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Women's Rights

  • Guerrilla Girls - The Guerrilla Girls are a group of women artists, writers, performers, film makers and arts professionals who fight discrimination.
  • About.com's Guide to Human Rights - News and information about human rights and women's rights.
  • Beyondmedia: Building Social Change - Beyondmedia is dedicated to using media for progressive organizing around women's issues.
  • Center for Reproductive Law and Policy - CRLP is an independent, non-profit legal organization dedicated to ensuring that all women have access to appropriate and freely chosen reproductive health services.
  • Center for Women's Global Leadership - Develops and facilitates women's global leadership toward women's human rights and social justice worldwide.
  • Coalition Against Trafficking in Women - A feminist nongovernmental organization that works internationally to oppose all forms of sexual exploitation.
  • Dr. Homa Darabi Foundation - To counter fundamentalist tendencies within the various religious, cultural and social beliefs which result in the oppression or unequal treatment of women and girl-child in different parts of the globe.
  • Equal Rights Advocates - A public interest, nonprofit women's law center in San Francisco that fights for the economic, social and political equality of women and girls.
  • Equality Now - An international human rights organization dedicated to action for the civil, political, economic and social rights of girls and women. Some of the many human rights issues of urgent concern include: rape, reproductive rights, trafficking, gender discrimination, domestic violence, political representation, female infanticide, sexual harassment, genital mutilation, and pornography.
  • Honor Killings and Other Abuses Against Women - Honor killings and bride burning - what are they, where and why do they occur, and where to go for help and support.
  • Madre - International human rights group, demanding human rights and justice for women and families.
  • NewsSynthesis Women's Rights News - News portal with resources draws headlines from across the net.
  • Pay Equity Acts - This is an introduction (and a list of useful links) to Pay Equity Acts that purport to eliminate discriminatory salary differences that may exist between male-dominated and female-dominated jobs by assuring equal pay for work of equivalent value.
  • Q Web Sweden - A women’s empowerment base. A communication network for exchange of knowledge, experience and ideas on women’s health and gender issues. The overall aim is women's empowerment with focus on women's health and equal rights.
  • Take Action with the Feminist Majority! - The battle for equality never takes a day off. New actions listed regularly.
  • Woman and Earth Global Eco-Network - The first NGO promoting women, human rights and development in the former Soviet Union, now serving as a bridge connecting the voices of Russian speaking women and ecology with women throughout the world. Bases in Russia, US, Turkey, Ghana, Fance, UK, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and representatives throughout the world.
  • Women and Gender Equality: Reference Sources in Culture - UNESCO's action in favour of women underline mainstreaming a gender perspective in policy-planning, and broad and active participation of women in society.
  • Women and Islam - Struggles for Tolerance in the face of Fundamentalism, photographs by Nadia Benchallal on MoJones site.
  • Women, Ink. - A project of the International Women's Tribune Center to market and distribute books on women and development in the Global South region. New titles this year include Armed Conflict and the Peace Process, Information Technology, Globalisation and Economics etc.
  • Women Leaders Online/Women Organizing for Change - WLO is building a network of one million women and men to empower women in politics, society, the economy, the media, and cyberspace, to achieve full equality and improve women's lives.
  • WomenAction 2000 - A global gateway to alternative reports, campaign material, events listings, multi-media coverage, press releases, and other resources that deal with the UN's Beijing +5 review process on the empowerment of women.
  • Women's Environment and Development Organization (WEDO) - WEDO increases women's visibility, roles and leadership in public policy-making through peace, gender, human rights, environmental and economic justice campaigns
  • Women's Freedom Network - Founded by a group of women who were seeking alternatives to extremist ideological feminism and the anti-feminist traditionalism. It does not set different standards of excellence, morality, or justice for men and women.
  • Women's Global Strike - March 8th 2000 - Stop the world and change it - for a new millenium which values all women's work and all women's lives. Visit the site and add your reasons for going on strike.
  • Women's Human Rights Resources - Covers many women's issues including education, equality, feminist theory, health, labor and employment, marriage and family, politics, property law, housing, prostitution, race and gener, violence, religion; from the Bora Laskin Law Library, University of Toronto.
  • Women's Rights Information Center - Organized to provide women in transition with a supportive environment where they can learn, grow, and regain confidence to move forward to provide for themselves and their families.
  • WomenWatch - Learn about the work of the United Nations entities and inter-governmental and treaty bodies that deal with the advancement and empowerment of women and about international instruments on women's rights.
  • Zonta International - Advancing the status of women locally and globally.
  • World March of Women 2000 - March to protest poverty and violence against women. (October 15, 2000)
  • Beijing 95 - Archive of Institute for Global Communications (IGC) pages regarding the Fourth World Conference on Women. (September, 1995)

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