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  • The Dollar Stretcher    - A weekly resource for living better for less money.
  • The New Homemaker    - Practical advice and resources for the person who stays home to care for family. Many topics including parenting, thriftiness, kitchen, family health, crafts, decorating, and organization.
  • Alternative Windows - An online illustrated instructional guide to making your own curtains and other soft furnishings.
  • Annie's Interiors - Interior decorating for real people. Have fun using resourceful decorating for the budget minded. This site will help you make the most of your space.
  • BackHome Magazine - Features articles on cooking, saving money, and homemaking.
  • Better Homes and Gardens Online - Online magazine with food and cooking tips, recipes, home improvement ideas, decorating advice, crafts projects, and gardening information.
  • Carolyn's House - Tips for better living, a place of virtual solutions for any household problem, whether it's clearing clogs or clutter or organizing your kitchen or closet.
  • Catch Your Fly Away Money - Information on saving money for your home and on groceries, working from home, and what to look for in the best child care home or center.
  • Christie's Home Remedies and Hints - Home remedies and household tips.
  • Consumer Tips for Salt Use - Salt seemingly has a million-and-one uses around the house. This online version of the popular Salt Institute brochure "Salt Facts" gives lots of consumer tips. You'll certainly be able to find some you can use.
  • Cool Country Favorites - Country craft projects, recipes, household hints and tips, free original graphics, links to country stars' web sites.
  • Country Moms - Recipes, crafting projects, monthly newsletter, and links.
  • Creating Homestyle - Tips & suggestions for all homemaking issues including decorating & tailgating information through the website, a newsletter and a decorating service.
  • Creative Homemaking - Creative Homemaking offers a free weekly recipe e-mail, a message board, and homemaking tips.
  • Decorating For Less - Free home decorating projects, craft ideas and tips to help you make your home more beautiful without spending a bundle!
  • Digs Magazine.com - Decor/furnishing tips, cooking advice, recipes, entertaining ideas, drink recipes, video reviews geared at the 20 to 30-something in his/her first real, semi-permanent home.
  • easymade.com - Site contains free online video demonstrations of cooking, quilting, room design, arts & crafts and garden projects. Its your online catalogue for everything related to the home and workshop.
  • Ellen's Home and Garden - Personal home page with hints and tips for around the home and garden.
  • Family First - A site dedicated to families who believe the family is a top priority. Features a free monthly newsletter, ideas, links, and a webring.
  • Food Fun and Facts - Over 15 topics, ranging from recipes, cooking tips and household hints, to cookbook collecting, childrens recipes and crafts and herbal remedies. Free weekly newsletter.
  • Forums for the (Chaotic) Home - Bulletin boards for all aspects of the home and family.
  • The Frugality Network Recycling - Don't throw that out. We've included hundreds of ways to re-use things you would normally discard.
  • Frugality Network Savings at Garage Sales - Learn how to have a profitable yard/tag/garage sale. Read insiders tips to getting the best prices when shopping at these sales. Save by shopping at consignment shops, thrift stores and other locations.
  • Garage Sale Tips - Professional buyers can turn your yard sale into a disaster by showing up early, haggling for bargains and clearing out the good merchandise. Here's how to spot them.
  • Get Organized Now - Tips, tools, ideas and articles to help you organize your home, your office and your life.
  • Good Housekeeping: Home Organizing - Interactive guide on how to organize your house and get rid of clutter in the kitchen, bedrooms, attic, even the junk drawer.
  • Good Housekeeping on HomeArts - Good Housekeeping, "the magazine America trusts", has information about home, health, food, and family.
  • Grocery-tips.com - Part of a community of sites that offer users access to tips and links related to grocery shopping.
  • Handy Hints and Tips - A resource and reference guide for information, solutions, useful ideas and practical advice for everyday living.
  • Handy Household Hints and Tips - Tons of great time and money saving household tips.
  • HerTips - A website of tips for women. Each weekday tips are changed and put in archives. Home of the Tip-Aholic newsletter.
  • Hints and Things - Hint, tip, advice and information to make everyday life a little easier. Share your own pearls of wisdom with the world.
  • Home Décor Ideas - Offers wacky tips, related websites and funky books on home décor.
