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Buyers Guide

  • 1StopAuto - find information on new and used car buying, pricing, financing, credit, title checks, and more.
  • Auto Channel: Car Reviews - reviews for a variety of makes and models, from 1993 to the present.
  • Auto Pricing - provides free information on cars, dealer invoice pricing and actual market values on vehicles.
  • New Car Review Directory
  • Autoadvice - offers guide written by an ex car salesman. Also offers price finder service for new cars, safety tips and more.
  • Automotive Buying Guide - guide to new car prices and buying services, links to reviews and used car values.
  • AutoSite - automotive buyer's guide. Dealer invoice on price and options for cars, trucks, vans, wagons, and SUVs.
  • Car Buying Tips
  • Car Clicks - a guide to buying a new or used car, from preparation to delivery.
  • Car - automotive reviews and prices, plus invoices & valuations for new and used vehicles.
  • Car Prices - pricing guide on new and used vehicles.
  • Car Reviews
  • Car Trackers - allows used car searches and offers a buyer's guide and online forums.
  • - consumer information on buying, leasing and repairing cars and trucks.
  • CarNext - offers catalogue concentrating on personal vehicles sold in Europe.
  • - users' reviews on cars, parts, and electronics. Includes classifieds section.
  • Cars Everything - car tips, help on how to make a wise buy, lease or finance. Loan calculator and discussion area.
  • Carsource - guide, magazine and used-car database for the UK.
  • CARveat Emptor - tips for buying an American car.
  • - Navigate the online auto world. New car selector, buy/sell links, free classified ads, exclusive car reviews, free daily newsletter, contests and CarWeb TV.
  • CarWizard - new and used car pricing and automobile data resource.
  • DealerDeals - provides a monthly newsletter and advice on the keenest deals on new car financing in the UK.
  • Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guides - tons of good, free information about buying a car. A must for anyone buying a car.
  • - offers articles and tips on choosing accessories for vehicles.
  • Ford Prices - MSRP and dealer invoice pricing and ratings on new and used cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans.
  • Green Guide to Cars and Trucks 1998 - ranks cars and trucks according to environmental friendliness: buyers can compare vehicles by their environmental impacts, including air pollution, global warming, and fuel efficiency.
  • How To Buy A New Car - car buying tips, loan calculators, scams revealed, reading misleading ads.
  • - automobile, classic car, and racing community.
  • Kelley Blue Book - provides Blue Book values on used cars trucks & vans. Also new car pricing - invoice & MSRP.
  • Microsoft CarPoint - car reviews, video gallery, used car ratings, and more.
  • Mission and Project Support - free access to all you need to know about buying and running a new vehicle overseas. Company specializes in worldwide vehicle exports for overseas use by organizations.
  • Motor Trend Buyer's Guide
  • MotorWEB - Ireland's source for car buying information.
  • - information for automotive selection, negotiation, financing, and more.
  • No Risk Used Car Buying - an online book to help consumers buy the right used car.
  • - information on cars in which your teen may be interested.
  • What Car?
  • Women's Auto Help Center - supportive center with the goal of making car shopping easier and less stressful and helping you be an informed car buyer who feels confident in a dealer showroom.




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