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Marine Life

  • Aegean Sea Marine Life - Directory of common inshore marine life for snorkelers and scuba divers visiting Turkey.
  • Aquascape Art - Pictures of marine flora and fauna, by Nick Peters, painted underwater while on SCUBA.
  • Biodiverse Canada Inc. - Species and Environments found in Atlantic Canada.
  • British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) - UK based organization who rescue stranded and sick cetaceans and other marine mammals.
  • Coral Cay Conservation - Volunteer expeditions that provide resources to help sustain livelihoods and alleviate poverty through the protection, restoration and management of coral reefs and tropical forests.
  • Coral Realm - All about marine life education. View hundreds of reef fish, shark and invertebrate descriptions with photographs and video clips.
  • Deep Ecology Hawaii - Deep Ecology's unique dive operation proves that you can experience Hawaii's precious marine environment and preserve and protect it for future generations.
  • Dive BC Underwater Marine Life - A collection of underwater photographs from the Dive BC series of guide books.
  • Frontier - Aims to promote and advance field research and implement practical projects contributing to the conservation of natural resources. Currently running diving projects in Tanzania and Madagascar.
  • Hawaiian Marine Life - It's not surpirsing that there is fascinating marine life all along the Leeward Coast. Ka'ena Point appears to be a magnet for marine mammals.
  • The International Shark Attack File - Shark attack statistics including special sections for the great white shark and shark attacks on divers.
  • Living Reef Images - A library of aquarium and natural reef photographs available to publishers world wide.
  • Marine Conservation Society - Member's Dives - Find news about the diving activities for and by MCS members.
  • Marine Life Learning Center - To educate, inform and entertain marine life enthusiasts, scuba divers and naturalists about the underwater world.
  • Marine Life of the Channel Islands (UK) - A large collection of photographs of marine organisms living in the English Channel, based on the book by Sue Daly.
  • Mote Marine Laboratory - This independent, nonprofit research organization in Sarasota, Florida, has a great deal of information about shark and dolphin research, sea turtles, other marine mammals, elasmobranchs, and other marine life indigenous to Florida waters. Site has a shark tank interactive camera.
  • Ocean Futures Online - Explore Ocean Futures online to learn about Keiko, the star of Free Willy, and more about our oceans, threats to the oceans and their inhabitants, and how you can help make a difference. Get the latest updates on Keiko and Jean-Michel Cousteau, join Ocean Futures for free, or shop the online store.
  • Ocean Voice International - Working for harmony between people, marine life and the environment
  • Operation Wallacea - Diving, wildlife conservation and ecotourism. Operation Wallacea is a series of scientific wildlife survey and conservation expeditions to a remote corner of the indonesian island of Sulawesi.
  • Reef Ball Foundation, Inc. - A non-profit charitable organization whose mission is to help restore aquatic ecosystems using artificial reefs and to educate people and children about the importance of aquatic ecosystems.
  • Scuba Digger - Photos from 1999 Barrier Reef, Whales, California Channel Islands.
  • The Sea Slug Forum - Australian Museum Online - Malacology - A site where you can ask questions and post information on nudibranchs and related sea slugs.
  • Seaquest - A joint marine project run by the Devon and Corwall Wildlife Trusts. Information for people who are interested in the larger marine creatures such as dolphins, whales, seals, turtles and basking sharks, around the UK coastline.
  • Shark Attacks - All about Shark attacks with photos of victims and sharks. Site aims to report every shark attack from around the world.
  • Sharks, Information & Conservation
  • Skip's Underwater Image Gallery - A collection of photographs of New Zealand's marine life.
  • The Slug Site - Devoted to the study of Opisthobranch Molluscs (ie Nudibranchs).
  • Tiger Shark Research - This site relates to scientific research aimed at increasing understanding of tiger sharks. Major goals of this research include determining movement patterns and habitat use of these predators.
  • Turtle tagging project - Barbados - Photos taken on a dive off the west coast of Barbados in January 1999 to catch, tag and record turtle data for Bellairs Institute, McGill University Canada.
  • Underwater Life on America's best reef - Guide for scuba dive sites in the beautiful Florida Keys reef. Divesites described, aerial and panoramic underwater photography, divelogs, critter pics and information. Key Largo (Pennekamp) to Islamorada
  • Underwater Picture Agency - A selection of photographs of marine organisms by Dagmar and Wolfgang Fritz.
  • The Vibrant Sea - A collection of underwater photographs from around the world by Jeff Rosenfeld.
  • Welcome to Suunto USA - diving equipment, well made flash site
  • The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society - Dedicated exculsively to the conservation, welfare and appreciation of all whales, dolphins and porpoises.
  • Whale Shark Research Group - Site for educational, research and recreational marine biology interests. Study and membership work study with whale sharks.

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