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Air Travel

  • A World Away - international travel and air travel links, air travel trivia and humor, and more.
  • About: Air Travel - offers chat, events, newsletter, articles, and general airline resources.
  • Air Ticket Consolidators and Bucket Shops - introduction to international airline ticket discounting and discounters, by an inside expert and specialist in around-the-world airfares.
  • Air Traffic Control System Command Center (ATCSCC) - offers a clickable map of major US airports with real-time information on flight arrival and departure delays caused by weather and other backups.
  • Am I Going Down? - works out the probabilities, using statistics from aviation authorities, of being involved in an air crash flying between any two world locations.
  • Anatomy of the Jumpseat - explains standard procedure and proper etiquette when making a request to fly jumpseat.
  • Anna's Inflight Safety Page - discusses issues such as decompression, ditching, pre-flight procedures, examples of incidents, and more. From a former crew member and safety trainer.
  • Best Fares Magazine - covers the deals, tips, tricks, and bargains that the travel industry has to offer.
  • Flight Tracker - source of real-time flight data; shows and tracks the status of pre-takeoff, in progress, and recently completed flights for major cities across the United States.
  • - presents U.S. and Canadian commercial airline flight arrival, departure, and delay cancellation information in real time.
  • - tracks airline flights in the United States and Canada. Also provides airport links.
  • New Evacuation Techniques - professional paper detailing Boeing's procedures.
  • TravelGram - offering a subscription based email service to advise travellers of airfare discounts.
  • Travelling By Air - general information and tips on dealing with creature discomforts of flying, missed flights, pets, and special circumstances.ArchitectureArt Exhibits



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