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  • The Adventures of Blocky [ Kids/Teens ] - Blocky is a modern fairy tale character whose adventures are told using simple language and illustrations.
  • The Adventures of YoYo Ninja Boy [ Kids/Teens ] - Animated cartoons that follow the life of YoYo Ninja Boy, a sixth grader, who combines yo-yos with martial arts to fight evil.
  • Animaniacs - Wakko's Wish [ Kids ] - Official site for the new Warner Brothers release featuring Yakko, Wakko and Dot (and Pinky and the Brain too) with pictures, interactive games, and video ordering information.
  • Belvedere Comics [ Kids ] - Cartoon fun featuring Belvedere, a cartoon dog who has been appearing in newspapers for over 30 years. Features a comic book, coloring pages, and how to draw Belvedere.
  • Captain Globie's KidzNation Playground [ Kids ] - Devoted to the education and entertainment of children worldwide. Free games and free downloads. Entering contests requires parental consent and registration.
  • Cartoon Cinema [ Kids ] - Full-length Looney Tunes cartoons online. Theater shows new cartoons Monday through Saturday.
  • Cartoon Network [ Kids ] - Play games with Australian kids cartoon characters including Birdman, Blossom, Chicken, Courage, Scooby, and Red Guy. Online cartoon videos available.
  • A Cartoon Notebook - Original cartoons, animations, illustrations, bedtime stories and limericks.
  • Cartoons For Kids - By cartoonist Dale Hale, former assistant to Charles (Peanuts) Schulz. They're clean and for both kids and adults who still think like kids.
  • The Cosmic Odyssey - A forum to share enthusiasm and admiration to comics and original art. Covers a wide variety of vintage heroes and provides links.
  • Cringer's He-man Page - Your source for Character Info, pictures, sounds and video clips.
  • Dewey Does - Children Sports Site, art, contests, ecards, games and cartoons.
  • Disney's World of Wonders - Disney fan site with tons of games, exclusive graphics, lyrics, fun facts and info on upcoming movies.
  • DLTK's Crafts for Kids - Favorite Friends - Printable templates for children's crafts and coloring pages featuring some of their favorite characters.
  • Donald Duck And Mickey Mouse - Pictures, awards won, links, webrings, adopted babies, polls, globes, and information.
  • Elise's Rugrats Page - Everything about Rugrats. Stars of the show, episodes, pictures, sounds, downloads, games, coloring book, penpals, fun activities, all your favourite characters.
  • Fangface - Your source for character info, pictures, sounds and video clips.
  • The Funkee Bunch - A fun site for kids featuring an animated ape and monkey musical group created for mainstream multimedia.
  • Garfield and Friends - The official web site for the cool fat cat with games, fan club, e-cards and online catalog.
  • Happy Hamster - Features the adventures of Happy Hamster. Site also includes games and screen savers.
  • Home of The Beano comic - The Beano comic, games, competitions and other fun stuff for Kids to do. Requires registration.
  • Keith's Tintin Page - His adventures and all of their characters are described in detail, and a substantial section on their author, Hergé.
  • Kid Comics - Online comics, games, free gifts and brainteasers.
  • Kid Comics Club - A free humour ezine for kids. Full of online comics created for this site, games, free gifts, and brainteasers.
  • The Li'L Dudes - Interactive 3D animation TV show, featuring multi-player video games, 3D comics, toys and music.
  • Little Audrey's Panic Page - Join Little Audrey and her buddy Melvin for some silly comic adventures.
  • Little Buck's Online Adventure - Send Christmas cards, play games and write Santa. Requires Shockwave Plug-in.
  • The Marvel Zone - Online fan fun featuring Spider-Man, the legendary X-Man and the rest of the Marvel Universe from the world's leading comic book publisher.
  • Metropolis - Home of Superman. Find info on Superman himself, his family, history and artists behind the hero.
  • Ninku: The Anime Series - Ninku: The animated series. Links to other Ninku sites.
  • Operation Extermination - Join nitwit Vinny and his Uncle Guy on their adventures into the bug world.
  • Pooh Bear's Den-Tribute to Winnie the Pooh - Tribute to classic Pooh with interactive games, links, cards, graphics, and awards to win.
  • Power Puff Girl Center - A brand new Power Puff Girls site. Regularly updated with more Power Puff Girl pictures and news. Flash Player Required
  • Sailor Moon System - Info, colorful pics, character bios, movies and info about Sailor Moon and all the Scouts.
  • Sarah - Full color Christian comic books for children ages 8-11. Excellent learning tool and fun reading.
  • She-ra - Your source for character info, pictures, sounds and video clips.
  • Slylock Fox and Comics for Kids - Features comic archive, contests and how to draw cartoons.
  • Smurfs Live On - Meet the main characters and follow the links to other Smurfs' pages.
  • - For kids and grown-ups... Official site with all the info and fun, from the most popular beagle!
  • Space Monkey - Follow the single-panel adventures of the Space Monkey.
  • Spider Man's Adventures - Provides a range of activities for educators, parents, and learning partners to do with children from kindergarten through sixth grade. From the United States Department of Education.
  • The Spiders' Webs - My personal views of Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, Spider-Man Unlimited, and Spider-man 2099 t.v. shows and comics.
  • Storm Xpress - The fanbase site dedicate to the Marvel windrider, Storm - the weather godess.
  • Stuart Little - Flash site for the UK realease of Stuart Little. Play the games, enter the competition and download the freebies or just take a look. Requires Flash Player.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - With online comic strip, art contests and character profiles .
  • TheBeaverDam.Com - The Angry Beavers, Rocko's Modern Life, Inspector Gadget and Duke Nukem 3D! Episode guides, cast of characters, HTML Help tips.
  • Totally Mickey - Dedicated to Mickey Mouse. Pictures, awards, globes, links, and information.
  • Trees House of Pooh - Winnie the Pooh and friends welcome you to the 100 acre wood.
  • Trina's Curious George Website - Find information about Curious George and his creators, pictures, an introduction to the series, and links.
  • Warner Brothers - Warner Brothers has a large selection of comics and cartoons for kids online. Click here for fun and games with Pokemon, Batman, Superman, and the Looney Toons gang.
  • The Weird Ideas of Gary Sellers - Long Island based comic strip with fun characters, creative art and weird ideas.
  • The White Boxer Chronicles - The adventures of the two white boxers, Charles-Clyde & Mavis. Coloring Books, holiday fun, projects, calendar.



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