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Card Games

  • John McLeod's Card Games Web Site - Index describes the rules and procedures of hundreds of card games. Learn about national and regional games, or browse an A-to-Z list of games.
  • Card Games Galore - Read the rules to many card games including rummy, rum, pinochle and canasta. Offers a special section on children's card games.
  • House Of Cards - Learn how to play new and classic card games, find out about their histories, and locate online playing forums.
  • Game Preserve - Collectible Card Games and Reviews - Check out collectible games including Magic: The Gathering, Star Trek CCG and Deep Space Nine, and Middle Earth: The Wizards.
  • Azrael Online - Game Strategy - Explore strategies to navigate First Look's Psi Corps and telepaths, Babylon 5's Centauri, the Senpet and others.
  • MSN Encarta - Cards & Card Games - Encyclopedia entry describes various types of playing-card decks and provides descriptions of popular card games.
  • Playing-Cards FAQ - Offers answers to frequently asked questions regarding card history, games, and collecting.
  • Magic Campus - Learning Place for Magic Cards - Check out strategy and deckbuilding resources, columns and a general introduction to Magic.
  • 1,000 Blank White Cards - an invented game in which the players create their own cards and play them on one another. Includes samples.
  • Bob Lancaster Gallery of Unusual Playing Cards, The - celebration of playing cards, especially those with non-standard jacks, queens and kings.
  • Card Games - information and rules for card games from around the world.
  • Card Trick Central - tricks that can be done with an ordinary deck of cards.
  • Cripple Mr Onion - with a listing of the rules, modifiers, some FAQs.
  • Egyptian Ratscrew - a quirky fast-paced card game for any number of players.
  • Pile Game, The - java-based card game
  • Rook - a fun four-player trick-taking card game, more interesting than hearts or spades, but less complicated than bridge. Enjoy!
  • Solo Whist - The Linfield Club, established over 100 years ago specialises in playing Solo Whist.
  • Spooneye - features the history and rules of this card game, developed on board pirate ships in the 17th century.
  • Wingo Dingo - the logical game.
  • Woolly Badger - stupid card game with 1 card played per person per hand.ArchitectureArt Exhibits



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