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  • AlienFlower  - an interactive medium where poets share ideas about poetry and its place in society. Offers workshops, exercises, essays, poems, and more.
  • e-poets.net  - poets, artists, writers, and performers who embrace the electronic media as a venue and home for their art. Features a library, The Incomplete History of Slam, The Book of Voices, poetry news, and sound clips.
  • Favorite Poem Project  - archive of Robert Pinsky's nationwide initiative to record Americans reading their favorite poems, as well as explaining what these poems mean to them.
  • Fooling with Words with Bill Moyers  - covering the events and the poems shared at the 1998 Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival. With sound clips, poems, poet biographies, teacher's guide, lesson plans, and links.
  • Modern American Poetry  - online companion to the Anthology of Modern American Poetry, with features on poets, including criticism, bibliographies, and commentary.
  • A Poet Born - includes a poetry contest, events, web-published poems, teacher's corners, and more.
  • Aha! Poetry - post your poems, critique a work in progress, play the sea shell game, find a publisher, and rant.
  • Cafe Poetry - features message boards, directory of poetry sites, a chat community, and personal poetry pages.
  • Duration Press - dedicated to the publication and promotion of international writing, with a chapbook series, archive, featured authors, and writings on poetics.
  • everypoet.com - featuring a poetry free-for-all, links, an archive of classic poetry, a newsletter, and more.
  • International Poetry Hall of Fame - poems, chat, discussions, and bulletin board.
  • Internet Poetry Archive - offering selected poems from contemporary poets, including Czelsaw Milosz, Seamus Heaney, and Philip Levine.
  • Knopf Poetry Center - poems, interviews, and recordings from some Knopf-published poets.
  • Little Poetry, A - perpetual Po-e-zine featuring contemporary poetry by poets around the world, from famous faces to burgeoning beginners.
  • Poem of the Month
  • Poet Online - includes favorite poems organized by theme, writing tips, book reviews and recommendations, electronic poem cards, and more.
  • Poetry Archives, The - online archive of classical poetry.
  • Poetry from Across BookWire - includes a tribute to Allen Ginsberg, Emily Dickinson's cake recipe, interviews, and more.
  • Poetry Papers - poetry papers, term papers, essays, and assignments on all popular poets.
  • Poetry Previews - providing a resource for poetry enthusiasts. Contains message boards, chat rooms, calls for poetry, grants and awards, and related links.
  • Poetry Teachers - resources for teaching poetry, including lesson plans, performance tips, and activities.
  • Poetrywriter.com - features work by new poets, translations, and commentaries, as well as reviews of new collections of poetry and books about poetics, writing, and reading poetry.
  • Poets In Person - audiocassette series produced by the Modern Poetry Association and focusing on selected 20th century poets.
  • Separated at Verse - name the authors of selected verses.
  • Spondee: Poems Poetry Poets - featuring a single poet, occasionally unpublished, more often obscure or little read.
  • Starbuck.com Classical Poetry Port - poetry, articles, and forums devoted to the traditional poets, from Shakespeare to Dickinson.
  • Supreme Fictions: The Favorite Poem Project - from The New York Times. Audio archive of writers reading from their favorite poems. Includes the voices of Allan Gurganus, Robert Pinsky, Jamaica Kincaid, Alice McDermott, and Grace Paley. Registration required.
  • Wordwork: Form and Focus in Poetry - designed for poets engaged in working with forms. Includes explanations and examples of sonnets, villanelles, haiku, and more.
  • FAQ - THE RAPFAQ - frequently asked questions about the newsgroup rec.arts.poems.




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