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  • ACA's Position on the Census Issue - Excluding those private US citizens residing abroad results in a distortion of the congressional apportionment process. Some states may lose a representative or representatives because NOT ALL Americans abroad are counted in the census who vote in those states.
  • ACLU Legal Brief in Favor of Statistical Sampling - This paper was filed to defend the effort by the Clinton administration to alter the Census results with statistical guesses at what the population count should have been.
  • Blue Ribbon Panel on the Census - Critics have questioned the Bureau's intent to make greater use of sampling. Their criticism may be based upon a misunderstanding of the scientific basis of the Census Bureau's sampling plans.
  • Census 2000? Leave it Blank! - The author explains why you should answer only the "how many residents at this address" section of the Census form, including why it is your Constitutional right to do so.
  • Census 2000 a Tool of Socialist State Building - Editorial comment on the premise that the US census is unconstitutional and designed to assist in expanding a socialist state.
  • Census 2000 and Racial Information: Reverse Discrimination? - Race (and ethnicity) data from the census are used to allocate your tax dollars for racial quota programs, including race-based school programs, race-based hiring quotas, race-based government contracting, race-based aid programs, and even race-based bank loans and home mortgages -- all of which discriminate unfairly against anyone not in a politically correct group.
  • Census 2000 Protest - The US Census focuses too much attention on "race", essentially pitting each race against another for special government favors. Check off the "American Indian" box instead of the correct race, in protest!
  • Census Bureau Answers Critics - The most significant news is that there is no plan to prosecute and fine anyone who fails to return the Census questionnaire or who fails to answer some or all of the questions.
  • Clinton trying to rewrite Constitution - Columnist George Will speaks out against altering census results to fit bureaucratic ideas.
  • Counting on Federal Money: Grantmakers Trade Accuracy for Greed in Census 2000 Fight - Big government is the goal, and "statistical sampling" is the method for attaining it. Several grantmaking foundations with an affinity for government programs are bankrolling nonprofit advocates of sampling, which also has the strong support of the Clinton administration and Congressional Democrats.
  • How Stuff Works: U.S. Census - Defends the census, explaining some of how it works from a Census office kind of perspective.
  • The 'race' question on the U.S. census is racist. - Editorial arguing that the question of race on the U.S. Census is racist.
  • Rebuke Census Racism - Our richly textured diversity (continental origin, national origins, and ethnicities) is literally smothered by insensitive bureaucrats who developed the labels that are used in USA 2000 Census forms.
  • Sampling and Statistical Adjustment in the Decennial Census: Fundamental Flaws - A report by the House Committee on Government Reform And Oversight, concerning the effort to include sampling (alteration of data) of the US census.
  • Allcensus - US Census Records on CD-ROM from 1790 to 1920 organized by County and viewable on both Windows and MAC systems.
  • American Genealogy Mall - Online guides for: U.S. Federal Census 1790 - 1920, Census Index Guide, State Census Guide, Ask-A-Pro, State Historical Guide, Research Hints and free Genealogy Charts.
  • Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates - Online ordering and credit card payment service for birth, marriage and death certificates from the UK.
  • The CensusGiver - International genealogy search and retrieval service, including census records, vital records, and open research.
  • Deseret Census Research - U.S. Federal Census page photocopies our specialty. Our fixed, flat rate fees save you money. Over 15 years professional experience.
  • East Sussex Census - 1851 Index - Alphabetically arranged transcription published in 23 volumes.
  • U.S. Census Records - Explains how copies of U.S. census records may be obtained and the applicable fees. Requests are made with convenient on-line forms.
  • US Census Bureau - Includes all data for the 1990 Census of Population and Housing, the U.S. and World Population clocks and the latest info on the upcoming Census 2000.



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