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  • 24 Hour Support.Com - tips on settings, error definitions, FAQs, and other troubleshooting info. For Windows and Macintosh users.
  • Ask Jonas - free solutions for your computer-related problems on a weekly basis.
  • Bohtech - technical support forum for average home computer users to share ideas with each other and to resolve problems.
  • Buffie Knows - info on operations for new computer users.
  • Build Your Own PC - This free site takes you step-by-step showing you how build your own personal computer.
  • Computer Tips - technical information related to the PC computer, interface pinouts, signal descriptions and more. Links to manufacturers and other related sites.
  • Converting Your Old PC to a Network File Server - - step-by-step guide.
  • CNET - read, post, and answer questions related to computers, games, consumer electronics, the Internet, and the Web.
  • Compu-Kiss - humanizes cyberspace with special insights, tutorials, product reviews, feature stories, computer news, and tips.
  • Compucure - help for the questions you may have about computers.
  • Computer Almanac - Numbers About Computers - interesting and useful figures relevant to computers.
  • Computer Help - help on most Win95/Win3.1/and some Macintosh questions. E-mail me with your questions.
  • Computer Hope - offering technical support on issues relating to Windows, MS-DOS, UNIX, Hardware, and Software.
  • Computer Lessons for Kids and Small Adults - written in an easy to understand style, these lessons appeal to all of us who are trying to tame the personal computer.
  • Computer Questions - offers questions with answers that users have found. Also includes recommended links.
  • Computer Tip of the Day - From Software School, Inc.
  • ComputerDoctor, The - Questions about computer problems? Get free answers from The ComputerDoctor. Submit questions by email and get a reply by web.
  • - contains forums dedicated to technical support issues regarding Windows, MS-DOS, Unix, Macintosh, and OS/2.
  • Cyber Tech Help - offers help and technical support for all windows operating systems, hardware, software, web design, and internet issues.
  • Damage Labs - ask about PC performance, hardware, software, operating systems, etc.
  • eClinic - a page devoted to helping PC users through advice and online resources. Free of charge to all.
  • Free Computer Help
  • Free Techni-Help - includes a question form answered within 24 hours.
  • Guide to Buying a Home Computer - Common sense guide to buying, setting up, and upgrading a PC.
  • - offers FAQs and advice about computer networking, servers, workstations, software, and more.
  • Help Desk - For the students of the university Leeds, however there are some categories such as documentation which may be of help to other users.
  • Help-Site Computer Manuals - Links to hundreds of computer related FAQs, howtos, tutorials, manuals, guides, and sites from around the net.
  • Indiana University's UCS Knowledge Base - Searchable index of over 4,000 clearly-written, actively maintained questions and answers about computing. Features an advanced, homegrown, full-text search engine.
  • Office 97 Help Desk
  • - offers customized software and hardware help, including tips, FAQs, message boards, and chats.
  • PC Compatibles Support - hardware and software interactive solutions for computer systems.
  • PC Guide One of the Internet's premier sites for detailed PC reference information.
  • PC Friendly Internet Page - Primarily for Windows. Areas of interest include computer how-to's, magazines, HTML.
  • PC Lube and Tune Exit Ramp - The PCLT objective is to supply usable introductions, tutorials, and education on technical subjects to the large audience of computer users.
  • PC Show and Tell - free Internet-based software tutorial library of voice-enabled shows, including help on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ICQ, and more.
  • - offers guides about a range of topics, including software, hardware, and web design.
  • Puter-School - free help with any computing questions.
  • Riffer Builds A New Machine - on-going project to a new IBM-compatible PC system. Complete documentation of project, updated in real-time as it procedes.
  • Redneck-Puters - none of them fancy pants high-teck geek words found here, Bubba-Joe and Lester put computer help in everyday speak so it makes sense.
  • Sci-TechSite
  • Tech Support Guy - tech support guy is a free service that will answer questions concerning IBM compatible software, especially Microsoft Windows 95.
  • TechTutorials - directory of computer and networking tutorials and guides.
  • Ten Commandments for folks calling Tech Support - provides ten guidelines to assist callers in expediting and improving their technical support experiences.
  • TipFinder - searchable database of Windows tips.
  • Tech Haven
  • Trevin's Help for Ordinary Users - Suggestions, tips, and explanations for non-technican people who have questions or problems using or upgrading their personal computers.
  • Web Directory: Best Links For PC - Links for PC related Companies, FTP and Gopher sites and Games.
  • VirtualDr - hardware and software technical support forums.
  • ZDNet Help & How-to - offers computing advice columns, downloadable software utilities and bug fixes, automatic upgrades for software from numerous vendors, and more.




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