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  • Achilles Heel - intended to be a forum for discussion of men and masculinity, and a reflection of the diverse and developing ways in which men are experiencing themselves today.
  • Andrij Witiuk for President - the pawn of Maxim magazine.
  • ALETHEIA: The Hyperzine for Men - devoted to helping men be their best--men of integrity, devoted husbands, successful fathers--from a Judeo-Christian point of view.
  • - information and guides about the secrets of sex, women, relationships, sports, and life.
  • Barracuda Magazine - stag magazine featuring booze, girls, and cars with retro stylings for the real-man bachelor of today.
  • BENT Magazine - covers entertainment, fashion, the arts, travel, and sports.
  • BottleSpinner - online magazine for men written by women.
  • Breaka Interactive - monthly magazine features live surf cams, dating tips, horoscope, and competitions. Product of Pauls Limited.
  • Chap Magazine - parody of a Gentleman's periodical.
  • Circuit Noize Interactive - party and events guide, including schedules, reviews, and travel information.
  • Details
  • Digital Men - features articles on women, styles, debauchery, sports, and more.
  • eMALE - presenting articles and a discussion area covering sports and entertainment, fashion, health, career, and leisure.
  • Esquire - general interest magazine for men.
  • FHM (US)
  • FHM (UK)
  • Guy Code, The - covering politics, relationships and dating advice, sports, fix-it tips, pop culture, and humor.
  • Hedley, Sarah - Maxim magazine's resident sexpert.
  • - focuses on advising men on romance issues.
  • - packed with things like sex, humor, movies, music, and politics.
  • Loaded - the UK's best-selling and most influential men's magazine, featuring the horniest women, the loudest swearing, the most addictive games and the most irreverent humour to be found anywhere.
  • Manhood Online - helping men discover their inner selves.
  • - for the upscale man who likes women, drinking, sex, the best scenes in the best cities, and great big boy toys.
  • Maxim Magazine - covering sex, sports, beer, gadgets, clothes, and fitness.
  • Maxim UK - includes babes, jokes, gadgets, funny stories, news, and fashion.
  • MediaRobot Magazine - offers a satirical look at music, candid camera, girls, food, games, and more.
  • Men's Fitness - guide to fitness, health, sports, sex and more.
  • Men's Health
  • Men's Journal - general interest, active lifestyle magazine with a focus on adventure, travel, equipment, sports, fitness, style, and ideas.
  • Men's Quarters.Com - contains issues, fashion, sports, business, fitness, and other news for the total man.
  • Men's Voices - journal focusing on men's issues and personal growth.
  • men4fem - examines construction of gender, communication, tolerance, and identity.
  • RiceMen - covering relationships, gadgets, fashion, food, and more.
  • Rogue Magazine - e-zine with news, pictures, and articles.
  • Rouze - lifestyle destination site for men with interviews, news, and more covering music, travel, technology, dating, money, and more.
  • Sexbuzz Magazine - includes articles on games, music, movies, books, cars, fitness, and cover girls.
  • - online magazine designed for the active lifestyle, presented by Greg Norman.
  • - ultimate men's guide to sharp living.
  • Stuff
  • Swang - retro ezine for today's man with articles, advice, features on money, sports and women, pinups and more.
  • Swung Magazine - features actresses, movies, music, sports, and advice. Also includes babe ratings.
  •, Inc. - a web space dedicated to the experience of being a guy. Focuses on events, adventures, and general topics of interest. Includes essays and links.
  • Wotan Breathes Living Fire - e-zine dealing with men's gender issues, it kind of sucks, but visit anyways.
  • XO - Asian American men's magazine of vitality, success and world-class beauties.



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