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Business Magazine

  • 1099 - business magazine for self-employed professionals. Features news, information, and humor.
  • 21st - covering technology convergence; including A/V systems & content, computers, the Web, molecular computing, human consciousness, and more.
  • American City Business Journals - publishes weekly business newspapers in 28 U.S. markets.
  • American Dream Business Network - online business publication.
  • Asia Inc.
  • Black Enterprise Magazine - business service publication for African-American entrepreneurs, corporate executives, professionals and decision makers.
  • BT Partnership - global business magazine from British Telecom.
  • Business 2.0 - new economy, new rules, new leaders.
  • Business Finance - solutions for financial executives.
  • Business in Thailand - offers feature articles related to banking and finance, investments, industry reports, Asian prospectus, and more.
  • Business Insight Japan Magazine - features insight and market news for U.S. and multinational companies doing business in America and Japan.
  • Business Insight Magazine - as southwest Michigan's business-to-business connection, we feature area businesses, successful business people and offer how-tos so you can better run your business.
  • Business Life Magazine - covering business in Southern California.
  • Business Start Ups - magazine for new entrepreneurs with information about start-up strategies, hot opportunities, financing and more. Includes online subscription.
  • Business Week - complete contents of domestic and international issues, plus BW Daily Briefing, BW Enterprise for small business, and more. Paid subscription required for full access.
  • Business, The - news, interviews, guides, and features for the business minded.
  • Business365 - offers up-to-date news, information, advice, tips, and online services for UK businesses.
  • CAP Online - looks at the relationship between design, business and marketing.
  • Capitalism Magazine - monthly magazine that examines current events and the news from a Capitalist perspective.
  • Company Digest - monthly business to business magazine.
  • Computer Business Life - magazine with business coverage of Lebanon, the Middle East, and the world.
  • Context Magazine - business in a world being transformed by technology.
  • Corporate Board Member - features database and corporate governance resource for board of directors and CEOs of publicly held companies.
  • Customer Service Review - an internet magazine which reviews the latest data and trends on customer service worldwide.
  • DCPress - providing the Journal of Modern Management and Journal of Modern Marketing, academic and practitioner journals for business, marketing, economics, and management.
  • Delphi Business Strategies - focusing on business issues relevant to start-up, home business, small business, and corporate level interests.
  • - finance, capital, and technology news of the Southeast.
  • eCompany Now - focuses on ecommerce technologies, business trends, company culture and leadership.
  • Economist, The
  • ECU-Euro - quarterly journal published by Ecu-Activities, Belgium. Provides coverage of the European Monetary Union, with recent documentation and statistics.
  • Electric Pages - development journal of the International Informatics Institute.
  • Fast Company - about work and life in the new economy.
  • Finance and Commerce - business and legal news.
  • Financier, The - composed of papers that analyze how private enterprises and public authorities raise, allocate, and protect capital.
  • Fortune Magazine
  • Green@Work - offers stories of ecological pioneers, products, and systems.
  • Gulf Business Magazine - international and Middle East business news from a Gulf perspective.
  • Harvard Business Review
  • Hawaii Business Magazine - for business executives, featuring in-depth articles on the economy, banking, construction, tourism, travel, and telecommunications.
  • HRMagazine - publication of the HR/personnel profession.
  • IndustryWeek - an interactive management resource. Check out searchable databases, business award winners and network with other executives.
  • Knowledge, Inc. - explores trends and opportunities in the knowledge economy, knowledge management and intellectual capital.
  • Left Business Observer - monthly newsletter with news and analysis on domestic and international economics and politics.
  • line56 - focusing on the people and companies that drive the international business to business e-commerce industry.
  • MBA Jungle - providing information, news, and strategies for business school and beyond.
  • Multinational Monitor - tracks corporate activity, especially in the Third World, focusing on the export of hazardous substances, worker health and safety, labor union issues, and the environment.
  • Networking Magazine - offering inspiration, encouragement and promotional opportunities for creative individuals, artists, entrepreneurs and professional business people.
  • Newsweek International - business resource center.
  • OECD Observer Magazine - aimed at policymakers, businessmen, and the public, the magazine highlights the economic and social policy challenges of our time.
  • Prague Tribune Online - offering a monthly publication that focuses on business in the Czech Republic.
  • Presentations Magazine - tips, techniques and technology for creating and delivering effective, dynamic presentations.
  • Profit$ - online magazine devoted to the home based entrepreneur. Cover direct sales, network marketing (MLM), franchises, Internet businesses, and more.
  • Red Herring - monthly magazine covering the business of technology.
  • Success Stories: Japan - focuses on non-Japanese companies and executives doing business in Japan.
  • Tomorrow - combines fortnightly analysis of key industries with news, reference materials, and links.
  • Triumph of the Past - monthly newsletter devoted to the Catholic Faith and social credit economics.
  • Women's Work - web site for the working woman with career advice and articles from business experts plus free home pages, chats, and more.




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