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Actors & Directors

  • Celebrity Sightings - Fan club dedicated to teen stars includes celebrity chat, articles and gossip.
  • Women Celebrities - Comprehensive guide to female celebrities, with links, articles and photos. Includes keyword-searching.
  • American Film Institute - Directory of Film and Media - Search this directory to find organizations, publications and studios related to the film industry. Includes links to movie and actor fan pages.
  • Film 100, The - Ranks its top 100 most influential people in the history of cinema. With biographical sketches.
  • Mr. Showbiz - Check out this thorough guide to movie, political and music stars. Features news stories, biographical profiles and links to celebrity Web pages.
  • Famous Birthdays - Find a list of famous peoples' birthdays, organized by month, or search by celebrity name.
  • Silver Screen Sirens - Dedicated Hollywood's golden girls, such as Hedy Lamarr, Lauren Bacall, Elizabeth Taylor, Veronica Lake and Gene Tierney.
  • Celebrity Site of the Day - Check in to get the day's recommendation, or browse past picks.
  • Rogue Market, The - Buy and sell shares of favorite public figures in this humorous game. Follow scandals and track "investments."
  • Celebrity Addresses by Michael Borden - Find out how to contact a favorite celebrity. Includes a chat room.
  • American Movie Classics - Lists books, fan clubs, memorabilia, screening times, bios and filmographies related to classic-movie stars.
  • Celeb Cellar, The - Explore pages featuring well-known celebrities from the big and the small screen, with images, bios and links.
  • Glen Norton's - Pantheon, The - One film buff's tribute to a selection of film auteurs. Each director has a page with a good list of links to reviews, essays and interviews.
  • Silent Ladies & Gents - Extensive archive of nearly 8,000 photos of actresses and actors from the silent-film era.
  • BabeMania - Alphabetical directory of homepages and fan pages of female celebrities on the Web. With reviews and star ratings.
  • Acteurs et Actrices - Guide to French actors includes pictures and filmographies. Entirely in French.
  • Celebrity Address Emporium - Contains addresses for a plethora of celebrities. Includes a bookstore and a message board.
  • Mudpuppy's Celebrity Index - Delve into this exhaustive list of celebrity links. Each is rated, with last-updated and author details.
  • Celebrities on the Net - Dedicated to various female celebrities. Includes a selection of photos for each featured actress or supermodel.
  • Chinese Celebrity Directory - Search to find well-known Chinese actors, models, directors and politicians.
  • Meeker Museum, The - Tongue-in-cheek celebrity page is deemed "a nonprofit, nonexistent organization dedicated to the pursuit of inner peace through movie stars."
  • Dead People Server - Look here to find out who's still alive, and who has "rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible."
  • Celebrity Addresses Online - Fee-based service provides contact information for stars. Includes ordering details.
  • Belles de Jour - News, profiles, and pictures of numerous past, present, and future stars of French film, from Adjani to Wilms.
  • Voice Chasers - Find out the names and faces of some of the best known voice actors in film, TV, and radio. Includes a section on Anime.
  • Thai Star Picture Collection - Profile and picture collection of the most popular Thai actress, actor, singer, and model
  • Celebrity Search - Makes heavy use of Java applets to help visitors locate sites on musicians, actors and models on search engines like Celebhoo and AltaVista.
  • Silents Majority, The - Silent Artists Index - Get in-depth biographies and filmographies of hundreds of artists employed during film's silent era.
  • - MovieTalk - Actors talk about their projects past and present in this enormous archive of streaming sound clips. Search by actor's name or movie title.
  • Lost in the Stars - Fan of strapping young men provides dozens of photos galleries showing television and movie stars from today and yesteryear.
  • GeoCities - Hollywood - Search personal homepages that pay tribute to a particular actor or movie that are hosted by the free GeoCities web service.
  • Links to Actor's and Celebrities' Sites - Filmzone provides this handy alphabetical directory to the Web sites of selected popular actors and actresses.


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