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  • Beat of Manhattan - Very well done and nice flash.
    A multimedia presentation of Manhattan's best street performers. Interviews, audio, video and stills
  • Image Lair - Art, Website Design, Marketing, Web Tools/Submissions, Photo Scanning, Free ScreenSavers/Wallpaper.
  • Glass Paper - A collection of random creativity.
  • Moyra's Web Jewels - Nice graphics and cool effects.
    Linkware web graphics and professional design.
  • Arts Journal - A great resource for timely art news.
    Daily arts news from more than 180 newspapers, magazines and e-publications
  • Masters Digital Design - A gateway to discovering the beauty on the Internet, featuring selected sites of artists on the web.
    B. Masters: Beauty can be created and found with your computer - it's not just for getting work done.
  • True Type Resource - A site I created for the fonty person in all of us.
    Jami: I have nearly 1700 links, interviews, reviews, lost fonts and the soon-to-be largest archive on the ever.
  • 123world-seven wonders+Other Wonders of the World - Seven wonders of our world,an alphabetic list of official homepages,sites of seven wonders of world.
  • Elementals: The Lake Of Knowledge - A site for teens BY teens. Full of poetry, digiart, lyrics, and fashion tips for the modern teenager.
  • KRISSHIR COLLECTION HOMEPAGE - inspirational site with poems, midis, original arts and a lot more.
  • Allys Net - A site offering unique linkware, commercial designs and tutorials.
  • ARCHINECT - online resource and future gallery for architects and designers interested in architecture.
  • Genesee Webdesign - Collection of linkware, presets, and fonts!
  • Water Works Wonders - exercise, water aerobics, muscular sclerosis links
  • Feminine Weave by a Mindanao Artist - perceptions of mindanao and culture in general through the eyes of a Mindanao woman artist
  • SEVEN16seventy3 - Personal exploration
  • Fritterqueen's Smorgasboard - Nifty lil' site with music, astrology, quotes, Urthoddities, jabberings, & life in general.
  • Marlies' Creative Universe - Creativity explored on all levels of life.
  • Penjing.Com - Offering live discussion board to the art of miniature landscape/penjing/bonsai....
  • Sacred Journeys for Womyn - We travel to sacred sites in the UK where the Goddess has been honored for millennia.
  • Tarot Canada International - We are an organization dedicated to presenting a true Canadian face in the Tarot community.
  • Teen Graffiti - a unique space for teens to express themselves via art, poetry and articles.
  • The Mad Hand - an at & design firm of many mansions

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