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  • 8000RPM - for automotive enthusiasts. Includes mechanical and acceleration information, classifieds, and articles.
  • - news about the newest car innovations, plus links to more in-depth information.
  • Asphalt of Velvet - pictures of cars photographed in France, organized by make.
  • AuHo? - provides information about cars sold around the world.
  • Auto Channel, The - with racing, consumer information magazines, chat, and more.
  • Autobahn, The - offers an online publication dedicated to German automobiles.
  • Automotive Performance and Enhancements - Not happy by what is provided by the factory, check this out for some tips on increasing your ride's performance.
  • BAHR Automotive Pages
  • Brooklands - includes links from the world over and model specific pages. Open to all car lovers.
  • Car Care Council - provides information to vehicle owners about the importance of preventive maintenance and repairs.
  • Car Forums - message forums for every type of automobiles. Also includes a chatroom and a free online car insurance rating comparison.
  • Car-Wash Advice Page
  • CarDogz - car and dog photos, vehicle maintenance tracking system, auto mechanic and veterinary columns, and animal shelters listing.
  • Carfax Odometer Accuracy Check
  • Carnet - automotive information web site, conaining auction results automotive art, car museums, car clubs and much more.
  • - pictures of all makes and models are welcomed.
  • Car Place - weekly review of vehicles test-driven by auto editor Robert Bowden, plus summaries of prior reviews.
  • Chris' Car Site - includes specs, pics, sounds, movies, wallpapers, screensavers and links.
  • Fuel Economy Site - fuel economy information for the model year 2000 vehicles.
  • Gasoline Protest - includes online petitions and message boards, price reports by zip code, state comparisons, gas saving tips, and political action page.
  • Greed4Speed - for people who love to speed: fast, sporty, and exotic cars.
  • How to Survive Without a Car - Cars do have adverse effects on our environment. Here are hands-on hints on how to go without!
  • Inner Learning On-line - fun, interactive, and educational views of the human body and automobiles.
  • KTUD Automotive Web - online automotive archive.
  • Love Affair With the Sportscar - writings for the auto enthusiast.
  • - includes pictures, discussion groups, and classifieds.
  • Phat Cars - offers photos and specifications for many performance cars.
  • - offers photos of exotic cars from around the world.
  • Troy's Car Corner - includes test drives and auto news.
  • Under the Hood - interactively informs users of all ages and levels about the workings of an automobile. Includes diagrams, games, and more.
  • Wankel Rotary Combustion Engines Motors and Vehicles - definitive explanation of Wankel rotary engines, motors, automobiles, motorcycles, vehicles, and history.
  • WebCars! - features a comprehensive guide to car detailing, as well as sections on individual classic and contemporary models.
  • Yellow Car Page, The - a site dedicated to all automobiles painted yellow, with many pictures.




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