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  • College Board Online -Supplies testing and financial information for the transition from secondary school to college. Includes a keyword search facility.
  • Guide to the Graduate School Decision -Describes professional, doctoral and joint degrees. With details about admission criteria, such as portfolios and interviews.
  • FinAid! -Central source for financial aid resources defines the terminology, lists government grants, and introduces aid for special populations.
  • Education World -Expansive collection offers features, news and resources for teachers, as well as links to schools and universities around the world.
  • Peterson's -Education site provides articles and links geared toward undergraduate students of sociology. Has a directory of private secondary schools.
  • American School Directory -Search for web sites of 106,000 K-12 schools in the US by zip code, city, county or state. Offers public, private, and parochial listings.
  • Homeschool Support on the Internet -Defines what sort of homeschooling options can be undertaken. Supplies links to educational software, email groups and curriculum support.
  • Kaleidoscapes -Join discussion boards for homeschoolers. Topics include curriculum, college entry, unit studies, regulations, support and learning subjects.
  • CIESE - Educational Links, Ask an Expert Sites -Ctr for Improved Engineering & Science Education offers links to experts in science, computing, economy, history, literature and other subjects.
  • All About College -Find college and university resources, college chat rooms, listings of fraternities and sororities, research tools, and financial-aid links.
  • Adults Back to College -Find weekly news updates, a discussion list, a forum and chat, and coverage of financial aid, distance education and internship opportunities.
  • Homework Central -Contains more than 9,000 lesson plans, organized by subject and grade, plus resources for students, teachers, librarians and parents.
  • Teachers.Net -Exhaustive hub for educators features chatboards, experts columns, news, a bookshelf, a catalog and curriculum development materials.
  • Global Directory of Universities -More than 4,800 links, categorized by region, to universities, colleges, schools, polytechnics and similar higher-ed institutions worldwide.
  • CISAER -Explore distance-learning programs and organizations, as linked by Courses on the Internet: Survey, Analysis, Evaluation, Recommendation.
  • BBC Online - Education -General educational resource includes subject-specific categories, such as health, history, adult learning, languages and science.





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