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Career Planning

  • American Career Test - Career aptitude test matches personality traits with career aptitude characteristics, providing ranking of career suggestions.
  • - Aptitude tests, personality tests, occupational interest inventories and career guidance, developed by Dr. Lankford, are offered within this site
  • Apollo Career Solutions - Provider of online guidance to career planning, development and management. Advice and references to resources on self assessment, self development and career enhancement.
  • Assessment and Testing Services, Inc - Assessment and testing for employee selection, personal, career, team, and executive development, and career and team building workshops.
  • Attitude Survey - Providing attitude survey questionnaires design, analysis and reporting systems to conduct employee opinion surveys supported by organisational and culture change training and consultancy services.
  • CareeFitter - A Career test uncovering best occupational matches as well as career research and a full career test report.
  • Career Experience - Uses a profile of visitors to direct them to careers, skill training, jobs and employers.
  • Career Fables - The intelligent option for providing employers with candidates professional information allowing them to match skills to needs.
  • Career Profile - Take the survey to receive your personal Career Profile. Then click on any career for links to information on that career.
  • Career Vision - Ball Aptitude Battery of tests to determine skill areas. Also includes a newsletter.
  • Careers By Design - Provides online assessments including the Strong Interest Inventory, MBTI, FIROB and 16PF.
  • careerXact - Online career assessment tool capable of instantly matching career seekers with their most suitable employers, based on personality and interests.
  • - Everything you need to build and manage your career including assessments, career training, expert advice, resume builders, job searches and interviewing tips.
  • Center for Career Assessment - A consulting firm which specializes in custom-designed career and job search assessments and career motivation materials.
  • The Center for Creative Empowerment - Dedicated to helping individuals empower themselves to live free and happy lives that express the best of who they are.
  • Color Wize - Find out your favorite colors and the careers that correspond to those colors.
  • Connect2 - Offers assistance in reaching your personal and professional goals by helping you identify issues and obstacles, explore options and strategies, act and reflect.
  • Creating Strategies - We help people design lives and careers they love. By shining a light on their natural abilities and then using those strengths as a foundation in their careers, businesses and lives.
  • Decision Solution - Helps make personnel decisions quickly and accurately. Take the online assessment, and get information in less than one minute.
  • Discover Me - Personality assessment to define your ideal career.
  • Dream Huge - Helps to create deeper-more meaningful relationships, balance family and work , discover a dream job, stay fit and motivated. Use free tools to make your dreams come true.
  • The Educational Testing Service Network - Self-directed career and educational planning software that helps students and parents make better career choices.
  • Friedland & Marcus - Comprehensive testing and counseling for career aptitudes, interests, and motivation.
  • HR eSolutions Inc - Online assessment tools together with a comprehensive PC based psychometric assessment covering ability, coping strategies, vocational interests, work-place styles and interpersonnel styles.
  • - Complimentary, interactive online assessments and attitude survey. Personalized training resources for career and organizational improvement.
  • - The personal side of work. A career exploration web site where experienced workers share their motivations, basic skills and advice.
  • Jobshark Behavioural Profile - Based on one of the most accepted and popular assessment techniques, the system analyses four main behavioural traits: D-Dominance, I-Influence, S-Steadiness and C-Compliance.
  • Jobtrak Job Search Tips - Gateway to self-assessment, resume writing and interviewing strategies.
  • - A career assessment and career planning tool that matches your interests to careers, job groups and college majors.
  • Liam Healy and Associates - Work and organizational psychologists. Psychometric test downloads and on-line career development reports.
  • My Aspiration - Dedicated to helping you fulfill your ambitions by providing you with information and advice to use in planning and managing your career.
  • - Career planning resource site featuring Selector CareerStep, an on-line vocational interest/competency assessment for use in making subject choices in education or considering to assist in deciding on a career change.
  • National Career Assessment Services, Inc. - Presents career exploration for the 21st Century with the new Kuder Career Search with Person Match and the Iowa Career Learning Assessment.
  • Online Profiles - The site provides online profiling tools for the individual and for businesses. Also offers courses geared towards test results.
  • Personal Nature Career Assessment - Measures talents and work styles ranking career suggestions. Interpretative reports immediately available.
  • Personality Assessments - Extensive battery of original, standardized online-scored personality and intelligence tests and quizzes.
  • Personalized career assessment system. - An online career assessment that clearly identifies how you best fit in the workplace in extensive detail.
  • - Offers tools for external selection, promotions, transfers, succession plans, or personal development.
  • Self-Directed Search - Match your skills and interests to specific jobs, careers, occupations, college majors, and fields of study. Includes a printable report.
  • - On-line personal assessment service. Helping people to make the correct choices for their career.
  • Talent Plus Inc. - Provides a system for building a talent-based organization. At the heart of our system is a technology process for the selection and development of associates.
  • Valpar International Corporation - Manufacturer of software and specialized testing equipment used in career assessment/exploration. Products are criterion-referenced to the DOL job analysis system and MTM.
  • Vocational Insights - Vocational interest testing to help people decide on a college major and career.
  • - Features tips on financial services resumes, resume review by actual recruiters, several articles for advice, and sample resumes.
  • Wist - Will, imagination, sensation and thought, individuals' job strengths and reveals much about personal values, preferred approaches to learning, patterns of decision making, and leadership styles.
  • WorkNet Inc. - Career planning and Human Resource tools to assist students, job seekers and corporations in career development, job search, performance, or learning.



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