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  • Ctangelbird - I am a 32 year old widow . My husband took his own life in 1999. Looking for other widows to talk to.
  • Death & Dying - Widows and widowers newsletters.
  • Doors Close, Doors Open - Professional psychologist's book on the process of widowhood.
  • Empowering Widows in Development - A small UK based, nonprofit, non-governmental organization founded in 1996.
  • Flying Solo - Commercial site with information for those who are new at living life alone. Includes issues in widowhood.
  • Grief Denied - A book about a vietnam widow.
  • GROWW - Grief Recovery Online, GROWW, is members helping members after the loss of a loved one. Offering Chat Rooms, Message Boards, Library and Resources.
  • How Should a Widow Cope With the Loss of Her Spouse? - Anne Fielding describes the principles she learned from Eli Siegel, the great American poet who founded the education of Aesthetic Realism.
  • Loners of America - Private group for senior single Recreational Vehicle enthusiasts who are widow, widower, divorced, single-by-choice.
  • New Hope - New Hope is an organization committed to encouraging and helping those who have lost a spouse to death. Bi-monthly newsletter, from BC, Canada.
  • Seattle Widowed Young Persons' Support Site - The support is specifically geared to younger men and women who are dealing with grief and non-end-of-life issues, who have lost a spouse or partner.
  • Social Security for Widows and Children - From MoneyWatch a monthly column by Jane Bryant Quinn in Good Housekeeping magazine.
  • The Survivor's Guide - A Handbook for: Discovering and Obtaining Death Benefits
  • When Widowhood Comes Early - Concise advice on how to cope when losing a spouse at a young age.
  • Widow Weeds - The site is written and maintained by Linda DeVault, who was widowed at the age of 33 in late 1997. Personal journal. Email newsletter.
  • Widowed - This list is for anyone who has had a spouse die. This is for you even if you have moved on and are with someone else.
  • #widow/ers - Cindy's Home Page for the #widow/ers chat channel on Beyondirc.net
  • WidowNet - An information and support resource for, and by, widows and widowers. Topics covered include grief, bereavement, recovery, and other information helpful to those who have suffered the death of a spouse.
  • WidowNet - Widow Mailing List - Discussions between widowed persons in order to provide mutual support, friendship, and information. We ask that only those who have lost a spouse or life partner subscribe to this mailing list.
  • WidowNet - Widowhoods Mailing List - A virtual neighborhood for widows and widowers who are ready to "move-on" and are ready to face life with a wink and a smile.
  • Young Widows - I have been looking for a widows list and was unable to find one so I made one I am 35 years old and a widow for many years. I would like to share experience with other young widows.
  • Young Widows - A loving careing group of woman who have all walked the path of grief, We are here to support each other, We laugh, we cry, we help each other out, we can talk about anything with out feeling we are going to be judged.
  • Young Widows and Widowers, Ltd. - Widows and widowers in the group range in age from 20ís to 50ís. Many are parents of very young or school-age children and all subscribe to our philosophy of turning grief into growth.
  • Young widows personal page - Young Widows, We are a group of widows, We are here to support each other, We talk about everything from our grief to how we are moving on with our lives.
  • Young-Widows - This group is for young widow/widowers to discuss dealing w/ the loss of a spouse, single parenthood issues, dating again, financial considerations and any other matters related to widowhood.ArchitectureArt Exhibits



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