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  • Parent Soup - Extensive directory with chat room and advice for raising kids, dealing with teenagers, and finding child care services.
  • Families Under Construction - Practical advice on building and repairing families. Tips on building character and involving kids in household chores.
  • Empowering People - Articles, expert columns, and information about lectures, books, and videos that assist in raising self-reliant children.
  • ParenthoodWeb - Get expert advice on child care and parenting issues, or exchange opinions and experiences with other parents.
  • National Parent Information Network - News, information and resources for parents, including a discussion group, parenting calendar, and reference material.
  • ParentsPlace - Offers articles on pregnancy, children's health, and education. Join parent chat forums and explore shopping resources.
  • Information for Parents - Selection of links covering issues such as pediatric and medical information, child safety, special needs, and education.
  • HELP for Families - Extensive parenting guide for families with preschool to middle-school-age children. Includes many topics and useful examples.
  • Parenting Q&A - Have your questions answered by choosing a particular topic or receive a personalized answer to your particular question.
  • The Natural Child Project - Advice based on the belief that all children behave as well as they are treated. Includes 10 reasons why not to hit your kids.
  • Advice on Child-Rearing - Based on the philosophy that children, like adults, prefer peace and harmony to confrontation and tension.
  • Mom and Dad's Manual - Psychologist gives advice on most aspects of raising children with special emphasis on inspiring your child to read.
  • - From the publisher of Parents, Child, Family Circle, and McCall's. Regularly updated reports, and advice, on the usual issues for parents.
  • Ask the Child Expert - Ann Douglas writes a weekly column called "Mom's POV" that provides parents with practical tips on raising kids.
  • WholeFamily Center - Forum for learning strategies for resolving the tensions arising in family life. Each center has real life dramas on RealAudio.
  • Healthy Kids Online - Offers information and advice about raising healthy, happy children for parents and pediatricians.
  • Common Sense Parenting - Boys Town USA offers some straight talk on the not-always easy task of raising a child. Get advice and tips or request a free booklet.
  • Dr. Lonnie Carton - The nationally-renowned child and family therapist answers your questions here on the Web.
  • Children's Television Workshop - Parents - Offers a variety of advice for parents caring for children. Find activities, child safety ideas and kids stuff.
  • ICONnect Online Courses - Beginner to advanced level online courses and curriculum resources on how to use the Internet for parents and children.
  • Parents' Picks - Navigate the sea of books, videos, toys and accessories with the help of product reviews by parents posted at Parent Soup.
  • RAISIN - Currents for Parents Rasin' Children - Browse directories to events, museums, zoos and amusement parks across the country, and read news and opinion geared toward parents.
  • UrbanBaby - Offers a collection of resources including news articles, product reviews and community forums related to raising babies in urban areas.
  • ThirdAge - Family & Pets - Get advice about a variety of family and pet issues. Sign up for a free membership.
  • Parenting and Childcare Community - Ask or help answer parents' questions at LookSmart Live! on children, teens or newborns, and earn frequent-flier miles.
  • - Free parenting tool aids in documenting, evaluating and nurturing children. Includes 16 customized chapters such as health and education.
  • eHow - Raise Kids on a Budget - Discover money-saving tips for those with children. Includes inexpensive entertainment ideas.
  • KidsDirect - Resources about parenting and children of all ages. Subscribe to the monthly newsletter and peruse the bookstore.
  • Essence - Wise Words - Find a slew of advice from African American parenting experts on raising confident and competent children.
  • My Child - Writer offers advice on parenting, health, education and family issues. Topics include school choice, tantrums, teens and drugs, and birthing.
  • KidsHealth for Parents - Check out this guide to just about all aspects of child development with sections on growth and development, health, and emotions and behavior.
  • Interactive Parent - Find a directory, expert advice and message boards on a range of parenting topics.
  • Parents as Partners Associates - Parenting Together - Find advice for parents during and after pregnancy. Read tips, get answers to questions or browse parenting products and programs.
  • 20ish Parents - Features parenting and pregnancy advice and information geared toward parents in their 20s.
  • Expert Parents - Parenting community provides tips, news and resources. Research topics like behavior, social skills and safety, or check out the art gallery.
