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  • Allexperts Songwriting Q&A - Experienced musicians answer your detailed one-on-one questions about songwriting and composing for free.
  • - Features articles on copyrighting songs; building a songwriting career; choosing a demo service. All free and updated regularly.
  • Good Night Kiss Music - Active songwriter and music publisher for film and television, reviews songs for national songwriter associations and accepts material from unknown writers.
  • hehahaha - This is a site by a songwriter for songwriters to help each other and share ideas. Also provide top quality transcription service.
  • Li'l Hank's Guide For Songwriters - Tips about music publishing, music business, music law, songwriting organizations and resources from Hal Cohen.
  • Lyric Writing - Inspiration, advice and resources for writers of song lyrics.
  • Muse's Muse    - Songwriting tips, tools, forum.
  • Music and Recording Contracts - The web site for writers, composers, recording artists, musicians, producers, recording studios, etc. looking for information on record deals, demos, contracts, legal.
  • Musical Theory - Scales, chords and variations. Also, links and webrings for songwriters.
  • Paramount - Nashville songwriting critiques, cowriting, song contests, demo recordings. Help for songwriters, lyric writers, poetry writers in getting songs published and to the stars.
  • Simmerman Music Page - An internet resource for songwriters and musicians. Created by Kimberly Simmerman.
  • Songs - Free songwriters resource web site. Primarily, this site is aimed at improving the technical skills used by songwriters and musicians and improving awareness of just what can be done.
  • Songwriting - This songwriting and lyric writing site has many articles, useful links, a songwriters toolbox, newsletters, tips.
  • Walt's Song Writing Web Site - Recording tips, sound files, and lyrics.

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