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Party Games

  • - Anagram scrambler instantly works out every combination of the phrase entered.
  • - Presents analysis, reviews, FAQs and a message board for video, PC and online gamers. Explore multiplayer games and live chats, too.
  • ZDNet - GameSpot - Comprehensive PC gaming resource offers updated news, previews, downloadable demos, hints, cheats and rated reviews.
  • ZDNet - GameSpot, Video Games - Nintendo 64, Dreamcast and PlayStation owners can look through a large collection of game reviews, previews, cheat codes and strategies.
  • Billiard Congress of America - Pool enthusiasts will find news, publications, special programs, product details and links.
  • John McLeod's Card Games Web Site - Index describes the rules and procedures of hundreds of card games. Learn about national and regional games, or browse an A-to-Z list of games.
  • Crossword Puzzles - Enjoy a profile of puzzle master Ray Hammel and a list of some his published crosswords, along with hundreds of links to other puzzles.
  • Berit's Best Sites for Children - Directory of links suggests games, toys, interactive activities, crafts, film and TV programs, stories, and sports pages appropriate for kids.
  • Game Report, The - Quarterly publication is dedicated to board, party, dice, card, family and strategy games. Find shopping and a chat room.
  • Hammer's Chess Page
  • ZDNet - GameSpot, Video Games - Nintendo 64, Dreamcast and PlayStation owners can look through a large collection of game reviews, previews, cheat codes and strategies.
  • Mensa International - Review a FAQ, take a mental workout and explore links to the US and global chapters of this international high-IQ society.
  • - Look to this magazine-based page that reports on the electronic gaming industry. Carries current coverage of games, developers and publishers.
  • TriviaWeb - Register to play single and multiplayer trivia games in subjects like movies, mythology, science and Star Trek.
  • - Online games store has hundreds of titles from which to select. Also contains news and articles on PlayStation and Nintendo 64 releases.
  • - Games - Game-purchasing center offers Gameboy, N64, PSX and Saturn titles and also provides Mac and PC entertainment. Find ordering information.
  • - Magazine dedicated to role-playing offers fiction, role-playing aids and a series of monthly columnists.
  • CNET - - Source of game news for the gaming industry and its fans. Guide also provides previews, reviews, downloads, cheat codes and hardware news.
  • Association of Game and Puzzle Collectors - Organization is dedicated to collecting old board games and preserving their history. Find a FAQ, archived newsletters and an events calendar.
  • EmuUnlim - Find downloadable emulators and the games they support. Includes news, editorials, legal information, interviews and a nostalgia section.
  • Adrenaline Vault, The - Take a look at some in-depth reviews of the latest games to hit stores. Includes cheats and hints, screenshots, and editorials.
  • GameZone Online - Resource for computer gamers reviews new games, provides links to cheat sheets and tips, offers downloads of demos, and keeps fans updated.
  • - Computer-game clearinghouse offers details on new emulators and downloads, and features an archive of Java games. Play or download new games.
  • DaGameBoyz - Offers cheats, reviews, previews, demos and news for games on PC, Macintosh, PlayStation, Nintendo, Sega and other platforms. Shop for games.


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