  • Pampers Parenting Institute - Diaper maker provides lots of advice to parents. Browse the monthly highlights, topic areas, the experts' Q&A, and subscribe to the newsletter.
  • Ask a Question About Parenting & Childcare - Let LookSmart's Live! Home & Family community answer questions on discipline, behavior and dealing with children.
  • - Lexington, Kentucky-based resource for families, parents, teachers and caregivers features tips on safety, health topics and home projects.
  • - Browse this directory of links to resources on a range of parenting topics.
  • Sesame Workshop - 50+ Creative Ways to Play - Outlines numerous ways to engage children in activities that will spark their imagination.
  • Parenthood in America - Browse the presentations given at this conference on the state of parenthood in the United States circa 1998.
  • CyberParent - Check out this guide to all-things parenting with section on breastfeeding, communication, discipline and travel with children.
  • ParentCenter - Check out advice on a range of topics geared toward parents of children from age 2 to 8 years old.
  • Better Homes and Gardens - Solutions to Family Problems - Moms from across the country share their tips and techniques of solving family and household problems. Note advice on potty training.
  • Easy Parenting - Get advice on parenting kids who range in age from infancy to adolescence. Articles are categorized by topic or by the child's age.
  • National Review - Culture Watch: Adult Supervision. - Brief article published in this conservative journal criticizing the laying of blame for children's acts with their parents.
  • Sex Roles J. - Prospect of Traditional Family Roles - Discover the findings of a study that explores the family role expectations of young Palestinians living in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
  • National Review - On Loyalty - Conservative journal offers an opinion piece on the "uses and abuses of this complicated virtue". Published in April 1999.
  • America - Kindness. - Cover story from the FindArticles collection dated February 1998 examines the moral and ethical aspects of parenting, with a focus on kindness.
  • Beliefnet - Parenting - Features articles and discussions on a range of parenting topics from a religious perspective.
  • Suite101 - Family Humor - Articles look at the lighter side of family life. Also has a guide to family humor on the Web and a discussion area.
  • - Magazine for families looking for information about home and garden, recipes, parenting and more.
  • Family-Tips - Offers users hundreds of guru approved tips related to families, holiday survival, sibling rivalries and nontraditional families.
  • 123 Kidz Area - Use this directory to find Internet resources for kids and parents. Search for games, doctors, health news and recreational activities.
  • F.U.N. Place - Families United on the Net offers parenting chat, home maintenance tips, family projects, recipes, games and bulletin boards.
  • - Family resource tackles issues about home, garden and living. Post on the message board.
  • Parent Club - Community offers support and resources on such topics as pregnancy, child rearing, medical issues, lifestyle and finance.
  • Positive Parenting - Provides resources to make parenting effective and fun. Subscribe to the newsletter.
  • Happy Families - Share wacky stories about weird relatives, spouses, kids and pets. Chat or send an electronic card.
  • - Find details on parenting, genealogy, food storage, kids, crafts, seniors and health.
  • - Find articles, tools and advice for every stage of parenting, from giving birth through the child rearing process. Includes a newsletter.
  • allowanceNET - Members can allocate children's allowances in virtual currency and keep track of chores. Take a tour of the free services.
  • learnFREE - Parenting Channel - Learn about sitters, caring for newborns, child health, fathering, swimming and general child-safety issues. Subscribe to the free newsletter.
  • - Parenting - Provides resources on a range of parenting topics including behavior, communication and health.
  • - Development Tracker - Outlines emotional, intellectual and physical milestones according to age beginning from birth to the teens.
  • Parents' Choice - Rates and reviews new children's media from videos to books to software. Awards best media in each category semi-annually.
  • Sex Roles J. - Depression & Gender Attitudes of Parents - Explores a theory that proposes that the gender difference in depression is rooted in limitations placed upon women by their parents.
  • Ladies' Home Journal - Kids, Etc - Provides a mixture of facts and tips on parenting, covering children with sleep apnea, road trips with kids and Internet safety.
  • Commentary - What Are Parents For? - Provides research on parents' influence in a child's life. Responds to arguments adduced by Judith Harris Rich.
  • KidsHealth - Growth & Development - Find resources on a range of issues related to child growth and development including communication, sleep and learning.
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