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  • Adprima - geared toward education majors and new teachers, with a discussion forum, links, and information.
  • Arab-American Student Union - University of North Florida
  • Center for Teaching and Learning at Stanford University - promotes excellence in teaching at all ranks and excellence in student learning inside and outside the classroom.
  • Center for Teaching and Policy - consortium of universities investigating the relation between teaching and policymaking at the national, state, and local levels.
  • Classroom Connection - a teacher networking program sponsored by New Century Energies that awards grants to teachers throughout their service territory.
  • Classroom Corporate Connection - provides information on corporate services for teachers, including free materials, mentorship programs, workshops, and grants.
  • Gateway to Educational Materials - search tool to provide educators with access to educational materials on federal, state, university, non-profit, and commercial Internet sites. From the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Global Schoolhouse - Internet resources and classroom projects for the education community.
  • Guerrilla Teachers - subversive educational forum.
  • Impact II - The Teacher Network - national educational nonprofit that supports innovative, professional, and creative public school teachers.
  • Kairos: A Journal for Teachers of Writing - covering hypertext pedagogy, poetics, and rhetoric written in hypertext.
  • Metaphor Project - an effort to build a collection of metaphors and analogies that English teachers can use to explain processes and abstract ideas.
  • MetaSelf - common spatial metaphors ("back of mind," etc) comprise an accessible model of the self. Combines psychology, virtues, cognitive linguistics. Lesson plans.
  • Mindtool Resource Page - directory of sites for educators interested in using computers as mindtools to teach critical thinking and problem solving.
  • New Horizons for Learning - independent, nonprofit, international network which connects people to one another and to resources. Site includes a number of articles.
  • New-Teacher.com - resources for new or aspiring teachers.
  • Newspapers in Education - weekly lesson plans for using public information sources in the classroom. Extensive lesson plan archive.
  • Personal Educational Press - online utility for teachers, parents, and tutors to make flashcards, print word lists, and generate worksheets for educational games.
  • Project Cape Town - a multimedia presentation of education and integration issues in South Africa. Allows interaction and shared perspectives.
  • Schoolnotes - allows teachers to post school information for parents and students to access anytime.
  • So You Want To Be A Teacher - facts, advice, and resources for people considering a career in teaching.
  • Teach-nology.com - provides links to web sites for educators, advice, and more.
  • Teacher Exchange Register - register of teachers worldwide who are interested in teaching exchanges.
  • Teacher Talk - electronic publication for preservice and practicing secondary education teachers.
  • Teacher Talk Forum - includes lesson plans, resources, organizations, and more.
  • Teacher's Resource Center - free service featuring a variety of dynamic teaching tools designed to help teachers, librarians, and parents bring quality literature to life for young readers.
  • TeacherLINK - includes a NASA Regional Teacher Resource Center, links, instructional materials, and more.
  • Teachers & Writers Collaborative - sends writers into schools to teach creative writing; publishes books and a magazine about teaching writing; conducts writing workshops online.
  • TeachNet.com - targeting elementary education; features teaching ideas, hints, tips, lesson plans, room ideas, and an advice column.
  • Thornburg Center for Professional Development - provides staff development and consultation in the areas of educational technology and the future of educational practice, pedagogy, and curriculum for the coming century.
  • VCU Teaching - magazine concerning teaching in higher education.
  • Virtual Teachers Centre - for educationalists and students. Curriculum and teaching related topics are contained in a set of menus with a short decription for each link.
  • Walloon Institute - summer residential retreats for educators. Sessions designed for educators and parent leaders.




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