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  • Allchin Measurements Converter - Converts common measurements from metric to imperial and vice versa, with other systems included for selected quantities such as light years, picas, and Old Russian measures.
  • Automation Engineering Calculations - A collection of engineering and formulation calculations, conversions and links that may be useful to the traveling automation engineer.
  • Calcula - Compound unit calculator and converter. Interface with GNU source code available. In both Spanish (Castellano) and English.
  • Calculate for Free - Very wide variety of calculators for determining an array of metrics and measurements.
  • Conversion Factors for Energy Equivalents - Physics laboratory of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) sponsors and maintains this reference resource of CODATA-recommended values of fundamental physical restraints.
  • Conversion of Units - Ask the professor how to convert units of measure such as meters to feet, celsius to farenheit, degrees to radians, etc. Java tools for conversion.
  • Conversion Table of Non-Metric measures into SI and CGS - Conversion of non-metric measures into SI (meter-kilogram-second) and CGS (centimeter-gram-second).
  • Conversions-R-Us - Convert units of measurements, bases, and PPT, RTF, DOC, and XLS files to HTML.
  • Convert It - Conversion calculator of physical measurements. Includes metric and English units and also a large range of other possible conversions.
  • Convert-Me - Metric, English old Russian, ancient Greek and Roman, nautical, typographical and astronomical conversions.
  • Engineering Conversion Factors - Online calculators for all engineering units of measurement from Process Associates.
  • Engineering Conversion Factors to Specific Convert Tables - Converts volume, specific heat, enthalpy, thermal, viscosity, and heat transfer factors.
  • From To - Convert units of measurement as well as currency, clothing sizes, power, pressure, metrology, degrees to radians, and programming.
  • Fuzzycrawler - Converts metric, imperial, energy, torque, acceleration, mass, force, length, light, mass force, and electricity.
  • GoConvert - A comprehensive and high-speed site for conversion calculations. Convert 165 currencies and hundreds of measurements.
  • iAgora Conversions - The most complete Unit Conversion Engine around - supports calculations involving temperature, length, mass, and more; Along with a Traditional Conversion Table.
  • Jabsplace - 60 different conversions calculators.
  • Math Connect - Provides calculations of various types including metric conversion.
  • Measure Converter - An integrated, open source collection of measurement conversion calculators.
  • Measurement Conversion - Convert volume (capacity), weight, length, area and temperature measures between U.S./Imperial and SI (metric) units. Requires JavaScript.
  • Measurement Units Translation - Measurements converter for time, length, volume, and weight. Requires JavaScript.
  • MegaConverter - Best Place to Figure What Equals What. megaConverter is THE resource for units, weights, measures, calculators and converters.
  • Metric Sucks - Metric to English conversion utility, with emphasis on the author's view that the English units are superior. The calculator combines conversions with humor.
  • Metric System Formulas - Formulas for converting imperial system into metric system. Site in both English and French.
  • MIT 3.091 Units Converter - A tool for engineers and others to convert from almost any set of units to any other.
  • Netbored Tools - Weight, temperature, length, area, capacity, pressure, speed and time, also currency converters and translators.
  • Online Converters - Provide online javascript converters and calculators for converting metric to imperial units and vice-versa.
  • On-Line Measures Converter - Length, area, mass and weight, volume and capacity, temperature, angles, force, torque, electricals, cloth sizes, and some others.
  • RCM TravelSite: Travel Aids - Collection of utilities for travel planning including; distance finders, measurement calculators for weights, measures, and temperature, clothing size conversions, time zones, and currency references.
  • Science Made Simple - Online metric converter gives U.S. customary and metric conversions.
  • The Ultimate Sizeconverter - Converts body height and body weight from metric to English units or vice versa.
  • The Foot Rule   - Convert units from one measure to another (e.g. meters to yards, liters to gallons). A very extensive collection of units and categories. Includes usage and definitions descriptions of units and categories.
  • Unit conversion and Reference Tables - A very handy unit conversion, nearly every known unit is listed here.
  • Unit Conversion Calculators - Contains calculators to convert English and metric measurements of temperature, distance, area, volume, weight, force, and pressure.
  • Unit Conversions - Online calculator -- Mississippi State University
  • Unit Conversions - Length, area, mass, weight, volume, temperature
  • Unit Converter - Online Java unit conversions - converts anything to anything.
  • Unit Convertor - Online conversion of metric and English units
  • UnitWiz Unit Conversion Calculator - Quickly converts length, area, density, energy, force, mass, power, pressure, speed, temperature, or volume units.



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