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Finance & Investing

  • About: Stocks - feature articles, educational material, discussion forum, links, and more.
  • ADR.Com - includes company-specific data for stocks traded as American Depository Receipts; global overviews of trading activity; and focus on industry sectors, and levels of institutional ownership.
  • AltaVista: Investing - features portfolio tracking, news, real time quotes, message boards, and more.
  • Armchair Millionaire - geared toward individual investors with a long time horizon.
  • - directory of investor/analyst corporate and earnings conference calls. Receive automatic email notifications of selected calls.
  • - providing news, analysis, forums, and other resources for African Americans and other minorities interested in participating in business and investing.
  • Cassandra's Revenge - where women can talk about money, investing, and personal growth.
  • - offers independent analysis, articles, and message boards for educated investors.
  • - interactive online portfolio analysis tools for investors: asset allocation; portfolio optimization; and risk, style and performance attribution analysis.
  • - service that automatically adjusts investments for mergers, splits, spin-offs, and wash sales.
  • Gay Financial Network - investment advice, financial planning, and investment tools sensitive to gay/lesbian issues.
  • Hedgehog - detailed stock analysis along with recommendations. Companies are examined based on value, growth potential, and comparison with competitors.
  • - features news, quotes, rumors, and more.
  • Investing Online Resource Center - includes a quiz to determine the suitability of online investing for an individual, news, and other information. A public service of the Washington State Securities Division.
  • - international stock picks, news, quotes, charts, chat, and messageboards.
  • InvestorWEB - investment information on companies and other news.
  • IslamiQStocks - identifies "halal" equities across various markets and stock exchanges.
  • ka-Ching - a place where women from all different backgrounds can feel comfortable learning, talking, and venting about money. Includes articles, interactive tools, message boards, and chat sessions.
  • Max's Investment World - personal guide to investing. Includes current investment picks, introductory concepts, anecdotal advice and an interactive stock game.
  • - offers investment commentary, message boards, strategy tips, and more.
  • Money Machine - guide to managing, saving, and making money with your computer.
  • Money Minded - personal finance site from Home Arts designed especially for women. Includes interactive tools, and tips on managing credit and investing.
  • Money Page, The - consumer guide to investment, banking and finance.
  • Motley Fool - financial forum for the individual investor.
  • - focused on providing women with the tools and resources necessary for learning about and managing their financial health.
  • MSN Investor - track stocks and mutual funds, create a portfolio, and more. Features comparative charting, real time quotes, articles, and news.
  • MSN MoneyCentral - personal finance site.
  • Netstock Direct - learn more about how to participate in direct investment plans offered by many publicly traded companies.
  • NOVA: Trillion Dollar Bet - features an examination of the Black-Scholes Formula, used to determine how much a call option is worth at any given time, a look at online trading, and an investing glossary.
  • Online Investor, The - daily columns, market info, and more.
  • - featuring account consolidation, bill payment, retirement planning, investment advice, insurance information, and credit card debt management.
  • Outercurve technologies - analytical tools, back-testing, buy/sell alerts, research, and more.
  • - allows shareholders to cast proxy votes via the Internet instead of by regular mail. Requires a control number, and possible a PIN as well.
  • - covering stocks, mutual funds, insurance, taxes, and financing.
  • Stock Market Timing - a weekly evaluation of the U. S. Securities markets from the technical perspective.
  • - stock analysis, Q&A forum, educational articles, and more for the individual investor.
  • StreetNet - provides industry profiles, company profiles and reports, and links to other financial sites.
  • Women's Financial Network - comprehensive financial site for women. Designed to provide women access to the information and tools they need to better understand and manage their finances.
  • Women's Wire: Money - advice for women (and men) on personal finance, investing, saving, stock quotes, retirement planning, debt, taxes, and more.


  • Wall Street Sports - free stock market simulation where investors trade shares and manage a portfolio of professional athletes. Features picks, standings, and chats.
  • Stock Market Game SMG2000
  • EduStock - learn what the stock market is, and how it can work for you. Includes tutorials on how to pick good stocks, and a simulated stock trading game.
  • Virtual Stock Exchange - portfolio simulation allowing educators, groups, and individuals to trade stocks and funds in a collaborative environment.
  • MainXchange
  • Fantasy SportShares - interactive stock market simulation of the National Football League.
  • Trader - classic commodity trading and resource allocation game.





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