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  • - Includes salary surveys, interviewing strategies and resume tips.
  • BellaOnline Career Planning and Development - All aspects of career planning and job searching. Weekly articles, monthly career advice newsletter, message board (questions answered daily).
  • Biennial Conference for Working Women - Provides a forum for working women to share ideas and techniques that will help them rise to new levels of responsibility, recognition and reward.
  • Career Advice Discussion Forum - Your career questions answered. Interactive resume workshop, career advice and discussions about all aspects of work.
  • Career Girl - Advice for busy working women. Includes articles about decorating, gardening, travel and entertaining.
  • Career Planning at - Information and counseling advice from job search to project and time management. Answers to questions about interviews, salary, working mothers, fashion, sexual harassment, and stress.
  • - Provides career planning, stress management, counseling services, type testing, business travel tips, workplace strategies and online training.
  • Conflict Training for Healthcare Professionals - Dr. Judith Briles site provides information on her work as an expert on conflict and sabotage in female dominated workplaces.
  • Girl Tech - Getting girls interested in computers. Include tips and links.
  • Girls Unlimited - Shows young girls how many career opportunities are available for them.
  • The Glass Ceiling - Offers articles and information on job discrimination, business articles, information for students, a large resource section, legal center and free business directory.
  • Insider Views on Workplace Issues - A web site to help working women better deal with workplace realities, become more self-reliant and develop individualized career plans by sharing insights from women in the trenches.
  • Institute for Women's Leadership - Provides training, coaching and resources for women to make powerful contributions as leaders in their communities.
  • International Training Centre for Women - An independent organization founded to address the needs of women worldwide in the area of management and entrepreneurship training, skill development, consultancy and research.
  • MLM Woman - Newsletter for women in network marketing. Includes bulleting board, resources and bookshelf.
  • The Mom at Work Channel - Covers the issues that confront moms who work outside the home, moms who work at home and mothers who want to return the work force.
  • Professional Women Controllers - Association of female air traffic controllers.
  • The Second Career Woman - Joan Tlush gives advice for women going back to work: where to look, how to handle gaps in your resume, and most importantly, what to wear.
  • The Stripper FAQ - A non-profit site offering advice for women considering work as an exotic dancer.
  • The Successful Suit - A non-profit organization. Provides low-income and homeless women in Washington with the tools needed to seek employment such as suits, accessories, resume, classes, job postings and professional makovers.
  • Tails of Software Engineering - Information for professional women in the field of software and computer engineering, including discussion board, and programming tips.
  • Ultimate Career Source for Women - Career newsletter and a collection of information and links.
  • WinConference - The WIN Conference is a wonderful place for career-minded expatriate women to network. The women who inspire the WIN Organization are all women who work internationally and we acknowledge them as important agents of change.
  • Women at Work [Bella Online] - Provides advice and information on topics related to working women.
  • Women for Hire - Hosts career fairs for female college seniors, grad students and recent graduates, and offers advice and inspiration for young women on landing good jobs and launching successful careers.
  • Women in Transportation - Historical contributions of women to transportation technologies, as well as career opportunities. From U.S. Federal Highway Administration.
  • Women on the Web: Electron Media - Resources for women interested in the music and recording industry. Find specific resources for digital media, music, visual arts, computing, education, careers and internet.
  • Women's Work in the 19th Century - A bibliography of Web sites related to the work of women in the 19th century.
  • Work and Woman - Information on careers, job hunting, finance and a lively bulletin board community.ArchitectureArt Exhibits



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