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  • The Active Romantic - A romantic store featuring games, books, music, gifts and more for anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day or to make any day special.
  • Alluring You - Relationship site with the secrets to love, romance, and a great marriage, a singles matching service, love tests, and books too.
  • Anything Romantic - A directory of romantic resources, tips and advice, postcards, and personal ads.
  • - The source for African-American men and women to find Black poetry, erotica, and sensual products for loving couples.
  • Cyber Sentiments - A place for people who believe in romance. Provides romantic tips, advice, and more.
  • Cyrano in Love - A letter of love.
  • Your Romantic Life - Indulge in romantic love escapes with relationship advice, intimate stories, recipes, and Harlequin romance novel conversations.
  • For Your - Multilingual site to display your message of romance for Valentine's Day.
  • Friends & Lovers - Relationships Guide with advice, articles, personals, chat, virtual wedding, midlife crisis support.
  • Friendship - Various thoughts and images of friendship.
  • - Ideas and tips for spicing up the romance in your relationship. Also includes kissing tips, advice, dating guide, message boards, quotes, lovestories and more!
  • Heart Strings - Australian site for women to discuss issues of relationships. Offers advice on dating, marriage, and being alone.
  • - A collection of love, romance and relationship resources including advice, poetry, dedications, chat, horoscopes, romantic ideas, message boards, and free postcards.
  • The Hope of Romance - Features romantic places, poetry, meals, novels, and tips.
  • Hopeless Romantics - Guide to Online romance, romantic suggestions and romance discussions and love.
  • - Contains poetry, advice, articles, horoscopes and gifts.
  • Husband Planet - Advice for Men. Discover secrets about women, romance, love and marriage.
  • I love you more - Romance web site for lovers
  • - our words, your e-motions - Free MadLib letters and notes that can be created and e-mailed directly to anyone. Love letters, twisted greetings, apology notes and more.
  • Joe Romance - Where men find the answers to today's most talked of topics relating to women, relationships, gifts, and so much more. Find a "how-to" section as well as a lot of interaction.
  • Love and Romance - For everyone who seeks love on the net. Includes advice on love, flirting, and self-motivation.
  • Love Is - Professional relationship advice on finding love, dating and romance, ways to express love, and more. Also includes love poems, gifts, hugs, and kisses.
  • Love Tips - Tips on first love, dating, keeping the spark alive and links to love sites. Ask the Love Guru all your relationship questions or submit your own tips for tipcash!
  • Love Whirl - Plunge into the whirlpool of the love, sex, romance and music.
  • Love-n-Kisses - Offers romance, relationship, dating, and sex advice. Send greeting cards, secret messages, read your horoscopes and more.
  • Lover's Lane - Poetry, a picture gallery and romantic writings.
  • Love and Romance Resources - Love, romance, and relationship community with stories, poetry, advice, articles, chat, dating, dedications, forums, romantic ideas, and free postcards.
  • - How to find, attract, and keep a special romantic relationship. Includes tests, a biography of the author and a description of the book.
  • Mohabbat: School of Love - A site dedicated to people wanting to share their feelings and send love poems, quotes, shayaris, jokes and make friends.
  • The Pages of Romance - Extensive romance information including quotes, poetry, lyrics, meaning of flowers, victorian backgrounds, music and movie recommendations and more.
  • The Pure Love Pledge - A pledge to share with a significant other.
  • Red Hot Wear - Romantic ideas, tips, lingerie, and gifts. Take the romance quiz to find out your romantic score.
  • - Contains information on love, sex, romance, relationships, and dating. It also has resources on food & wine, advice, gifts, horoscopes, being single, message boards, and health.
  • - Offers users tips related to everything from internet relationships to love advice and more.
  • - A free romantic reminder service for men that reminds them on a random day each month.
  • Romance 101 - Free romance resource containing over 1000 pages of love related articles, humor, advice, tests, games, poetry and more. Free letter, coupon and greeting card generators.
  • Romance Alive - Variety of romantic gifts and material for reigniting relationships including a romance reminder service.
  • Romance Coupons - Put the spark into your relationship and love life. Offers romance coupons, love notes, and greeting cards.
  • Romance Galore - Contains original content (poetry, newsletter, advice, romance tips) and a web guide of the best romance web sites.
  • Romance the Web - A complete reference guide for non-commercial love and romance websites.
  • Romance-it, romantic gifts, ideas and theme packages - Romantic gift ideas and theme packages for the romantically challenged or those looking for new ideas. Free advice on matters of the heart.
  • Romance-tips - Tips to keep the romance in your relationships and links to the best romantic sites. Ask the Romance Gurus all your relationship questions or submit your own tips for tipcash!
  • - E-zine featuring regularly updated articles and links to romance sites.
  • Romantic Fools - Romance column, send a love letter, lover's lexicon, advice.
  • Romantic Role Play - Design and act out your romantic fantasy or join us in group chat. View romantic stories being acted out while chatting with friends.
  • Romantics Network - Featuring free love coupons, advice, chat, and a serial romance novel.
  • Simple Love Ideas - Simple romantic ideas to boost your love life. Includes personal poems and messages, love business cards, gift baskets and more.
  • Travlang's I Love You - Translation of the words "I love you" into several dozen languages, from Afrikaans to Zulu.
  • WhoDoYouLove? - Features romantic cyber cards, astrology readings, polls, chat and more.ArchitectureArt Exhibits



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