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Health & Safety

  • Parents Ask the Doctor - Advice about common childhood illnesses, vaccination, nutrition, sleep concerns, toilet-training and bed-wetting.
  • Internet Mental Health - Encyclopedia of mental health outlines specific disorders, describes treatment methods and provides research data.
  • National Center for Missing and Exploited Children - Parent support and search group includes a database with photographs, characteristics, and the circumstances of the disappearance.
  • Nutrition Database - Collection of articles about family nutrition - feeding infants and youngsters, pesticides in food, and children's snacks.
  • American Red Cross - Red Cross services and news, and section on community emergencies involving children, seniors, pets, and chemicals.
  • Baby Bag Online - Advice and resources for keeping your children healthy and happy, with info on feeding and nutrition, plus family fun.
  • CDC Immunization Information - Information from the Centers for Disease Control on most diseases. With details of immunization and vaccine recommendations.
  • Ask Professor Pixel - Kid Safety on the Internet - Easy-to-follow tutorial for kids on Internet safety. With step-by-step instructions on how children should behave online.
  • Net Nanny - Evaluation copy of the Windows app enables blocking of unsavory sites but is limited to 200 entries, and 45 days use.
  • Lifetime Online - Parenting - Focusing on women's concerns and interests. Including parenting issues such as kids nutrition and how to teach good manners.
  • Healthtouch - Extensive directory with sections on child and teen health, dental health, healthy recipes and poison prevention and safety.
  • Child Secure - Learn about reducing the risk of SIDS, and a range of other dangerous conditions for your baby. Includes news of product recalls.
  • Police Notebook - Great selection of articles on public safety issues including crime prevention, fire safety, personal security, first aid, and safe surfing.
  • American Health & Safety - Organization offers CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation), ergonomic, and other occupational safety and first aid training programs.
  • Dentistinfo - Easily understood info on topics such as root canal therapy, dental implants, cavities, and knocked-out teeth.
  • Ladies' Home Journal - Test Your Survival Skills - Take a quiz and find summer safety tips. Includes details about heat stroke and ocean swimming.

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