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  • Adult Children of Divorce - Resource for adults whose parents are divorcing.
  • The Art of Letting Go - Information and excerpts from the book for purchase.
  • The Broken Circle - Offers support and a Christian perspective of divorce.
  • Child Custody in the USA - Article on the determination of child custody in the USA.
  • Children After Relationships End - CARE aims to assist divorcing and separating parents towards child care issues.
  • Divorce and Children - Information site for before, during, and after divorce.
  • Divorce and Its Effects on Children - University of Maine Project by Barbara Cyr.
  • Divorce and Your Finances Guide for Women - Women.com guide to what you need to know to protect your finances before, during and after a divorce. Covers the house, bank accounts, hidden assets, alimony, and more.
  • Divorce Care and Support - A community for people going through divorce.
  • Divorce Magazine - Online version includes articles on topics such as infidelity, establishing new relationships, mediation, local legal issues, and child custody, as well as links to professional service providers.
  • Divorce recovery for Christians - Advice about divorce and support you need in this traumatic post or pre divorce period from someone who's been there.
  • Divorce Room - Discussion and personal stories about adjusting to an impending divorce, dealing with children's issues, and getting along with an ex-partner.
  • Divorce Survey - See how other visitors have answered simple survey questions about divorce.
  • The Divorce Survival Guide - Free online newsletter. Archived issues focussing on the various stages of the divorce process.
  • Divorce Transitions - Offers support and guidance to those dealing with or recovering from divorce. Basic information on separation, divorce, divorce recovery and starting over single.
  • The Effects of Divorce on Children - The Effects of Divorce on Children
  • Financial Planners - Discusses the needs of your children and your own parenting resources before deciding on joint custody.
  • How to Divorce As Friends - Learn how to end conflict, heal hurt, resolve issues, and if necessary, divorce as friends.
  • Last Wive's Club - Humorous advice to the other women.
  • My long-distance Life - My long-distance Life, by Nick Sheff. At the age of 5, I discovered what all children of divorce know: you're always missing somebody. Newsweek.
  • One 4 the Child - Articles and discussion on the biblical standard regarding marriage, divorce, remarriage and sex.
  • Positive Divorce Resolution - Offers a parenting course to parents involved in divorce as well as instructor training and support.
  • The Relationship and Personal Development Center - Articles on relationships, marriage, divorce and stress. Free newsletter on relationships.
  • Single Again - Articles on spirituality, health, finances, counseling and relationships, focussing on those who are newly single in the middle of life. Articles are a combination of practical advice and commercial promotions.
  • When Marriage Ends - Monthly divorce newsletter. Information on divorce and separation with emphasis on parenting issues and child custody.
  • Guide to a Civilized Divorce: Women.com - Nominated for a National Magazine Award, this feature about divorce covers topics like keeping your emotions in check, finding a divorce lawyer, and exploring a "glass ceiling" in splitting assets. (January 1, 1998)
  • Can Divorce Be Predicted? - By Hans Keller and MaryEllen O'Brien. From InnerSelf Magazine. (January 1, 1994)ArchitectureArt Exhibits



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