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Board Games

  • A-Taq - strategy game inspired by RT-PCR, a molecular biology technology.
  • Abalone - online sumo-influenced boardgame and articles.
  • American Megafauna - genotypes, the greenhouse effect, genetic drift and even dentition. These are just a few complications in the game of evolution.
  • Boardgame Players Association - worldwide group of boardgame enthusiasts.
  • Develcor - selection includes BattleShip, Checkers, Cribbage and more.
  • Doctor Faust Game - a two player game where the players are rival devils vying for control of Dr. Faust's soul.
  • Family Game Night - tips on how to start a new family tradition.
  • Free Board Games by Emmor Ray Sperry - strategy, family, 3-d, and party games. Pictures and full discriptions and rules for play. These are copyrighted but free to individuals to make for their own use.
  • Game Cabinet, The - holds rules, rule variants, reviews and random information about board games from around the world.
  • Game Report Online, The - Quarterly journal of news & reviews of board, party, card, strategy and family games from around the world.
  • Kevingston UK - family and hobby board games resource with a UK/European bias.
  • Lord Of The Rings Board Game - the most peculiar Middle-earth board game yet.
  • Murder & Magic : Cluedo & Clue - includes merchandise pages, Cluedo TV series and movie media, game rules, interactive murder mysteries, and international information.
  • Susan - A quick and subtle game for two players.
  • TRAX - includes rules, software, archived World Champoinship games, and OnTrax magazine.
  • Game Cabinet, The - Monthly magazine is devoted mainly to family, beer, pretzels and strategy games. Find reviews, rules and rule variants for a number of games.
  • Web Dice - Customizes dice rolls for a wide range of uses, from simple games to RPG character creation.
  • - Official Monopoly homepage contains news, FAQs, rules and trivia on the board game and its electronic versions. Order the CD-ROM and play online.
  • United States Chess Federation - Make the first move on news, ratings and tournament coverage from the world of chess. Read about the benefits of membership in this organization.
  • Scrabble - Official Scrabble page provides strategies and tips for players of both the classic board game and its official computer versions.
  • Backgammon Galore - Lovers of this ancient game can find a Java version of the game, along with complete rules, a glossary and articles on strategy.
  • - Board Games - Hook up with board-game players worldwide, read strategies and histories of various games, and locate tournaments. Has updates on new games.
  • Mr. Games - Provides detailed, categorized reviews of a variety of games, including board, computer, card and role-playing games.
  • Association of Game and Puzzle Collectors - Organization is dedicated to collecting old board games and preserving their history. Find a FAQ, archived newsletters and an events calendar.


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