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Children's Games

  • Activities - Indoor and outdoor play ideas for your child, including homemade potato heads, indoor sandboxes, and safaris.
  • Stubbed Toe - Online stubbed tic tac toe that includes a hall of fame and a hall of shame database for all to see.
  • Brain Teasers - Fun math puzzles designed to challenge kids' problem-solving skills, sorted by difficulty for different ages.
  • Baby Bag Online - Advice and resources for keeping your children healthy and happy, with info on feeding and nutrition, plus family fun.
  • Guide to Toys and Play - Learn how to select toys suitable for each age group. From the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and the American Toy Institute.
  • GeoNet Game - Fun global learning game for kids based on the national geography standards.
  • Snoopy's Dog House - Home to all the characters of Schulzs' Peanuts strip, with a gallery, panels, history, and games to play.
  • - Outdoor Activities - Family Planet present a huge collection of ideas for every kind of situation. Includes activities for all seasons and community settings.
  • Kid's Playroom - From MCA/Universal a range of activities about and around film characters such as Babe and Casper.
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Play the Megadventure and preview scenes from the movie. Heaps of background information and details of Ranger merchandise.
  • Theodore Tugboat Activity Center - Interactive story, coloring book, discussion, and characters based on the Canadian television show.
  • Game Kids - Site for kids of all ages to learn and exchange non-computer games and activities.
  • Mr. Edible Starchy Tuber Head - Draw Mr. Potato Head and read stories about him and his friends.
  • Berit's Best Sites for Children - Directory of links suggests games, toys, interactive activities, crafts, film and TV programs, stories, and sports pages appropriate for kids.
  • Hangman - A simple application of the classic word game. Guess the word in time to save the stick person.
  • Kidworld - Magazine for kids under 16. With jokes and riddles, games, quizzes, stories, and penpals/keypals corner.
  • CTW - Sesame Street - Games and activities for kids, and articles on your preschooler's development, from the Children's Television Workshop.
  • Games Kids Play - Look up a game alphabetically or by category in this directory which contains descriptions of children's games played in the US and overseas.
  • Discovery Channel Online - Interesting place to explore with your kids, where each day of the week brings a new story about history, nature, and science.
  • Period.Com Puzzles - Try to solve these tricky mind bending puzzles and teasers and develop your analytic skills.
  • Docking Bay - Interactive space ship playground for kids of all ages. Hop on board and start exploring the DB.
  • Wacky Web Tales - Interactive web game for kids to have fun with while learning sentence structure and rules of grammar.
  • Disney Interactive - Images and sound files from Disney CD-ROM products including animated 3D storybooks, games, and learning activities.
  • Syndicate.Com - Educational and stimulating collection of word and vocab games, puzzles, competitions, and comics.
  • WebBattleship - Online version of this classic maritime strategy game with simple graphics of your battle with the computer.
  • Just for Kids Arcade - Collection of word, problem solving, math, email, and other games, puzzles, mazes, and stuff for kids.
  • Parents & Children Together Online - Stories for preschoolers through sixth-graders. With The Global Campfire, a collaborative writing forum for children.
  • CYBYE TicTacToe - Simple program of the classic game, but challenging - the computer always plays first.
  • Daycare Providers - Links to children's activities and projects, daycare ideas, techniques, problems, and solutions.
  • Magic Joke Collection - All jokes and fun related to the collectible card game, Magic: The Gathering. Read the jokes and submit your gags.
  • Cyberkids - Get your free Dracula font here! View kids' drawings and see the latest stories, art, and reviews in Kidzeen.
  • Adventurers - Learn about the Adventurers and the Grubby Gang. With JavaScript and Shockwave games, experiments, and recipes to try at home.
  • wicked4kids - Cool and colorful online fun for kids of all ages. Play games, attempt puzzles and riddles, and laugh at the jokes.
  • Online Magic Showroom - Showcase for interactive online magic tricks, puzzles, and other fun stuff. Featuring professional magicians from around the world.
  • Sea-Monkey Shenanigans - You'll laugh your simian tale off with these wet and wild Sea-Monkey games and goofiness.
  • Toto Playground - Choose from a selection of Shockwave games including dressing up Ricky the Raccoon and dinosaur puzzles. Download the Let's Color Sampler.
  • MSN Encarta - Marbles - Learn strategies and objectives to playing this popular children's game using glass balls from the MSN Encarta.
  • Ideas for Fun and Leisure by Slickditty - Check out the demos of stunts and science fun available in four software programs. Find ordering and pricing details and descriptions.
  • Old Maid - Card Game Museum - Virtual museum of antique games provides photographs of some of the cards found in various versions of the game called Old Maid.
  • Cartoon Network - British branch offers online games, such as Powerpuff Girls in Girl Power and Johnny Bravo's Cherub Challenge. Find toon news.
  • Tootsie Roll Industries - Fun for Kids - Fans of the chewy chocolate treats will revel in this collection of games, trivia and Tootsie Roll recipes. With a link to Tootsie history.
  • - Directory lists real-time and multiplayer games on the Net. Check out traditional card and board games, arcade games, lotteries and trivia.
  • Live! - Outdoor Games for Kids - Find instructions for outdoor activities such as gardening and games such as Capture the Flag, from sites suggested by a LookSmart Live! member.
  • My Dragon's Grand Adventure - Find out about this CD-ROM featuring art and games from the artist who created the characters in the PBS series "Dragon Tales," Ron Rodecker.
  • Cartoon Network LA - Childrens cartoon network provides Pokemon character biographies, online games and toon news. Available in Spanish, English or Portuguese.
  • CyberSurfari 2000 - Go on an educational Internet treasure hunt and compete for prizes. Includes classroom ideas for teachers.
  • - Bilingual English-Japanese site provides word games for kids, ESL students and adults. Find shopping sites, news and other online resources.


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