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Movies & Films

  • American Film Institute - Directory of Film and Media - Search this directory to find organizations, publications and studios related to the film industry. Includes links to movie and actor fan pages.
  • - Online version of this print magazine covering the film industry features star interviews, photos and reviews of new releases.
  • Moviefone - Search by region or zip code for previews and reviews of the latest releases. Includes a chat forum, as well as an online ticketing function.
  • Entertainment Weekly Online - Tabloid-style publication dishes entertainment news, box-office figures and reviews of current movies. Post comments on the bulletin board.
  • - Entertainment zine offers an A-Z movie guide, as well as trailers, chat rooms, audio quotes from actors, and updates on new releases.
  • Internet Movie Database - Exhaustive database profiles more than 120,000 movies. Each entry has production credits, reviews, and actor and director details.
  • - Learn which films and actors were nominated for an Academy Award this year or in past years, and find video clips from the most recent ceremony.
  • Mr. Showbiz - Find film reviews, news, gossip, star bios, and an interactive plastic-surgery lab to mix and match the faces of celebrities.
  • - Elaborate fan page has movie news and focus pages that count down to blockbuster release dates. Also find pics, articles, trailers and rumors.
  • Rotten Tomatoes - Archive of movie reviews compiles critiques from film critics around the country. Sign up for the newsletter, or view trailers.
  • All-Movie Guide - Searchable movie database affiliated with the All-Music Guide features film essays, movie suggestions, interviews and a glossary of film terms.
  • Ain't It Cool News - Movie maniac Harry Knowles shares his passion for the cinema and provides movie news, previews and reviews. Includes a fans' forum and TV news.
  • Kids-In-Mind - Parents can find out if a film is appropriate for their kids by reading reviews that detail the amount of sex, violence and profanity in a movie.
  • NBCi - In Movies - Read news stories compiled from various movie and entertainment publications nationwide, or find detailed profiles of this week's featured films.
  • Drew's Script-O-Rama - Movie buff posts an alphabetical list of movies, with links to download scripts in text or zipped formats.
  • - Always Independent Films eliminates the middleman by screening and distributing films online. Sign up and watch films in any genre.
  • eUniverse - Offers the latest news from the film, music, television and video game industries. Includes reviews, previews and related links.
  • - Movies - Scan feature articles on films and on the DVD pick of the week. Search movies by genre, or find out what's in theaters.
  • - Movies, Music and Entertainment - Bookstore section offers an assortment of titles on film, music, dance, theater and television.
  • - Movies - Database contains news and personal accounts from the world of film. Read feature articles, and chat with the stars.
  • - Peruse this database and order foreign and independent films by genre or country of origin. Features news, trivia and message boards.
  • ifilm - The Internet Film Network - Distributes and broadcasts experimental full-length motion pictures over the Web. Browse its video clips, technical specifications and schedule.
  • Absolute - Movie directory offers news, reviews, showtimes and forums for fans. Check out the guide to foreign film, or browse industry classifieds.
  • - Movies - Publication for women posts film reviews, plus interviews with movie stars. Take the Dream Date poll, and browse photo galleries.

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