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Be Safe

  • [ Kids/Teens ] - An interactive web site for young people. Read true stories, from peers about handling the challenges of growing up.
  • ADHA - Kid's Stuff [ Kids ] - Gives children valuable oral health information, answers to common questions about their teeth, and some fun online games. Brought to you by The American Dental Hygienists' Association.
  • Blindness for Kids [ Kids ] - A legally blind retired schoolteacher explains what blindness is and how it affects people. Includes a section of famous blind people.
  • BrainPOP - Health [ Kids ] - All about the human body and how it works. Includes sections on all ten body systems.
  • The Bug Stops Here [ Kids ] - Explores home hygiene, bacteria, viruses, and germs. Includes an interactive area with games.
  • Burger Town [ Kids ] - A safe site for kids with kid-created beef recipes, nutrition fun facts, and quizzes and info on food safety and fitness.
  • Chiquita Kids [ Kids ] - Chiquita Kids teaches kids to energize, maximize, and Chiquitaize with information on health, nutrition, sports, and cool games.
  • Dental Health Month 2000 [ Kids ] - Crest explains how brushing, flossing, healthy eating, and regular dental visits help protect teeth.
  • Flossie's Smile and Tooth Fairy Clip Art [ Kids ] - Dental-related graphics and animations for use in school reports and non-commercial web pages.
  • Health in the 17th Century [ Kids ] - National Maritime Museum fact file answers common questions about hygiene and medicine in the 1600s.
  • Health Windows for Kids - Information on health, wellness, science and the environment. Includes a homework help section.
  • The Heart [ Kids ] - An online exploration of the heart for kids.
  • I Did It- You Can Too [ Kids ] - Stories written by kids about different illnesses they have, different procedures they have gone to, and a section where you can submit your own stories.
  • Kid's Aid [ Kids ] - Site for and by kids for grief support and peer support. Stories, poems, artwork, and an online support group.
  • [ Kids ] - Ever wonder how your body works or what makes you sick? Find out by reading through these expert articles written just for kids.
  • Mental Health Issues for Kids and Teens [ Kids ] - Short articles on topics such as depression, a parents' mental illness, phobias, and the school health suite.
  • PediHeart Kid Zone [ Kids ] - Learn about the heart, explore a few of the common congenital heart conditions and ask us your heart related questions.
  • Taking a Pulse [ Kids ] - Step by step instruction for taking a pulse. For kids ages 8-10.
  • Twinkle and Eyenstein's Wise Eye Web [ Kids ] - Mascots of the Keystone Blind Association teach you about eye science, eye safety, and how to prevent blindness.
  • Boat Safe Kids [ Kids ] - Boating and water safety for kids. Also some interesting facts.
  • DLTK's Fire Prevention Week Activities [ Kids ] - Free printable templates and instructions for crafts, songs, books, and links.
  • FEMA for Kids [ Kids ] - Learn about the different kinds of disasters, how to prepare and stay safe, and how to become a Disaster Action Kid.
  • Fire Pal's Kid Safety Net [ Kids ] - Funfilled site where kids can learn about Life Safety from the Fire PALS Clowns; includes tips, interactive games, music and video on fire, earthquake, water and home alone safety for children.
  • Firepage [ Kids ] - Learn life and fire safety from real firefighters.
  • Freedom Knot [ Kids ] - Learn a new safe way to tie your own shoes with easy to follow steps, music, dance, and free games.
  • Injury Prevention Website [ Kids ] - All sorts of animated safety information for kids. Includes tips for sports, water, playgrounds, home, streets, fun in the sun, winter weather, and other activities.
  • Injuryfreezone for Kids [ Kids ] - Gives kids tips for staying safe and accident-free.
  • Kidd Safety [ Kids ] - Play games with Kidd Safety while learning safety tips for home and play.
  • Kidde Safety Education Center [ Kids ] - Captain Kidde teaches kids about home fire safety and prevention through interactive games, puzzles, and quizzes.
  • Kiddie Safety [ Kids ] - Learn about fire safety, play the Protect your Home Game and complete the Home Safety Checklist. For children ages 5-13.
  • Kid's Fire Safety [ Kids ] - Fire safety tips for kids with Bud the Dog and Red Hot Dot.
  • Kid's Fire Safety Tips [ Kids ] - Learn fire safety with "Buzzy" the Smoke Detector "Reddy" the Fire Extinguisher, "Squirt" the Water Drop and their friends.
  • Kid's School Bus Safety Zone [ Kids ] - School bus safety rules and an online safety quiz.
  • LanaKids [ Kids ] - Information about the kinds of things that may cause you to itch and scratch during the summer. Learn facts, including ways to avoid these hazards and what to do when you can't.
  • The Otto Club [ Kids ] - Safety tips and games from Otto the auto.
  • Safer Parks [ Kids/Teens ] - Designed to help consumers learn about amusement ride safety.  Safety tips and statistics come from governmental and industry sources.
  • [ Kids ] - An informative collection of safety tips for kids.
  • Smokey Bear [ Kids ] - Join Smokey for some forest and campfire fun, and, along the way, discover Smokey’s rules for forest fire safety and prevention so that you can become a member of Smokey’s team!
  • Sparky's Home Page [ Kids ] - Visit Sparky the Fire Dog for fun facts, games, and fire safety tips.
  • Sunshine [ Kids ] - Learn about how UV's attack your skin and how to mount the most effective defense. Also learn how to choose the right SPF for your skin type.
  • Survive Alive Village [ Kids ] - Fire safety for kids with games, coloring pages, fun facts, and a kids' club.
  • Vince amd Larry's Safety City [ Kids ] - Designed to teach kids about all types of traffic safety.
  • Water Safety [ Kids ] - Safety tips to remember when swimming at the beach, in a park, or in a local pool.
  • [ Kids ] - Do you enjoy going to the beach, the swimming pool, or the local park? This site offers tips to help you stay safe around water.



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