love & Relationships - - provides love and relationship articles, advice, and help guides as well as personals and shopping services.
  • Redbook - Your Dreams Can Bring You Closer - Find out what some of the most common and puzzling dream themes mean, from celebrities to old boyfriends.
  • Ask a Question About Relationship Resources - Get fast, free, friendly answers from members of LookSmart's Live! People community to questions on maintaining healthy relationships.
  • Beliefnet - Relationships - Discusses loneliness, friendships, dating and the single life from varying religious perspectives.
  • Ladies' Home Journal - How to Tell if Someone is Lying - Points on the verbal, vocal and non-verbal changes that take place when a person is lying. Learn to pick up on these clues.
  • Love and Relationships - Gays and Lesbians - Read an advice forum dedicated to homosexual relationships.
  • Wisely's Love Homepage - Explore articles about love from a Singaporean perspective. Join in on mailing lists and discussion boards.



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