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  • Active-Hardware - hardware optimisation and information guide.
  • Ars Technica - devoted to the well-rounded computing enthusiast, complete with PC hardware reviews, in-depth technical information, and editorials on issues important to power users.
  • Click & Learn - a guide to the PC, its hardware, and internal architecture for schools, teachers, IT-supporters, and sales personnel. Excellent for self-study.
  • Computer Workshop - advice on how to build your own computer. Includes component lists and product advice.
  • HardwareCentral - contains hardware reviews, benchmarks, how-to's, tips, pictures, features, motherboard guides, and much more.
  • Hot Hardware
  • PC Mechanic - offers money-saving tips on how to build and maintain your own computer. Includes hundreds of tutorials and reviews.
  • smaller.com - offering information about a variety of handheld devices, including PDAs, phones, and more.
  • Tech World - review of computer parts and tips to improve system speed.
  • Thresh's FiringSquad - hardware and computer game reviews.
  • Wicked PC - features hardware reviews, faqs, editorials, and also a free message board.
  • Usenet - comp.hardware



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