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Product Review

  • About: Computer Brand Reviews - provides desktop, laptop, and other hardware and articles.
  • AnandTech - features hardware analysis and news.
  • CNET - reviews of hardware, software, and consumer electronics devices.
  • - product reviews, polls, message boards and halls of fame and shame consisting of products that received the best and worst user ratings.
  • CPUReview - featuring articles and reviews of the latest computer hardware.
  • Dan's Data - reviews of new and interesting PC hardware and software.
  • DemoRoom - multimedia product demonstrations and sales training programs for computer hardware and software.
  • Digital - offers searchable hardware and software reviews, as well as news and how-to guides.
  • HardOCP - hardware forum, articles, news, and reviews.
  • IT Reviews - independent reviews of hardware and software by professional journalists.
  • Livewire Gaming Network
  • Maximum Hardware - provides news, reviews, and benchmarks.
  • PC Accelerate - provides hardware product reviews and industry information.
  • PC Motherboard Ratings Page - allows users to rate PC motherboards in a gigantic survey. The survey is then displayed in a raw data format, a top 10 chart, and an overall ranking chart.
  • Portable Life - includes product reviews, support, productivity and entertainment information, and services for portable computing and consumer electronics devices.
  • Review Zone - provides reviews on computer hardware and games.
  • Reviewboard Magazine - offers product reviews written for the consumer without clutter or complexity. Focuses on computer hardware and software.
  • ReviewBooth - searchable collection of published software and hardware product reviews from the trade press.
  • ReviewFinder - directory of product reviews, including on-site reviews and review ratings.
  • Sharky Extreme - 3D graphics card and games site. Updated daily with news reviews and previews.
  • Street Tech - offers reviews, information and commentary on computer hardware, consumer electronics, and do-it-yourself tech projects.
  • - computer technological news and reviews.
  • Technoyard - focussing on technology products.
  • View, The - hardware reviews and news.
  • ZD Product View



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