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  • All Things Political - an alternative look at Washington from the citizen's perspective from the Washington Weekly.
  • Almanac of Politics and Government - includes a wealth of information about U.S. and world politics.
  • C-SPAN
  • Cicero - stories, essays, reports, and columns written and edited by writers recruited from leading newspapers and magazines. Also offers a forum.
  • Democracy Online Project - mission is to promote the development of U.S. online politics in a manner which upholds democratic values. Administered by the Graduate School of Political Management of the George Washington University
  • ePolitics.org - offers news and opinions, a database of media and campaign sites, an online poll, and other resources.
  • eVote.com - political news network of the internet. Featuring national political news, polls, satire and cartoons.
  • Grassroots.com - provides news on issues and candidates, as well as communication-collaboration tools. Partners and advisers include organizations and individuals from government and business.
  • Janusz's Government and Politics Page
  • Lobbyforme.com - provides news of the day and positions of lawmakers on topics and issues. Contracts with former legislators to lobby Congress based on the results of polls conducted on the website.
  • nationalissues.com - presents summary information and opposing viewpoints on major national issues, as well as links to think tanks, news sources, candidate sites, and historical documents.
  • One Democracy - offers news and opinion to help citizens take informed action on issues that affect their lives.
  • Policy.com - connects you with think tanks, advocacy groups and organizations from left to right, sharing their views on specific issues.
  • Political Junkie - provides daily news and opinion.
  • Politics Online Conference - provides a forum to discuss and dissect the emerging changes in the political community. December 6, 1999 in Washington, D.C.
  • Politics1 - directory of presidential, gubernatorial and congressional candidates. Also, campaign buttons, auctions, bookstore.
  • PollingReport.com - includes results from the latest surveys from leading U.S. polling firms, on politics, business, social issues, news events, sports and entertainment.
  • PolySci.com - includes a wealth of information about U.S. and world politics.
  • Public Agenda - nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization devoted to public opinion and citizen education. Site offers issue guides and tips on how to interpret polls.
  • Public Education Network - provides statistics from diverse sources on domestic and global issues, including education, ecology, health, and employment.
  • SpeakOut.com - provides news, background and debate on issues, a forum for participation in chats and debates, online surveys, or signing petitions, and more.
  • TalkLeft - progressive online source for crime-related election and political news.
  • ThisNation.com - features a news digest, historical documents, a glossary, and images of people and places.
  • USA Latino Vote.com - providing political news and links.
  • USADemocracy.com - cast your vote on pieces of legislation and monitor the voting records of your elected representatives.
  • Vote For Me: Politics In America - explore what it really takes to run for public office, and see how local culture and customs are reflected in our politics.




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