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Operating Systems

  • 86open Project - Unix-on-Intel players work on a common binary.
  • AdaOS - project to create a distributed operating system in Ada.
  • Amoeba - a distributed operating system that is freely available via the Internet for educational and research users
  • Courses - Online Informtion aassociated with Operating Systems courses at colleges and universities
  • Freedows 98
  • FreeOS.com - provides articles, documentation, download sites, news, links and more relating to free operating systems.
  • Grasshopper Operating System
  • JeniOS - seeks designers and programmers to contribute to te development of a new, free, UNIX-style operating system.
  • JOS - collaborative Java-based operating system.
  • Kerneltrap.com - news, information, and discussion hub for software engineers and hobbyists interested in low-level systems programming and kernel development.
  • legOS - open source Mindstorms OS. Offers preemptive multitasking, energy saving, dynamic memory management, native access to display, buttons, IR communication, motors, and sensors.
  • Microsoft DOS & Windows
  • Multiuser DOS - Information, software, patches, and support for the IMS Multiuser DOS real time operating system.
  • MyDesktop.com - covering all aspects of Windows95/NT information, including software, reviews, tips, games, features, and support.
  • Novell
  • Operating System Comparison
  • OS FAQ.com - offers comparisons and articles regarding various free operating systems.
  • OS News - covering alternative computing environments and technology.
  • OS War to Cure Cystic Fibrosis
  • osOpinion - daily computer and operating system news and opinion commentary.
  • pk - an open-source POSIX threads kernel.
  • Plex86.org - goal is to create an extensible open source PC virtualization software program which will allow PC and workstation users to run multiple operating systems concurrently on the same machine.
  • Posix Programmer's Guide - guide to writing programs for POSIX conforming environments including UNIX, openVMS, MVS, and Windows NT
  • Review of Operating Systems
  • UltimateOS.com - devoted to operating systems news and reviews.
  • Web Directory: Ultimated Pages, The - covers Linux, GNU, X, X86 and others.
  • Usenet - comp.os.misc - General OS-oriented discussion not carried elsewhere.



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