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Computer Games

  • - PC and console hints, secrets, walkthroughs, cheats, tactics, and more.
  • IGN Guides - game guides for PC and console games.
  • Cheat Planet - cheats and hints for Playstation, Nintendo 64 and a variety of PC games.
  • Gamerzone, The - hints, cheats, walkthroughs and tips.
  • Cheatland - cheat codes for PC and Playstation.
  • Codes - for PC platform games.
  • CheatForum - collection of cheats, hints, tips, codes, solutions, and game links.
  • Quaz's Cheat Page
  • Game Code - offers cheats, codes, and tips for numerous video games.
  • Cheat Code Central - cheat codes for the PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, and PC.
  • Win95 Action Games - Collection of reviewed and rated action games for Win95, ready for direct ftp download.
  • File Mine - Dig Our Downloads - Awesome list of action games for Windows, free to download, with a brief description of each one.
  • Mac Adventure Games - Large list of adventure and RPG games for the Mac. Read a detailed description before being directed to a list of download sites.
  • Game Depot - Alphabetical Listing of Action Games - Absolutely huge collection of action games arranged alphabetically, with direct downloads.
  • GameSpot - Action - Well arranged, extensive list of action games for the PC, with links to downloads, reviews and manufacturers' and technical information.
  • GameSpot - Adventure - GameSpot has this separate section for PC Adventure games, evidently because their selection is so large and well documented.
  • Macintosh Action Games - Comprehensive list of action games for the Mac. Read a detailed description before being directed to a choice of download sites.
  • - Large list of action games for the PC broken down into generic subcatergories.
  • Abuse - Free demo download of this side-scrolling, first-person shooter game for Macintosh.
  • Avalon 2029 - Shoot 'em up game with five different missions. Download the shareware version or register to receive the full version.
  • CNET Gamecenter - includes game information and reviews.
  • GameSpot UK - comprehensive coverage of news, previews, reviews and downloads. Plus regular popular theme weeks concentrating on the hottest games releases.
  • Video Game
  • Evil Avatar - daily computer gaming news, reviews, interviews, and links.
  • PC Game Review - reviews by gamers for gamers. Hints and Tips message board, and manufacturer's links.
  • Game Revolution - unbiased reviews for PC, Mac, Sega Saturn, Sony Playststion, and Nintendo 64.
  • Gamer's Zone Software Reviews
  • Slew of Reviews
  • GameSpot Simulations - Extensive list of all types of simulation games, with links to downloads, hints and technical information.
  • Macintosh Simulations - List of various kinds of sim games for the Mac. Read a detailed review before being directed to a list of download sites.
  • Game Depot - Alphabetical Listing of Simulation Games - Listing of available space and flight simulations for the PC. Download demos, cheats, and FAQs.
  • Windows 95 Flight Sims - Comprehensive list of flight and space sims for Windows 95, with rated reviews. Download by ftp straight from this site.
  • Win95 Race Sims - Reviewed and rated list of race sims for Windows 95. Download by ftp directly from this site.
  • Monster Truck Madness 2 - Trial version allows players to race against one another, for free, over the Internet Gaming Zone, at
  • Combat Flight Simulator - Movies - See first-hand just what this game has to offer with these promotional AVI movies and sounds.
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator - Patch - Solves the problem of missing ILS transmitters and incorrect ATIS messages in third-party scenery.
  • BeatMania and BM98 - Access this D.J. simulation game popular in Japan. Includes songs, installation help and links to other Beatmania download sites.



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