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  • Academic Info: Zoology - An annotated directory of Internet resources on Zoology.
  • Alberta Chapter of the Wildlife Society - Resources for Wildlife Biologists including: research articles, employment opportunities, wildlife images, newsletters, events, and links.
  • AllExperts-Zoology - Created in early 1998 as a free, easy to use, yet expansive service with experts that can answer nearly any question.
  • Amazing Animal Facts - Facts and trivia about animals.
  • Animal calls & vocalizations - Sounds of nature: monkeys, frogs, lions, chimps, hyaenas, seals, dinosaurs, bats, whales, cheetahs, orcas, penguins, owls, & others, from the Life Sciences Site.
  • Animal Physiology at Lund University - Information on animal physiology research and education. Popular information on animal function in Swedish.
  • Animals! The Animal Information Center - A general overview of Kingdom Animalia.
  • Biological Diversity: Animals - A concise, illustrated overview of Kingdom Animalia and the organization of animal bodies.
  • A complete guide to the world of nature - A guide to the world of nature arranged in a number of volumes on topics from rainforests to deserts, from butterflies to reptiles.
  • The Electronic Zoo - Large Collection of animal related Internet resources, design a bit outdated. Contains seldom comments or searchable content of the featured sites.
  • Endangered Species 2000 - This website lists endangered species by common name and scientific name, along with the animal's range. Also contains abundant conservation information.
  • The Exotic Animals: Care and Conservation Resource Site - Links to sites on exotic animals, zoos, endangered species, conservation, training/operant conditioning, behavioral enrichment; as well as education, volunteer programs and career opportunities.
  • ExZooberance - Celebrating the Animal Kingdom - Animal store, animal news, virtual zoo, animal web cams, animal photo gallery, animal stories, zoo and aquarium directory, and animal web sites.
  • Index to Resource Guide to Zoology web files - An enormous collection of zoology links.
  • Information about animals - Articles about all kinds of animals. New articles are added frequently.
  • Insects and friends - An online nature magazine featuring wildlife, countryside and natural history images and news from Cheshire, Merseyside, and North Wales in the United Kingdom.
  • International Species Information System - Use abstracts to find the holdings of zoos and other institutions of many wild species, including amphibians, birds, fishes, mammals and reptiles.
  • Internet Resource Guide for Zoology - Index and guide to internet resources in the zoological and other related life sciences of interest to zoologists
  • The JelliesZone - A guide to gelatinous zooplankton of the U.S. Pacific Coast, with photos and information on jellyfish (true jellies), comb jellies, gelatinous molluscs and pelagic tunicates.
  • Lindsay's Backyard - Information about common backyard wildlife.
  • Marine Biological Laboratory    - Marine organisms and medical science, in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.This site includes the beautiful MBL Marine Species Index, an internal search engine, gorgeous photographs and essays about marine animals.
  • Natural Perspective: Animal Kingdom - This site offers a brief, simple introduction to a variety of phyla, with attractive photographs of representative specimens.
  • Online Zoologists - The interests and avocations of a couple of zoologists. Information and links on the topics of protected marine species (whales, dolphins, seals, sea lions, etc.), raptor biology and falconry, computational biology, artificial neural systems, evolutionary biology, and evolutionary computation.
  • Serveur de l'INRA (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique) de Tours - INRA center of Tours specialized in zootechnical research (mammalian reproduction, avian pathology, parasitology, infectious pathology,poultry research...
  • theBigZoo.com - Our virtual zoo offers research, photos, and videos of many animals.Our zoo news section tracks the major events at zoos around the world.

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