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Digital Art

  • Actlab - Academic lresearch group based in the University of Texas (US) working at the intersections between technology, culture and art.
  • Artists using Science and Technology - Ylem is an international organization of artists, scientists, authors, curators, and art enthusiasts who explore the intersection of the arts and sciences.
  • Arts & Culture - A refreshing alternative. It's back to basics with Digisculpt, a site that offers vogue perspectives on graphics, web art, photography, new age lifestyles, vegetarianism, yoga practices and alternative music.
  • Digital Art - 2D, 3D and 4D digital art galleries, tutorials, animation, industry news and virtual artist colony for CG and traditional artists.
  • Booga Holler - Alternative Art and Entertainment featuring 3D animation, interactive games and more.
  • Center for Electronic Art - Graphic design, animation, and electronic art instruction.
  • The Computer in the Visual Arts - Book by Anne Morgan Spalter. A dynamic medium for artistic expression and graphic communication, a comprehensive work that combines technical and theoretical aspects of computer art and design.
  • CRAC - Creative Room for Art and Computing. A digital media workshop located in Stockholm (Sweden) that combines advanced digital technology with artistic integrity, offering good conditions for production, experimentation, and development within the field of digital art.
  • DepART - Art in the future, chat room.
  • Digital Art Source - A guide for students and professionals interested in art-related websites utilizing or exploring digital media and computers.
  • Digital Theatre News - Useful information and news for artists, indie film makers and nerds, with news on software and hardware for professional media producers.
  • - A guide to computer art, digitally manipulated photography, net art and digital video.
  • The Drop Out Cyberspace - A cultural exchange place where postmodernism is mixed with primitive sensibilities. It's an electronic community for the development of art, peace and unity.
  • Electronic Visualization Laboratory - A graduate research laboratory specializing in virtual reality and real-time interactive computer graphics; it is a joint effort of UIC's College of Engineering and School of Art and Design.
  • End of Part One - Digital library, exhibition and sale of contemporary video, photography, animation, sound, text and net art. TV channel that generates discussion between artists, writers, museums and collectors.
  • Forum: Worldwide Art Exchange - Discussion about art processes - On-line forum on the use of Internet in the cultural exchange with and between Africa, Asia/Pacific and Latin America.
  • The Foundation for Art & Creative Technology - Britain's principal electronic arts agency, specialising in the development, support and commissioning of moving image art and media.
  • Furtherfield - Digital arts, poetry, visual art, critical text, independence, transgressive arts, anarchic creativity, links.
  • Grupo de Informática Gráfica Avanzada - Advanced Computer Graphics Group. Presents its activities in Research, innovation, development and teaching in the University of Zaragoza (Spain).
  • Icontext - a public system for creating 50x50 icons. Already 100's of icons have been made and they are available for use.
  • MA in Design and Digital Media - This Master degree of the Coventry University (UK) provides the opportunity for those interested in the design applications of digital media to extend their intellectual understanding and creative control of those media.
  • Media Arts - presents media arts features, criticism, and links.
  • My ASG - My ASG allows for the online creation of autostereograms. Simply design a depth map and surface pattern, then combine them into a 3-D picture.
  • Nettime - A moderated mailing list for net criticism, net art, collaborative text filtering and cultural politics of the nets.
  • New Media Encyclopedia - A source of information, a tool for documentary research, and a scholarly work, but also a locus of debate on artistic practices related to the new media.
  • the omoi - A forum to unite artist on the web and promote the experimentation of traditional and multimedia artwork.
  • PopoMedia - Popomedia promotes artists' art, animations, poetry, stories or games, an engaging multimedia experience for all.
  • Re-lab - An electronic art and media center in Riga, Latvia. Projects range from new media festivals to internet broadcasting.
  • Rhizome - An online resource for people who are interested in new media art, the intersection of new technologies and contemporary art.
  • Seybold '99 Conference Preview - covers Seybold '99, a publishing summit that examines digital technologies and processes used for making information public.
  • Sketchboard - Forum for digital artists to submit work on certain changing themes, and receive feedback from any visitors.
  • Virtual Design - Virtual Design is an internet tool to work and to communicate on images. It is meant to be suitable for designers and media-artists who want to be part of a communication experiment in the virtual space of the www. Work on a downloaded image in order to vary or alter the picture, add a comment and upload your work.
  • Zilverton - Tutorials, galleries, hot links and other resources to create digital arts.




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