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    • AllWords.com - Features 2 modern English dictionaries, multilingual search and translation. Also features a crossword solver and Word of the Week etymology articles.
    • The Alternative Dictionaries - slang, etc.
    • Bartleby.com - Online publication of The American Heritage Dictionary, Fourth Edition. Featuring 70,000 audio word pronunciations, 900 full-page illustrations and over 10,000 new words and senses.
    • Bibliomania: Webster's Unabridged Dictionary of 1913 - Forms version. Allows browsing headwords.
    • Cambridge International Dictionaries - Free online dictionary from Cambridge University Press.
    • Cynic's Dictionary - Irreverent and amusing definitions from the recently published Cynic's Dictionary. Samples may be reloaded for variety.
    • dictionary building software for reporters - Dictionary Jumpstart is a software program for realtime reporters and captioners that lists many diverse vocabulary lists.
    • Dictionary of Difficult Words - Search or browse this dictionary of more than 13,000 words.
    • Dictionary Plus - A Dictionary-Thesaurus and More - Enter a word and find everything you would expect from a standard dictionary plus similar words, synonyms, and much more.
    • Dictionary.com - Free online dictionary, thesaurus, translator, word of the day, crossword puzzles and word games, and vocabulary learning resources for many languages.
    • Encarta - an online version of the CD-ROM dictionary written to reflect the language of the 21st century. It also features audio clips of words pronounced.
    • The English-to-American Dictionary - A humo(u)rous resource for Americans learning Scottish English.
    • Galaxy.Tradewave - The dictionaries list from their site.
    • Information Please Dictionary - Infoplease's free online dictionary. The site also features almanacs, an encyclopedia, and an atlas.
    • Merriam-Webster OnLine  - A free, searchable on-line dictionary and thesaurus, word games, a word of the day, and many other English language and vocabulary reference tools and resources.
    • OneLook Dictionaries    - The best place to look up a word or term in an Internet dictionary or glossary. Free search access to a frequently updated database of words, terms, names, acronyms vs Internet links to on-line dictionaries or glossaries.
    • The Newbury House Online Dictionary - Search over 40,000 entries to get clear concise definitions and when available related pictures
    • Research-It - Includes several dictionaries and a thesaurus. Some of the other tools found here are a shipping and mailing tool, currency exchange tool, and the language translating tool.
    • Strange Dictionaries - Free on-line versions of the Dictionary of One-Letter Words, the Dictionary of All-Vowel Words, the Dictionary of All-Consonant Words, and other strange dictionary resources.
    • The Ubis Dictionary of Change - A small collection of words with definitions intended to convey values-based as well as factual meaning. Some definitions are accompanied by quotations or short essays.
    • Word Central - Student dictionary and rhyming dictionary online at Merriam-Webster's website. Daily Buzzword by subscription.
    • Worthless Word for the Day - Obscure, abstruse and/or recondite word, especially one not falling into medical terms, foreign monetary units, foreign units of measure, legal terms, or professional jargon of any type






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