  • Home for Homemakers - Indian and South Asian homemaker’s site for, interior design, decoration, finance, home improvement, furniture, and other consumer goods. Useful links to Indian entertainment and lifestyle sites.
  • 1668 Home Guide - This site offers gift ideas, decorating, gardening, and cooking ideas.
  • Home-Almanac - Home tips, cooking, recipes, free stuff, and home maintenance tips.
  • HomeArts - A site with thousands of pages of information and articles on health, home, family, style, gardening, and cooking.
  • HomeTalk.com - Message boards on a variety of home repair, maintenance, building, decorating, lifestyle subjects.
  • Housewife Magazine - A new online community for housewives, with reviews, advice, scheduled chats, and support.
  • How To Operate A Successful Garage Sale - Free consumer report includes suggestions about all aspects of holding a garage sale.
  • How to organize your home - Tips for decreasing clutter and organizing your home.
  • John's House - Quick and simple tips, hints and tricks for around the house.
  • KW Design's Budget Decorator - Newsletter and how-to guides on decorating and crafting for your home on the tightest budget. Free tips, projects, and ideas.
  • Life's Essentials - Nesting - Some commercial links and sales, but also has articles, expert advice, on the art of homemaking and gardening.
  • Living a Simpler Life - Simple, frugal living. Practical ideas for simplifying daily life, including articles, links, newsletters.
  • Maude's Lamp Shade Crafter's Handbook - Learn how to make all the most popular styles of lamp shades, as well as how to care for, clean, and restore lamp shades, too.
  • Miserly Moms - Miserly Moms goal is to help moms everywhere get the tools that their family needs to spend more time together.
  • My House and Garden - Worldwide recipes, seasonal gardening, lifestyle hints and tips.
  • My Junk, Your Treasure - An article looks at some ideas to help make a successful yard sale.
  • Mybackyard.com - Built by women, this site is an online community including simple time-saving tips, thoughts for reflection, cooking, and articles.
  • Organized Home - Articles on decluttering the house, cutting mealtime chaos, streamlining storage and finding more time for you. Tips, advice, and a free newsletter.
  • Pioneer.com - Features articles, medical information, family issues, reader tips, forums, recipes, and household cleaning and care tips..
  • Quick tips for a clean kitchen - Plenty of easy, time-saving tips for cleaning your entire kitchen, including removing stains, unclogging drains, erasing coffee and tea stains and cleaning appliances.
  • Refurnish your home for less - Anyone can go to the local furniture store and buy new, expensive furniture. It takes talent to refurnish your home and get what you want without spending a fortune.
  • Resourceful Moms - Your guide to the best resources available for moms.
  • Rob Newcomb - Creativity and Learning - Home decorating, cooking, arts and animal care.
  • SassyChix - Geared towards females, covering all aspects of home and family life.
  • ShoppingList.com - ShoppingList.com tracks thousands of advertised sales from your favorite stores every day. Build shopping lists, create personal sale alerts, browse your favorite stores and brands, and get store maps.
  • Simple Living 101 - A site featuring tips and ideas for the entire home. It highlights beauty, cleaning, cooking and crafts.
  • Slice of Life USA - A "feel good" site chocked full of homemaking ideas, family anecdotes, and a few laughs - no matter what age or stage of your life as a woman.
  • SoYouWanna organize your closet? - If only to give the Boogeyman a little more room. This full-length article will take you through the process of organizing the items in your closet and how to arrange them.
  • Sunny Homemaker - A Christian homemaking site, providing recipes, inspirational reading and homemaking tips.
  • TheBigYardSale - The Big Yard Sale. Put your treasures on our tables.
  • Tipking - Get a tip hint for home, cleaning, garden, stains, beauty, washing, health, pets, kitchen, internet, children, homemaking, home repair and worklife
  • Tipz Time - Tips and ideas for the household - indoors, outdoors and seasonal. Timesavers, moneysavers, crafts, chat and more.
  • 20 uses - Twenty uses for simple things you have around the home. Recycle, reuse and make the most of those common items you can't bear to throw away.
  • Welcomeville - Your home for cooking, cleaning, gardening & decorating advice.
  • WhatALulu.com - A little bit of everything for the home, garden and family. Garden tips, recipes and freebies.

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