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  • Little Explorers - picture dictionary with definitions, pictures, and internet links for words. French, Spanish, German, and Portugese to English dictionaries also available.
  • Reaching Out: The Evolution Of Communication - learn about the evolution of human communication. This great ThinkQuest site covers cave drawings, alphabets, human languages, computers, writing, and much much more.
  • estination Vietnam for Kids - read legends and folktales from Vietnam, see Dong Ho prints and water puppets, find out about the Vietnamese language, and learn the meaning of Tet.
  • Evolution of Alphabets - these neat animations show how various alphabets and characters developed from earlier ones.
  • Foreign Languages for Travelers - learn words and phrases in dozens of global languages. You can even hear how they sound!
  • Fun with Pig Latin - this cool toy lets you hear what any phrase sounds like in Pig Latin.
  • Hmong-English Dictionary - contains over 300 Hmong words translated into English.
  • International Marine Signal Flags - learn the meanings of various flags used by ships at sea.
  • IPL - Say Hello to the World - choose a language and find out how to say hello, hear a sample, and learn more about it! Includes Braille and Sign Language too.
  • Kid's Window Japanese Language Class - graphical descriptions and explanations of Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji characters.
  • Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid - this site lets you look up Latin words and their endings and also has a quick grammar reference guide.
  • Latin News - learn about the history of this classic language, some key phrases, and hear a news broadcast in Latin with English text translations. From CBC 4 Kids.
  • Learn a Little Miwok - learn how to pronounce some important words from the Miwok language.
  • Learn the Aleph Bet with Akhlah - learn Hebrew by reading, listening, and coloring in the letters.
  • LinguaWeb - online lessons and practice for those who are studying French, Spanish, German, Italian, or Portuguese in school or at home.
  • Merpy's New Year Celebration - learn to say Happy New Year in many different languages!
  • Native American, The - read bios of several historic Wampanoags and learn about their relationship with the Plymouth colony. Includes some native Algonquin phrases too!
  • Sounds of Language - read about how infants learn to talk and learn a bit about communication in apes.
  • Sounds of the World's Animals - learn how people spell and say animal sounds all over the world, and how they're different from one language to another.
  • Thank You in Over 465 Languages - learn how to thank someone in tons of languages! Includes ways to say hello, yes, no, and other popular phrases as well.
  • The Evolution of Languages - learn about the history of languages and specific words and see examples of word similarities. From the Exploratorium Magazine.
  • Tibetan Alphabet - see what Tibetan writing looks like, from the Tibet: Roof of the World site.
  • Universal Picture Language - shows how it's possible to express yourself using simple diagrams.


  • SchoolHouse Rock - Grammar Rock - lots of catchy tunes here help you learn about grammar, America, mathematics, science, and computers. You'll need RealPlayer for the audio and video files.
  • Common Errors in English - a guide to proper language use and abuse.
  • Elementary Grammar - a guide to those important rules people always forget.
  • Elements of Style - basic rules of grammar, word usage, form, spelling and expression.
  • Grammar Cat - learn basics of grammar including verbs, nouns, and determiners like a, some, and many. In multiple languages.
  • Grammar Lady - find answers to most of your English grammar questions. If you can't find the answer you seek, you can also post your question for the Grammar Lady.
  • Guide to Grammar and Writing - get tips on writing correct and effective sentences, paragraphs, and essays.
  • Parts of Speech - introduction to the eight parts of speech. Includes examples and definitions.
  • Syvum English Activities - exercise your vocabulary, spelling, and grammar skills by playing these games. You'll also find English Proverbs and stories for practice with reading.
  • Traditional Grammar: An Interactive Book - detailed guide to the basic structure of the English language.
  • World of English - this student report takes you on a journey through the world of English. Explore adverbs, quotation marks, commas, colons, and more!
  • WritingDEN - read about wolves, recycling, and even the Klondike Gold Rush while you learn about the English language. You can even listen to clips of words as you read along.


  • Alpha Home - have fun with alphabet and spelling games, get an Alpha screensaver, or find a penpal.
  • Elements of Style - basic rules of grammar, word usage, form, spelling and expression.
  • Frequently Misspelled Words - find out how to spell these words correctly!
  • Harcourt School: The Learning Site - neat interactive activities covering Reading, Language Arts, Spelling, and many other subject areas. Check out the news breaks and cool video updates too!
  • National Spelling Bee - tips, a list of winners and their words, champions' bios, and more information about this annual event sponsored by Scripps Howard Inc.
  • Scramble-Saurus Game - unscramble words from the theme of your choice.
  • Spell Check - find the misspelled words and correct them in this game.
  • SpellaRoo - can you figure out which word in the sentence is spelled wrong in this game?
  • Syvum English Activities - exercise your vocabulary, spelling, and grammar skills by playing these games. You'll also find English Proverbs and stories for practice with reading.






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