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  • Active Matrix's Hideaway - Hundreds of hacking links, text files on phreaking, unix, newbie tutorials, and security bugs, privacy information, programming, essays, and more.
  • because-we-can.com - group of hackers who post security alerts from their FreeBSD site.
  • CatMan's Lair - contains various information links regarding hacker research & entertainment.
  • Computer Terrorism: What Are The Risks? - an article by Patrick Galley, May 1996.
  • Hack Canada - information on Canadian hacking, phreaking, anarchy, freedom, and privacy.
  • Hacker Crackdown, The
  • Hacker News Network - news about computer security and information warfare. Covers government and military, ecommerce, and hacking news.
  • Hacker's Ethic, The
  • Hackers Underground - collection of hacking and phreaking utils.
  • hacktivism - an e-mail list for posting news or analysis about hacking and activism.
  • Illuminati - hacking, phreaking, demo-coding site for beginners.
  • Insecure.org - security tools, exploits, reading, and links from Fyodor.
  • Payback Productions - features hacked websites, icq cracks, and more.
  • Rootshell - allows users to search for exploits and find the latest in the security world.
  • Worldwide Piracy Initiative - news, resources, and archives of: forbidden information, hacking culture, and cyberpunkery
  • www.passwordhq.com
  • attrition.org - Contains information about computer security, hacking, etc.
  • Black Oasis - Computer security, text library, exploits, hacking information, and hyperlinks.
  • BlacKBraiN's Hackers Area - Everything a hackers needs to hack, crack, protect and learn.
  • Center for Society and Cyber Studies - Links to cybercrime news articles and other related sites.
  • The Compound - Hacking, Phreaking, Cracking, texts and tools. source code and defence progs.
  • Cracks.cc - Two independent search engines for cracks. Text tutorials divided into categories such as hacking, cracking, phreaking and lockpicking.
  • Cyvamp's Domain - Emulators, hacking utils, programs, screenshots of emulated N64 games.No warez or pirated software here.
  • D2 - Damatrix 2.0 - A new perspective on hacksec. Including UNIX information, software, text, anti-virus, and denial-of-service protection. Is your system secure enough?
  • HACK! - ICQ hacking tools, word lists, links, and a few MP3s.
  • Hack Desk - Huge library of information including documents topics on Cryptography, UNIX, Linux, General Hacking, Phreaking, Cracking, CGI Security, Hacking Ethics and Culture, Virii, Programming, Firewalls, and more. Check out Hack Desk's Newbie Central, the ultimate place for the hacking and security neophyte. Also the homepage for the Evansville Indiana 2600 meetings.
  • The Hacker Anti-Defamation League - Most hackers are not into trashing people's hard discs or stealing their data. Many people have big misconceptions, fuelled by the media, of what the word hacker means.
  • Hackers Unite - A small link list.
  • Hackers.com - Hacking information and underground.One of the oldest and biggest hacking site on the web.
  • Hacking CD-ROM - We supply a CD-ROM that contains info and programs on Hacking/Phreaking/Cracking/Anarchy for a low price, from newbie to advanced.
  • HaVoKs WorlD - Has links to hacking, cracking, texts and administration tools sites.
  • HFX International - HFX international is "determined to bring the underground together as a single unified society, so that more can be accomplished".
  • InfoSysSec - Comprehensive collection of the best hacking news sources, tutorials, download listings, FAQs, and how to hack guides. Covers all topics from hacking to exploits plus hacking educational material for newbies to the seasoned professional.
  • InfoWar.com - Information Warfare information.
  • Internet Phun - Learn how to stop those unwanted hackers by becoming one yourself.
  • Internet Transparency Association - Free original software and help on hacking & security issues.
  • MatriX Crew 2000 - Game cracks, hacking, nukes, war utilities.
  • MaXAirFX - Links to a variety of hacker related stuff.
  • Mr John's Underground Startpage - Link list divided into categories. Crack, hack, MP3 and satellite. No pop-ups.
  • Psyon.org - Tools, source code, and computer and internet related material.
  • RS_Freaks - Hack and phreak related materials. GSM, simlock, bombs, explosives, utils, and security.
  • Secure Root Underground Search - Web directory and search engine dedicated to computer security, hacking, phreaking, encryption, anonymity and cyberculture.
  • Sickboy's Pages - Source code, binaries, tutorials, text files, projects.
  • The Site of Leetness - Hacking tools, downloads, tutorials and links.
  • Stuff-Box - Search and download warez, tools and drivers.
  • Toro´s Place - Link list of MP3, FTP, cracks, games, cheats and other sites.
  • Unicorn Reversing Contest - The first international reverse engineering contest
  • WBG Links - Updated hacking links and news. Exploits and security information.
  • WebHacker - Find different tools, links and news for hacking and cracking.



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